Rookie Review – Round 11

Written by Huttabito on June 6 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy

Last week Arzi asked if I could rate the Job Security of the rookies given it’s important the ones coming through now hold their spot for majority of the year and I am happy to oblige given it’s the byes!

NB: These are purely subjective and just from a football fans perspective and the whispers/rumours floating around that I hear from fans of various teams.
Huttabito’s Job Security Rating Guide:
1 – Only has a spot due to injuries and will be the first one out the door when others return.
2 – Earned a spot due to form in the 2’s but is yet to cement a permanent spot in the seniors or is hanging by a thread due to current form.
3 – Spot is purely form dependant as there are others waiting in the wings to take his spot if it drops off for a few weeks.
4 – Settled into a role/rated at the club and needs serious form drop to lose a spot.
5 – Will play all games for the remainder of the season bar a 1 week rest, injury/suspension or form goes out the door.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
OttenAdel$376.2k (+$4.0k)3678.665
McGrath (MID)Ess$368.2k (-$1.5k)557562
StewartGeel$298.3k (+$23.9k)7359.212
Vickers-WillisNM$268.1k (+$10.6k)515757
Berry (MID)Bris$269.5kBye48.936

Otten did a classic rookie manoeuvre where they follow up their season best score with their season worst, which effectively kills every bit of cash generation that was all but promised – I gave him a top bloke award last week and I think I should take it off him! Only just beating his BE with 36 points, he went up just the $4k but also pushed his BE up to 65 (statisticians give him a 58% chance to beat it next game). Adelaide looked way to tall against Geelong and Otten was not able to impact the game at all, other than busting open Joel Selwoods head! Finishing on 36 points was somewhat of a consolation considering he was on 10 points at half time. Just the 9 disposals (6 kicks), 2 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal/1 behind for the game. If named (at risk of being dropped) he’s not an urgent trade but his BE will skyrocket to triple figures next week (even with a decent score) so it’s most likely his final week gracing our sides. Job Security: 3.

McGrath was the second of top blokes last week putting up his best score but somehow forgot how to play football during the week to give up his worst score for the season too (don’t think I will hand this award out anymore given it seems to put the mozzie on them – sorry owners!). His 55 points was enough for him to lose cash for the first time this season after collecting 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 80% DE to go with 5 marks, 4 tackles and a whole lot of not much else. With the bye next week, it is most likely the last time he will grace our sides too. Job Security: 5.

Vickers-Willis was quiet on the weekend only getting 12 disposals (7 kicks) at 50% DE to register 55 points. The low DE hurt his score and he relied on 2 tackles and a team high 8 1%ers to help get him over the line. His BE is now smack bang on his total average (57) and not to dissimilar to his 3/5 game averages of 58.7 and 58 respectively. With his bye this week, his time has come unless you need the warm body come Rd13 as he is likely to maintain his current price. Job Security: 4.

Stewart has enjoyed defending on the narrower Skilled Stadium with his two top scores for the season coming in the last two weeks. Getting 73 points against Port Adelaide, he had 19 disposals (16 kicks!), 3 marks, 3 tackles, 7 1%ers (team high) and 2 inside 50 entries. He unfortunately lost 35 points from clangers alone after registering 7 (equal ground high) to go with a DE of 58% which well and truly held him back from a triple figure score. His BE is still low (12) so has one more decent cash rise (~$25k) when he returns from the bye and could be useful for the Rd13 bye. Job Security: 4.

Scharenberg has far from impressed in his first 2 AFL games this year and will head into Rd12 on the bubble which is bad timing with the bye the following week. Only getting to 46 points from 12 disposals (10 kicks), his 92% DE was neutralised by a 83% uncontested possession rate. He had 5 marks and 4 1%ers but with an average of 55.5 and slightly elevated price, you are paying for JS as opposed to scoring by the looks of things. His score is most likely not required this week with teams fielding 18 premiums already so it would depend how you are situated for Rd13 if you were to jump on him. Job Security: 4.

Ryan debuted against his childhood team so nerves would have been well and truly there. He only managed 7 disposals (3 kicks) at 71% DE and 2 marks which is down on his WAFL form (30 and 9 in his last game) – that said, he was Peel Thunders #1 rebound defender so has gone down the pecking order playing with the big boys. One thing I liked is that he laid 4 tackles – which is 1 less tackle than he laid in his last 4 WAFL games combined. Will take some time to find his feet at AFL level and will be a handy post-bye downgrade option if named. Job Security: 2.

Rookies on the bye Job Security:
Newman: 3
Melican: 3
Berry: 4

Goodbye for now (JS for those interested): McInnes (0), O’Connor (1), Mohr (1) and Vickers-Willis.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
Powell-PepperPort$325.2k (+$12.6k)8868.549
BarrettBris$297.8k Bye64.712
MyersESS$214.3k (+$14.8k)465136
LloydGWS$172.7k (+$17.5k)3146.318

Powell-Pepper got over his jet-lag and returned to form with 88 points – although when your opponent doesn’t turn up until after half time it’s pretty easy. His stat sheet resembles a pretty standard game from SPP however his clanger count was right down (2) which certainly gave a reflection of what his scores would be like if he hit the target more often! Providing decent cover for the first week of the byes, he has rewarded the owners that have held onto him for that very reason and looks set to rise another $30k over the next two weeks. Job Security: 5

Cousins heads into Rd12 on the bubble if named which is far from ideal given they have their bye the following week but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Loving to kick and tackle, his points are coming naturally as he collected 12 disposals (10 kicks) at 67% DE, 3 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal assist against Port Adelaide. With bargain basement price he offers half decent cash injection if needed, even for those rookies who have failed to make a lot. Far from Hawthorns worst on the weekend, you would think they now look to play the kids for experience and he would be expected to be hanging around. Job Security: 4.

Myers needs to start cleaning up his act if he wants to be a SuperCoach scorer! Only managed an abysmal 46 points from 17 disposals (8 kicks) and a goal (I only needed 37 from him to do my ideal Rd12 trades and it was the most agonising 2.5hrs I’ve ever sat through). The major culprit of his scoring being so low was the 53% DE and the 4 clangers that he managed to commit. For someone who has averaged 85+ for a season, he looks far from replicating any sort of that form with effectively 2 years out of the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is given one more week to prove himself before being sent back for a stint in the VFL. Job Security: 2.

Lloyd joins the long list for failed 2017 rookies with a 31 against Essendon dropping his average below 50 for the first time in 4 games. Just the 6 disposals (4 kicks) at 83% DE to go with 1 mark, 2 tackles and a goal. Time might be running out for Lloyd with many of GWS’s best 22 set to return in the coming weeks. Job Security: 2.

Willsmore is the second of Hawthorn rookies (3 including long lost Miles) who are on the bubble heading into Rd12 if named. Collecting 10 disposals (8 kicks) at 80% DE he also had 6 marks and 4 tackles. With a positive BE and slightly elevated price on Cousins, looks the lesser option of the two Hawks boys. Job Security: 2.

Brodie only got 32 points despite laying 7 tackles, having 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 67% DE, 3 marks and 3 clangers. On the bubble with a pair of 32’s from his opening 2 games, priced at $175.8k and a BE of 40 I have just the one word, yuck. Job Security: 2.

Rookies on the bye Job Security:
Barrett: 4

Goodbye for now (JS): Mutimer (1) and Brodie.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k -75.58

I think it’s time I cull these, don’t think any are relevant any time soon? Murphy’s Law would also say that they come back for the rest of the season if I do so!


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$196.9 (+$79.6k)7282.7-28
Ainsworth* (MID)GC$198.3k-71.5-26
Taranto (MID)GWS$368.1k (+$12.4k)857061
Turner NM$353.6k (+$7.8k)5564.874
ButlerRich$270.3k (-$5.4k)5863.766
HardwickHaw$268.7k (+$8.0k)5260.442
Gallucci (MID)Adel$148.8k-57-
J.StewartEss$215.9k (+$5.0k)3556.843
Bolton (MID)Rich$155.0k (+$37.7k)4451.35
Bowes (MID)GC$249.4k -51.940

Greenwood is a gun and 43% of coaches agree with over 85,000 trading him in over the last few weeks. The others are no longer trying or have been living under a rock! He was Adelaide’s second highest DT scorer on the night however due to a DE of 55%, he was scaled back to their 8th best SC scorer. Nonetheless, he had 18 disposals (12 kicks), 69% contested possession rate (team high), 1 mark, 9 clearances (team high) and 11 tackles (team high) for his 72 points. If he can continue his 3 round average of 83, he will provide very decent bench cover for several weeks after the byes until he is ready to be traded to a true fallen premium to do the same job. Job Security: 5.

Taranto just keeps getting it done pushing out a 6 round average of 78.6 with his second best score of the season, 85 (4th 80+ in 6 weeks). He collected 17 disposals (7 kicks) at a very impressive 94% DE to go with 5 marks, 4 clearances, 4 tackles and a goal. He only has another $30k to make scoring the way he is and will top out just after his bye. With an injection of GWS’s best 22 due in the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see what happens to his scoring. Job Security: 5.

Turner repaid his faithful owners over the last 6 weeks but that comes to an end with 55 points against the Tigers. Collecting 9 disposals (4 kicks) at 78% DE, 3 marks (2 contested), 3 tackles, 1 behind and a goal assist his cash days look to be over with a new BE of 74. His BE is set to be in this vicinity for the foreseeable future so has peaked right in time with the bye this weekend. Good time to upgrade to one of the many premium forwards coming off their bye and it’s goodbye for now Turner. Job Security: 4.

Butler returned from his 2 week groin injury for 58 points, which was the fifth best rookie score of the week on this list just to show how bad this years batch is! Let down by 4 clangers and a 54% DE from 13 disposals (9 kicks), he was able to get 4 marks, 2 goals/1 behind and a goal assist to make up his score. Losing over $5k right before his bye is not ideal as it put his season cash generation back under that magical $150k! His BE is 66 which means he is likely to lose cash after the bye however once the 36 drops out the following week, he should continue to make money but also provide Rd13 cover if you are short on FWDs (unlikely). Job Security: 4 (especially after taking out Rd11 rising star nomination).

J.Stewart threw up a 35 on the weekend which was his lowest score for the season. 16,000 coaches who traded him after his opening game of 91 have been handed a timely reminder the risks of jumping on rookies early being given an average of 45.3 points since. People must have been super desperate for Rd11 too with his ownership actually increasing (go figure?). Just managed the 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 56% DE to go with 5 marks and 2 behinds. With a BE of 43 and his bye the following week, this is likely the last time he’s relevant (if he ever was). Job Security: 2.

Hardwick has returned to normal rookie ways after that Rd8 bleep (32) with all other scores being between 52-77 although that 52 did come this week. He collected 10 dispoals (6 kicks) at 60% DE to go with 3 marks, 5 tackles and 3 1%ers. Looks to have just about peaked with only another $15k to make with current scoring trends but with Hawthorn struggling at the moment, he looks to be safe for the time being. Job Security: 4.

Bolton popped his bubble on the weekend and 44 points was not what his 20,000 new owners were hoping for. Richmond did go in with 5 small forwards so they all had to share around the ground ball opportunities, which showed as they were all amongst the Tigers lowest scorers for the night even in a winning team. He had 11 disposals (5 kicks), 5 marks, 3 inside 50s and a behind but was let down by his 55% DE. Has the bye next week but his spot in the team is a week by week proposition and is low on the pecking order, especially when there are 5 smalls running around! Job Security: 2.

Goodbye for now: Black (1) (now watch him come back with Hawkins suspended), Durdin (1), Cunico (1), Turner and J.Stewart.

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19 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 11”

    1. Lower end somewhere, he debuted when GWS were down to 26 people to choose their starting 22 from. Could be the 2-5 week range when there is 9 players who are expected to be over their injuries slowly trickle through.


  1. I will be bringing in Cousins and Scharenberg but who goes out? I am now thinking Lloyd and Myers as they start to struggle and JS is low … plus they have a bye next week. Other options are otten, newman, Stewart, berry, spp. Thoughts?


    1. I’m swapping out lloyd this week for bont for the exact same reason – slow burner with poor js and the bye, id rather just drop him now


    2. Stewart, Berry and SPP have to much upside to be culling. Otten/Newman can both be passed on, pending what you do with the money of course. Myers is being moved on for me this week and I don’t have Lloyd, but moving on for Cousins doesn’t ruin your structure and will keep the cash flowing.


  2. Ps – last couple weeks I haven’t had to rotate and refresh, the tables have worked automatically!


  3. Nice write up Hutta although I was hoping I’d missed a rookie to downgrade to!

    I reckon your rating of 4 for Cousins is a little high because Clarko has a habit of randomly dropping players no matter how well they play. He’s not much better than FURL.


    1. Nothing exciting, feel like most of the decent rookies have already popped up this year too. Now just clutching at straws for the back half of the year.

      Maybe it’s a 3. Was going to say Clarko has never coached a team so low on the ladder so I checked, and he has coached from 2005 when they finished 14th. Can’t say I paid much attention to the ins/outs when I was 14 😛 Here’s hoping he now plays the kids!


      1. Way to make me feel old!

        I hope Clarko holds Cousins for a few more weeks; like you said, he’s been far from our worst player.


    2. Hopefully he cousins keeps his spot. He’s the only dg for me this week lol. His time on ground increased in his second game. Hopefully that’s a good sign. First game 58%. Second 70%


  4. Great write up Hutta, well done!

    For me, its Otten vrs Stewart… I’m concerned about my apparent lack of bench cover, ick.


  5. Yep – agree with all the comments above about the write up being great Hutta.

    The JS addition is also appreciated, so thanks again!!

    My first trade this week is EVW for Scharenberg, but who would you cull for Cousins this week (assuming all three are named):

    T / up D Lloyd $172,800 / Aver = 46.3 / BE = 18
    T / down Myers $214,300 / Aver = 51 / BE = 36



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