Rookie Review – Round 17

Written by Huttabito on July 18 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd17AvgBE
Witherden (MID)Bris$263.8k (+$70.5k)10987.5-26
RyanFrem$279.4k (+$33.9k)67669
ScharenbergColl$252.0k (+$27.5k)7061.423
MelicanSyd$307.6k (+$12.8k)5859.252
Berry (MID)Bris$340.5k (+$10.1k)6658.252
Perryman (MID)GWS$237.4k (+$34.7k)8153.5-9
Cox (FWD)Frem$201.7k (+$19.7k)4648.613
M.Hibberd (MID)NM$173.2k (+$16.7k)738.522

Witherden is a genuine fantasy gun and if you don’t have him, you should be ashamed 🙁 Racking up a team high 28 disposals (3 more than Rockliff and Zorko combined – lift your game boys) he notched up his first tonne finishing up on 109 points. Yet to drop under 74 points from 4 games, you would feel more than safe fielding him for an injured premo this time of year.

Ryan took some time to get into the game but finally hit his strides to finish up right on his average with 67 points. With 20 disposals (10 kicks), 7 marks and 5 1%ers you’d feel a little stiff with his score but when you only go at 55% DE for the day and commit a game high 6 clangers, Champion Data are going to punish you.

Nyhuis had 10 disposals (5 kicks) but he seemed to have used his goal quota up last week and went goalless in the Derby. He started forward but was moved back to his more natural position later in the game. On the bubble, he looks to be a rookie that can be passed on this time of year.

Scharenberg has an elite kick but courtesy of the weather, he DE was down on the day with his 21 disposals (12 kicks) only going off at 67%. Scoring 70 points, he relied on a game high 9 marks to boost his score. Playing back to back games and being in a winning side, it would be welcomed by owners if he can now settle into his spot in the team.

Melican scored just under his average with 58 points from 11 disposals (7 kicks) at 64% DE to go with 3 marks, 2 tackles and 6 1%ers. His BE will jump up next week and will hover just on his average from here on out so if you are one of the few coaches who have him, it’s safe to start looking for a replacement.

Berry is another who looks to have one more week in him with 66 points from an equal ground high 7 tackles (with other rookie Butler) and 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 83% DE. He also took 7 marks and had 5 inside 50 entries which helped him get 2 goal assists but as of next week, his BE will jump into the 70+ range for the remainder of the year.

After an opening 4 round average of 42.5 the Perryman didn’t need to be paid. Returning from being omitted for 3 weeks, he has gone 70 and 81 the last two weeks and is starting to repay the 5% of owners who have held onto him. With a bit of luck, he push the $150k profit by the end of the year if he has turned his scoring around.

Nielson got a second crack at AFL level but only collected 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 78% DE for the game to finish on 42 points. Second highest clanger getter for the game, he finished up on 6 courtesy of giving away 5 free kicks so lots of his score relied on his 6 marks and 7 1%ers (team high). On the bubble averaging 50, he looks like a rookie that can be passed on this late into the game given. His JS may be boosted a little pending Hibberds prognosis.

Cox just managed 46 points after joining the point kicking club with 2 of his own from 13 disposals (5 kicks) at 54% DE. His last 4 weeks have gone – 60, 46, 61 and 46 so it’s probably safe to assume at least a 60 from him against the Hawks in Rd18.

M.Hibberd got injured very early in the first quarter on 7 points after getting 2 disposals and a tackle. He’s had a run with injuries throughout juniors so hopefully he gets back out there soon.

Goodbye for now: Hibberd, Nielson and Nyhuis.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd17AvgBE
MountfordNM$246.9k (+$19.1k)4154.549
MyersEss$246.9k (+$17.9k)675411

Mountford is nearing an ended with a 6 game average of 54.5 with his BE creeping up to 49. Scoring 41 against Port, he collected 11 disposals (4 kicks) at 82% to go with 6 tackles and 3 1%ers. Excluding the 81 where he tagged one of the greatest players of all time, Ablett in his 300th, he’s only averaging 49.2 so there is every chance that he could lose money this week. Not an urgent trade as downgrade options are quite limited.

Myers is back and looking refreshed after his stint in the VFL with a 69 and 67 since being back. Collecting 20 disposals (8 kicks) at 70% DE, he was Bombers equal highest clearance player (with Z.Merrett). Also getting 3 marks, 3 tackles and 1 goal/1 behind, he’s starting to show more of the form that we were expecting from the start. Bit late now mate, you’re the whole reason I have Rockliff in my side!

Atley got a second run but just wasn’t able to work his way into the game. He had 13 disposals (3 kicks) at 77% DE but with only 4 contested possessions and 4 clangers, he was only able to scrape together 31 points. Now on bubble, he can probably be passed on.

Honarary mention to Powell-Pepper for getting up after last weeks shoulder injury to power onto 26 disposals and 2 goals for 83 points. 7 clangers took a large chunk out of what could have been though.

Goodbye for now: Atley


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd17AvgBE
DarcyFrem$240.5k (+$56.5k)6771.86

When Darcy opened his season with a 50 and 99 (average 74.5), I asked the question, which score is the true reflection? Well, after 71 last week and a 67 on the weekend against the Eagles, I guess the correct answer was about his average. Finished up with 32 hitouts for the afternoon (breaking even with Vardy) to accompany 11 disposals (5 kicks), 2 marks and 4 tackles.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd17AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$376.6k (+$34.6k)7185.470
SchoenmakersHaw$275.3 (+$28.8k)7969.629
White (MID)Port$286.2k (+$7.4k)696961
BlackGeel$219.1k -66.315
Ainsworth (MID)GC$301.0k (+$6.9k)6963.888
ParsonsGeel$294.1k (+$2.1k)3253.546
Bolton (MID)Rich$199.0k -51.217

Greenwood had a team high 7 clearances and a team high 7 tackles to push him to 71 points which is mighty impressive given he spent just about as much time on the bench as he did the field! He collected 16 disposals (6 kicks) but his scored was held back with an equal team low DE of 56% being combined with 4 clangers. He has made a rapid fire $250k+ profit but with a BE of 70 it looks to have dried up given he isn’t far off $400k.

Schoenmakers just doing his thing with 79 points from 2 goals and 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 100% DE. Another 2 points and his average would have been in the 70s again – I really do think he keeps track of his score mid game to make sure he keeps it in the 60s.

White scored smack bang on his 69 average from 15 disposals (9 kicks) at 80% DE to go with a couple of tackles and a goal. He still has the 41 in his price cycle but once that drops out, his BE should drop back down to the 40s for a while.

Ainsworth has sent his price just over $100k over his initial outlay but with a BE of 88, it looks like it’s a decent time to sell. Scoring 69 points courtesy of a couple of goals, he also has 12 disposals (6 kicks) at 83% DE to go with 4 tackles.

Parsons backed up his 98 with a pitiful 32 against Hawthorn just beating his BE – seriously mate, come on. He probably spent more time worried about copping a revenge hit on his elbow to Hodge last time they met than getting the ball. He outscored Yeo last week on the bench and this week was cover due to a Yeo late out and put up that rubbish – I think I would have rather sucked up and copped a donut. To make matters worse, as mentioned last week, he was meant to become Witherden and I would have had Greenwood and his 71 for cover and be all of 21 points from leading the SCT Group Price. All this, and Parsons is dead to me. Goodbye you pathetic excuse of a SuperCoach rookie. Ugh he makes my blood boil.

Hurrah! Hazah! Zurhaar! Fun name, not so fun points. Made his debut but being a forward in a 70 point loss leads to about 6 disposals (4 kicks), 3 clangers, 1 mark, 3 tackles and a behind for 30 points. Next.

Battle debuted for St Kilda and despite kicking a goal, he only finished up on 8 points. Hmmmm…..

Goodbye for now: Ainsworth, Parsons, Black and Beech.

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13 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 17”

  1. Another great read, cheers Hutta.

    Q1. Has Witherden overtaken Newman as preferred D6?

    Q2. Is it worth trading Newman to Adams for last defender or save the trade and run with Witherden at D6?


    1. Couple of very good questions Jetstar, depends on your trade situation.Witherden’s had an amazing start but he has been allowed to run free.Thinking of doing something similar with Tuohy to fit Jelwood in but will lose my defensive link plus feel like the underbelly will be a bit exposed if they tighten up on the young guy.


    2. If you’ve got a decent amount of trades in hand (more than six) then I’d make that move, especially if you need to sneak into some Finals……..


    3. Newman has certainly dropped off, efficiency has been down lately as he tires which was one of his strengths. I’ve contemplated dropping Newman to Witherden at D6 let him ride in price and then upgrade him to a true premium but I should have done to last week. Witherden has lost all appeal rising by $150k already.

      I would still chase Adams if you can. Step above others and can consistently hit 110 if he gets back to he early season form.


  2. Cheers Hutta, what about the young 18 yo that debut for the doggies on the weekend, showed a bit of spunk in those long sleeves!!


    1. He looked good – must have slipped off the write up. The reverse Nyhuis – forward turned defender. Racked up the intercept marks, jumping of Kruzers head and letting Casboult have it when he missed the sitter. Wish he was DPP!


  3. Nice article Hutta, especially when you started ranting about Parsons and your error regarding Witherden at the end there! Hilarious!


    1. What a disaster it’s turning out to be. Things quickly snowball as I would have had the money to move Newman onto Hurley or Pendles to Merrett. With so little decent rookies coming through I feel cornered. 6 trades and I have very little productive use for them!



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