Round 10 Review

Written by Thommo on May 29 2017


Some of our Supercoaches are seriously climbing the career ladder and one of those, Wognuts, is eligible for the group prize. And the way he’s going, he’s even a chance for the overall prize!

Go Wognuts! My SC team is pretty ordinary so I’m happy to cheer on members of our community.

Here’s our top 5 SC teams still eligible for the group prize.

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 22125 159
2 TheSalamander@SCT Jack 22053 276
3 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 22006 388
4 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 21965 510
5 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 21924 655

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Patrick Dangerfield – He’s not just a Champion Data favourite.

4 – Tom Mitchell – My new man crush.

3 –Scott Pendlebury – He’s back even if he isn’t sleeping through the night!

2 – Adam Treloar – This was a relief vote!

1 – Dustin Martin – I can’t stop talking about his groin.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
Patrick Dangerfield 12
Tom Rockliff 11
Rory Sloane 10
Scott Pendlebury 8
Adam Treloar 7
Marcus Bontempelli 6
Dustin Martin 6
Gary Ablett 5
Luke Dahlhaus 5
Sam Docherty 5
Lance Franklin 5
Rory Laird 5
Nic Newman 5
Nick Riewoldt 5

So who did you like in Round 10?

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We are now 10 rounds into the season and we don’t even know who the top 2 ruckmen for season 2017 are. As I predicted in the preseason (gee wiz I’m wonderful) the Ruck position is all messed up. One-by-one the top ruckman from previous seasons have fallen away leaving us with… well, who knows?

Max Gawn was performing well until the ruck curse struck while Todd Goldstein was clearly hampered by injury early (and forced to share time with Preuss) and he’s yet to hit full speed again despite rucking alone.

Brodie Grundy seemed an inspired choice early but he was struck down by a giant Cox. Now that Cox is out of the side Grundy has improved in form again but who knows when his Cox curse will return.

Stefan Martin also streaked ahead of the competition early in 2017 until Fagan decided he needed a little bit of help from Archie in Round 10. And now his coaches are also pissed off: They are all praying that Archie returns to the NEAFL for Round 12.

So that leaves us with Shane Mumford and his long-suffering back or Kreuzer and his long-suffering body. I’m not sure about you, but neither option fills me with confidence.

All I can say is that I am damn happy I started with the SandiWitts combo even if I am at a loss as to who I should trade them to.

So tell me coaches, who should we trade in to our ruck division for the run home?


GEELONG 11.15 (81) def PORT ADELAIDE 11.13 (79)


Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 163 – Considering he was on 80-something at 3 quarter time, this was unexpected! Paddy only had the 24 possessions but he was rewarded for his impact late in the match including, obviously, the winning goal. If you traded him in 2 weeks ago you’ll have some big-time Dangerwood right about now!

Joel Selwood (Gee) 134 – Another player you should have traded in this week. He would have rewarded you with 33 possessions, 19 contested), 8 inside 50s and 6 clearances. Let’s not talk about his 7 clangers.

Jared Polec (Por) 128 – Maybe a bit lucky to score so well with his 29 possessions only running at 69% DE with 5 clangers.

Scott Selwood (Gee) 112 – A disgraceful performance with Selwood only laying 17 tackles. Put some effort in mate! Is anyone tempted in baby-Selwood at his sub-$300k price?

Ollie Wines (Por) 110 – It was at this time last season when Ollie started pumping out some big scores. He wasted a few possessions with a 55% DE but he may be a smart selection for the run home especially to cover the byes.


Paddy Ryder (Por) 69 – He had 31 hit-outs, 12 possessions and 1 goal but he burned the ball and didn’t win a lot of hit-outs to advantage.

Jasper Pittard (Por) 71 – 9 touches in 78% TOG, Pittard. WTF? I hope you all avoided that poo-smelling bullet!

James Parson (Gee) 42 – I know I said I don’t like to put rookies here but Parsons gets a mention for his 7 point first half. Do something, Parsons!

HAWTHORN 12.9 (81) def SYDNEY 11.9 (75)


Shaun Burgoyne (Haw) 144 – Every time you try to right Silk off, he plays a match on the ball and KILLS it. 26 possessions with 19 of them contested and he kicked 2 of the better goals you’ll see to win a match! Until Toby Greene on Sunday night, that is!

Josh P Kennedy (Syd) 118 – What he does is not sexy, but JPK just keeps winning the contested ball with another 20 contested touches from 33 possessions on Friday night.

Dan Hannebery (Syd) 116 – ATTENTION COACHES: Hannes is drinking again. Jump on board the Grog train!

Luke Hodge (Haw) 107 – He had more fights than possessions as he clearly popped a few of the angry pills pre-match but he held the Hawks backline together in his familiar quarterback role.

Lance Franklin (Syd) 106 – Champion data needs to look at the value placed on goals. How can Buddy kick 5 goals in a match where only 23 goals were kicked and only score 106 points? Every time he got near the ball Sydney scored. He also gave a goal assist and he was probably best on ground with Burgoyne. Robbed! And no, I don’t own him!


Luke Parker (Syd) 72 – He gets his hands on the ball under the packs but he can’t seem to get a clear possession away. Is it a lack of preseason that has cost him or is he too slow?

Callum Mills (Syd) 61 – Not because he scored 61 points, more because he kicked straight to a Hawks’ defender in the dying stages of the match. I believe you have a meeting with Horse on Monday morning, Callum!

WESTERN BULLDOGS 13.12 (90) def ST KILDA 7.8 (50)


Jack Newnes (StK) 138 – Remember when he was in our backlines? Why the hell couldn’t he score like this for us? 35 possessions at 82% DE and 1 goal.

Jake Stringer (WB) 112 – Finally played a game that was deserving of the name “The Package”, kicking 5 goals and not looking like a lost sheep on field.

Billy Longer (StK) 107 – He is trying hard to be the Saints’ number 1 man with 55 hit-outs and 18 possessions against the Dogs. Maybe it’s the beer talking as I write this, but I reckon he has the talent to be a top 2 ruckman (not that it’s hard this season!)

Koby Stevens (StK) 103 – Facing his ex-teammates for the first time, Koby was everywhere with 28 possessions, 8 tackles and 7 clearances.

And that is it – I have made the executive decision to only list the Top 5 if they score over 100 points so the rest of you can stuff off!


Jack Steven (StK) 69 – Lachie Hunter ran with him and did a great job restricting Steven to 17 possessions but at least he racked up 11 tackles, so…

Screw you Lachie Hunter (WB) 67 and Bevo! I thought the Dogs didn’t tag!

Tom Boyd (WB) 53 – What happened to you, Tom? Go and buy a copy of the 2016 Grand Final and watch how you played. Then stop sucking!

Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 78 – It’s not like Dahl is playing badly but he’s is handpassing too much (9 kicks, 18 handpasses) and not hitting the score board like he used to.

Marcus Bontempelli (WB) 88 – This was always on the cards for the Bont. When he only collects 22 possessions, a poor disposal efficiency (54%) and poor goal-kicking (1 goal, 4 behinds) really hurts his score. Sort it out, Bontempelli!

MELBOURNE 18.14 (122) def GOLD COAST 13.9 (87)


Nathan Jones (Mel) 130 – Jones was rewarded for a clean match with his 27 possessions running at 85% DE and he nailed 3 goals from midway through the third quarter.

Michael Hibberd (Mel) 114 – Hibberd was even cleaner than Jones with 28 possessions at 92% DE. In fact he was so clean that he decided he didn’t need to tackle at all. I’m not sure if scoring 114 points without tackling is a good or bad thing?

Jeff Garlett (Mel) 112 – It was a moving feast for Jeff in the second half as he lived it up in the number 67. After peppering the goal face early for 1 goal, 3 behinds, he added 4 goals assists in a barnstorming second half.

Clayton Oliver (Mel) 112 – Oliver is the gift that keeps on giving with another 35 possessions, 21 contested, and 11 clearances. Is this not one of the best second year breakouts ever?

Jack Viney (Mel) 107 – Even with his 82% DE and 11 tackles, this seemed a bit inflated for only 23 possessions. Maybe the Melbourne supporters out there can correct me but several players seemed more deserving!


Touk Miller (GC) 51 – I’m so sick ofa writing about Miller. I hope you’ve all moved him on by now.

Tom McDonald (Mel) 48 – Normally helping out in the ruck makes players score better but obviously McDonald didn’t receive the memo. With 12 possessions, 7 hitouts and 5 clangers he was lucky to even score 48!

RICHMOND 11.15 (81) def ESSENDON 10.6 (66)


Brandon Ellis (Ric) 149 – He has sucked so bad this year it has hurt my eyes watching him but finally he seems to have rediscovered his form. 30 possessions at a crazy impressive 90% DE and 1 goal.

Dustin Martin (Ric) 125 – I know he’s in the heroes section but he could be so much better if he didn’t burn the ball so much. His 30 possessions ran at only 56% DE but 1 goal and 1 goal assist helped.

Bachar Houli (Ric) 124 – He used to be an elite defender and this was certainly a call-back to 2015 with 27 possessions at 92% DE and a surprisingly high 6 tackles.

David Zaharakis (Ess) 111 – Stuff off, Zaharakis!

Brendan Goddard (Ess) 111 – He started the match with a bang, kicking 2 early goals and collecting a heap of early possessions, but he slowed badly when the rain arrived. Still, he was pretty handy for a man about to play game number 300 next week.


Dion Prestia (Ric) 57 and Josh Caddy (Ric) 59 – What happened to the Meatball? Moving in with Caddy was the worst thing that could have happened for his Supercoach form.

Toby Nankervis (Ric) 78 – Perhaps we should be happy with this score after he started with 2 points in the first quarter? His late goal certainly gave him respectability. Now if only he’d stop adjusting his package on national television during the post-match interview.

ADELAIDE 20.23 (143) def FREMANTLE 6.7 (43)


Rory Sloane (Ade) 175 – I was kind of hoping his price would drop a bit more and this didn’t help! Come on, Ross, didn’t you learn anything from the Crows’ last few losses? You have to tag Sloane hard, not with some lame Blakely run-with role! 30 possessions, 17 contested, 8 clearances, 12 tackles and 2 goals: Classic Sloane!

Matthew Crouch (Ade) 124 – The ball magnet racked up another lazy 35 possessions but again 5 clangers cost him. I don’t know when, but he’ll join the elite one day.

Josh Jenkins (Ade) 123 – Back in the side and he helped himself to 3 goals as well as helping out in the ruck. Even with the heavy rain early, it was a nice day to play in the forward line.

Jake Lever (Ade) 122 – I am no Lever expert but I’m not sure he’s racked up 29 possessions and 11 marks before? he was part of the wall that locked the footy in the Adelaide forward half.

Andy Otten (Ade) 119 – Don’t you love trading out rookies and then watching them outscore the premium you traded in? 4 goals and 3 contested marks for the big fella on Saturday night.

Rory Atkin (Ade) 119 – Atkins was massive with 37 possessions but 5 clangers held him back. Not that anyone actually owns him in anything but draft league!


Lachie Neale (Fre) 55 – Come on Lachie, I thought we were friends! I suppose his run had to end at some stage! He gathered just 17 possessions but I probably shouldn’t criticise Lachie after the month he’s had!

Nate Fyfe (Fre) 73 – Congratulation Fyfe, I believe your 13 clangers may be a record!

As usual, feel free to correct me.

Even with his 25 possessions and 1 goal, when you add 6 free kicks against, you’ve got to ask how the hell Fyfe scored as much as 73 points!

David Mundy (Fre) 38 – I only read the reports of this game so can someone please tell me what happened to Mundy? 7 possessions at 28% DE and 6 tackles from 78% TOG!

Taylor Walker (Ade) 26 – Did Tex swap sides for this match? 7 possessions and 1 goal in a side that won by 100 points? Just… wow!

Michael Walters (Fre) 49 – I said it last week and I’ll say it again: he’s only got two gears. Walters goes huge or he fails dismally so he’s a loophole option only in my opinion!

COLLINGWOOD 18.21 (129) def BRISBANE 13.6 (84)


Adam Treloar (Col) 141 – Is he back or is this another false dawn? Treloar has always enjoyed playing the Lions and Sunday was no different with 30 possessions, 7 clearances, 2 goal assists and 1 goal.

Scott Pendlebury (Col) 130 – Fatherhood is agreeing with Pendles with back-to-back monster scores. Legend!

Dayne Zorko (Bri) 130 – If Rocky was out for a few more weeks, you’d jump on the Magician after another 28 possessions, 10 clearance, 2 goal match. But, he’s not…

Dayne Beams (Bri) 127 – Beams is certainly penalizing all the coaches who traded him out a month ago with two scores over 120 points since his return. He is starting to look like the Beams of old.

Brodie Grundy (Col) 120 – The rise and fall of the rucking empire continues. In this chapter Brodie rucks alone and all is right with the world.


Jeremy Howe (Col) 66 – Howe was barely in the play early and scrambled his way towards respectability late. No contested marks makes Jeremy a dull defender.

Stefan Martin (Bri) 62 – And in this chapter, Stef shares the ruck duties and his coaches lament. When Martin shares the ruck he seems to completely forget how to play football

Archie Smith (Bri) 69 – I have nothing against you Archie but… Go back to the NEAFL!

NORTH MELBOURNE 17.11 (113) def CARLTON 15.6 (96)


Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 146 – He was the #1 draft pick and finally we are seeing why. In an alternate reality Kreuz is not injury prone and he is currently the #1 ruckman. On Sunday he racked up 18 possessions, 9 tackles and 46 hit-outs against a great opponent.

Bryce Gibbs (Car) 140 – Almost the complete game from Gibbs with 38 possessions, a contested mark, 3 goals and 2 goal assists. He can perhaps consider himself lucky with one of those goals leg-breaking over the head of the defender and Sammo. Speaking of alternate realities, imagine if he was playing for Adelaide!

Sam Docherty (Car) 124 – Doc started poorly with clangers and ineffective kicking but he came home like a freight train kicking 2 second half goals.

Shaun Higgins (NM) 120 – Higgo repaid a bit of Schwarzy’s faith with 27 touches and 2 goals. You do still own him don’t you Schwarzy?

Ed Curnow (Car) 118 – He hasn’t set the world on fire this season but maybe this was a return to form with 32 possessions and 6 tackles.


Ben Cunnington (NM) 44 – I read an article that showed Cunnington is leading the Roos for Brownlow votes. I don’t think this effort will earn him any more votes. Maybe they should even deduct a few?

Todd Goldstein (NM) 89 – Many of us expected Goldy to dominate Kreuz but he didn’t impact the play around the ground much and we still don’t know who the top ruckmen are in 2017!

Marc Murphy (Car) 83 – This feels harsh given Murphy had 30 possessions, 3 goal assists and 1 goal but 5 clangers and a handball happy attitude cost him.

GWS 14.14 (98) def WEST COAST 14.6 (90)


Jeremy McGovern (WC) 126 – He looks like a bag of flour but the man can mark the ball like few others. 22 possessions at 89% DE and 9 marks this week with 2 of them contested.

Shane Mumford (GWS) 115 – Mummy will likely end up the number 1 ruckman for 2017 but can his back stand the weight of that lofty mantle? Mummy bullied his way to another 50 hit-outs against the undermanned Eagles’ ruck department.

Toby Greene (GWS) 112 – Look, I don’t like Toby but when the game was up for grabs he kicked 2 of the best goals under pressure you’ll see. Kudos Tobes!

Zach Williams (GWS) 109 – Williams was great all day with 28 possessions and he was instrumental in kicking the goal that sealed the Giants’ first win over West Coast.

Sam Mitchell (WC) 108 – Sammy was just Sammy: 31 possessions at 93% DE and his first goal in West Coast colours. Makes me sick to watch!


Josh Kennedy (WC) 56 – It was a pretty hot match and Kennedy struggled to get his hands on the ball. He still did well to kick 3 goals and give 1 goal assist from just 6 possessions before an Achilles injury ended his day early in the fourth quarter.

Matt Priddis (WC) 81 – The forgotten Tight-perm is only averaging 99 points per match with his score affected by 5 clangers this week.

Heath Shaw (GWS) 79 – Alright, I’m calling it. Heater is done and not worth trading in this season. Now watch him pump out 200 points next week.

Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 74 – He’s not SC relevant but he deserves a mention for kicking the ball to Lewis Jetta in the WC goal square with 2 minutes remaining. That was special!


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27 thoughts on “Round 10 Review”

    1. Yeah, with the lack of cash generation we might have to. I was hoping to upgrade Sandi to Martin at his bye but have to see if Archie Smith gets dropped first.


  1. Thanks for another stellar review Thommo.
    I had suspected you may be writing through amber glasses when you confirmed it with your billy longer prediction.
    I still have Sandiwitts operating. I nearly traded Sandi to Goldy but am nervous about a possible Pruess return. Hopefully Frankengrimace gets up this week.


    1. Even sober I think there’s something about Longer although he’s still a couple years from hitting premo form.

      Besides I don’t need beer to write weird sh#t!


      1. It wasn’t what you were saying Thommo, just how you were saying it. Maybe 10% more aggressive and to the point than usual.
        Zaharakis 111 points
        Stuff off Zaharakis”


        1. Nah, I’m an annoyingly loud and happy drunk. I worked all weekend and copped some food poisoning yesterday so the review was shortened a little.

          But Zaharakis can still stuff off. SC Troll!


  2. I’d seriously consider the punt on Kreuz but he has the bye this week, so it’s fingers crossed for 211 and a sigh of relief that we only need best 18.

    Strnadics is doing his job admirably with a little support from Nankervis.


    1. Call me evil but I pray every week that FURL names Strnadica as a last minute inclusion…

      Not sure I have the testicular fortitude for Keeeeuuuzzzzz.


  3. I don’t think there’s a correct answer to the ruck situation which I kind of like, there are so many different combinations as there’s no clear 1 and 2

    Every ruck a flaw this year!


  4. Cheers Thommo. Dare I say it but Wines is on my radar after getting burned last year! Thinking out Parker, in Wines. Maybe S Selwood as well…

    And thank goodness I got rid of Miller last week…only to pick up his mate Harbrow who didn’t fare much better!

    I think Kennedy’s injury was downgraded to a calf-injury subject to scans.

    The voting will have to wait till I get back home and jump on my laptop as have been having issues recently voting on the iPhone.

    That is all.


    1. You’re having one of ‘those’ years, aren’t you Weendog? Starting with Parker and Miller wasn’t a bad risk but blew up in your face spectacularly.

      Good to hear Kennedy isn’t too bad.

      Interesting about your iPhone. I wonder if anyone else is having similar issues?


  5. Another great write-up! Love a good short, sharp one. Rookie review looks to be heading that way with a lot of cows mooing. Surprised I jumped that far up this week, thought I was a little too far back to be making up that ground in a single week. No complaints though, gone from 300 to 200 points outside top100.

    As a huge SandiWitts advocate over the pre-season, glad it’s paying dividends. Maybe I should have been more coy on the call and kept it more for myself! But alas, that is not the SCT way.


    1. Yeah great job jumping into the top 5 @SCT teams. I was going to add that to the review last night and forgot.


  6. Big Sauce Jacobs could end up the number 1 ruck this year.

    Seems to ruck 80% of the time. He doesn’t seem to get too many possessions but is averaging 97.4


  7. Did we learn this week that Sandi is Freo’s most important player? Not to mention critical for Neale’s SC scoring?


    1. Sandi is important but I think being pumped by 100 points hurt Lachie a bit too. They just seemed to struggle to break througb the zone from the parts of the game I saw.


  8. Thanks for the write up Thommo! I’m a bit off the pace for the big one now but hopefully top 100. I’m aiming to beat 123rd overall in 2014


    1. It all comes down to trades. I was top 100 for most of 2014 too but burned a couple of dumb trades and got stuck with late injuries which dropped me to 300th.

      If you trade smart and have some left late you can catch up a lot of points late in the season.

      I believe in you Wognuts!



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