18 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 11”

  1. Is Zac Fisher worth bringing in? 95, 140 & 116 in the last 3 weeks. He currently has the lion’s share of kick-ins and the bonus of dual def/fwd eligibility.


  2. Not so much a poll but if someone could do an article on what the best bye plan is, Being we are now only 2 weeks away. Any do’s or dont’s etc. I need all the help I can get as having the worst season ever.

    Perhaps a poll or a “this season sucks” article on how many wrong decisions you’ve made…..
    Trading out H Reid for Petracca
    Trading in Petracca instead of Zorko
    Trading out Sexton after holding him since R1, just before he was recalled
    Starting with Dawson instead of Serong
    Not having Heeney
    Having Clohesy and Wilson benched when they scored their centuries with not able to get their scores
    And an ability to continually choose the wrong VC/C


    1. I can add one to that Lisa.
      Trading out Luke Jackson at R2 to Romo to avoid losing cash when Darcy came in, losing exactly the same amount of cash on Romo after he goes 51 & 63. Trading Romo to Sweet as a cash grab, only to watch Sweet benched for donuts, and Romo to go 107, 164 &169. LOL


  3. Expecting Rankine to be out for about a month – too long to hold, especially with the byes.
    Who is the best replacement?


    1. I had a total of 8 bench points. Lucky the guys on field did their jobs. Sullivan, Howes and Closehy on field

      Unless Rogers, H.Garcia, McKercher or Z.Reid somehow get picked this week I will have only whichever rookies are traded in as active bench players. My went from buzzing with activity to Dead in 2 weeks.


  4. How many players do you hold in the Rd 12 and Rd 13 byes?

    Of projected players to receive DPP after rd 11, are you targeting any of these guys early?


  5. A lot of people are now finishing off their Premos with lots of argument as to who they are.
    So what right now is the Dream Team?


  6. I like the old chestnuts at this time of the season.

    How many trades do you have left?

    How many boosts do you have left?

    Did you actually have a bye strategy in the frenzy of trades you made in the last 11 rounds or were you realistically just winging it and hoping for the best?

    How many trades are you really away from full premo?


  7. How many of your bench players are scoring points every week, I have one active bench player at the moment, Reville Lions lucky he’s DPP


  8. Totally understand that it’s not for this round but a poll on possible recruits for the mid season draft and is it better to wait until they are in before doing 50/50 trades with other options potentially coming up?



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