SCTTL Round 10

Written by JimmyDee on May 19 2024

Pretty nice scores from our top five this week, even considering that none of the top three nailed a huge captain score.

Gabrielle’s Goopstars@sct amassed a huge score of 2545 despite relying on the Bont to double his score. Did however have three massive PODs in Zorko, Neale and Jackson all with 150+ scores. Nice one.

KidTech 81 squeezed into second place with 2433, again despite an average captain score from Big Max. As with the other top three placegetters, had three massive scores from Houston, Jackson and the Chadstar.

Houston, Chad and The Magician helped Barry and Thanx Gus Brayshaw to third with a 2422 score which could have been more except the Gawn Captain’s score was a little underwhelming.

Fourth was Wayne’s very consistent Cham Tech with 2419, which keeps him on top of the ladder in the group, and rounding out the top five was Dawn’s Killer Bees @sct with 2394. Excellent job at the top folks.

Let us know in the poll below how many trades you have used after ten rounds and before trading this week.

How many trades have you left after the end of round ten (10)?

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3 thoughts on “SCTTL Round 10”

  1. My F6 has been a debacle, relying on Campbell and now Darcy Jones’s 8 points. The Xerri to Sweet trade made sense in theory and probably would’ve worked if Sweet had played the last two weeks, but has cost me in reality. Really need Sweet to be named this week or I’ll be relying on Jones again! Or needing to shuffle my team to upgrade my R2.


  2. Was at the Suns v Cats game but somehow could not get internet so did not know that Clark was the sub and had him on field which cost me some places.

    Traded in Ranks for the one week and now big decisions to make there. Forward line (like everyone) is tenuous. Got Ranks and Jones (hammies) and Hugo Garcia dropped and still relying on Darcy, Fyfe and Wilson to provide scores.

    Only two mids tonnes up as well, but as premos I think they have to stay in case they do a Dawson, LDU or Jackson and burn me twice. Still sorry I traded the Chadstar.


  3. Cham Tech used MD’a as part of the trade for Zerrett,…… that worked well….
    ….but the really good bit was holding the VC on Butters and not Capt. Gawny ……Phew!

    Ps “Trades”, is that what they call SCTT prayer book?



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