Round 11 Review

Written by Thommo on June 5 2017


Wognuts put up a solid 1844 points in the first bye round to jump into the top 100 and hold sway for top place in the race for the Group Prize.

I forgot to mention this last week, but Huttabito is representing the lame Supercoach writers like an absolute champion by jumping up to 385th place overall.


1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 23969 97
2 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 23780 331
3 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 23756 385
4 WeDoNotForgive@SCT Jeremy 23691 583
5 TheSalamander@SCT Jack 23665 665

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Patrick Dangerfield: The love remains strong for Danger with back-to-back 5 votes.

4 – Adam Treloar: Again his relieved coaches reward Treloar for any semblance of life.

3 – Rory Sloane: Unlucky not to receive the 5 votes.

2 – Joel Selwood: He’s due for his annual mid-year revival.

1 – Scott Pendlebury: After a rough month he’s also posted back-to-back high scores.

The top 10 overall stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 17
2 Rory Sloane 13
3 Tom Rockliff 11
4 Adam Treloar 11
5 Scott Pendlebury 9
6 Marcus Bontempelli 6
7 Dustin Martin 6
8 Joel Selwood 6
9 Gary Ablett 5
10 Luke Dahlhaus 5
11 Sam Docherty 5
12 Lance Franklin 5
13 Rory Laird 5
14 Nic Newman 5
15 Nick Riewoldt 5

So who did you like in Round 10?

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I know it’s early but I have started to think about prospective 2018 premiums. As we have seen this season, when rookies are sparse we need to start taking a moneyball approach so cheap premiums are becoming more valuable every season.

Right now I have pencilled in a few players for my starting 2018 squad:

DEFENCE: Sam Docherty (Car) just has to be in my side (every side in my books) and Tom Langdon (Col) could start very cheap.

MIDFIELD: This is turning into a Carlton love-fest but Patrick Cripps (Car) is cheap if his back holds up, Clayton Oliver (Mel) is turning into an absolute beast, Stephen Coniglio (GWS) will be under-priced due to his interrupted 2017 and lastly, the entire Sydney midfield is having a fire sale.

RUCK: Is it time to return to Goldy Maximus? Otherwise, I might just leave the ruck-line blank.

FORWARD: Let’s just hope they return some players like Robbie Gray (Por) back to the forward line!

Who is everyone else eyeing off for 2017?


PORT ADELAIDE 13.20 (98) def HAWTHORN 7.5 (47)


Charlie Dixon (PA) 167 – Charlie looked like a man amongst children, gathering 20 possessions of which 15 were contested, taking 8 marks of which 5 were contested and kicking 4 goals with 2 goal assists. Will he be a top 6 forward?

Brad Ebert (PA) 141 – He has one of the biggest melons in football (after Higgins) and he enjoyed game 200 with 34 possessions and 12 tackles. Brad seems to have finally overcome his inconsistent form across a season and is averaging 112 points per week. Tempted?

Hamish Hartlett (PA) 116 This is what Hartlett was meant to be: A lethal kick with his 24 possessions running at 95% DE. Where did his career go wrong?

Matthew Broadbent (PA) 114 – Broadbent does this now and then. Move along: Nothing to see here!

Tom Mitchell (Haw) 105 – This was disappointing with Mitchell scoring over 60 points in the first half. Still in a losing side it is difficult to do more than gather 30 possessions at 80% DE, take 9 marks and lay 5 tackles. Is he wondering if he should have stayed in Sydney? The Swans are definitely missing him!

Ollie Wines (PA) 105 – Ollie was super cheap at sub-$500k so this score wasn’t too bad for his price. After a slow start he did well to rack up 28 possessions and 10 clearances.


Robbie Gray (PA) 44 – I hate – no I detest – premiums that take it easy when their team is on top! Cash-in during a massacre Robbie! 10 possessions and 1 goal just plain sucks and you are done for season 2017 my friend!

Jaspar Pittard (PA) 58 – See above! Pittard ran around a lot with his luscious locks flowing in the breeze but he only touched the ball 17 times.

Patrick Ryder (PA) 81 – Ryder was not the villain, the statistician who scores this match was. He hit just about every hit-out to advantage yet he was only given 10 hit-outs to advantage from 23 total. Robbed!

Jack Gunston (Haw) 27 – 7 possessions in 87% TOG and 1 tackle says it all! Get involved in the match and bloody do something!

Ben McEvoy (Haw) 63 – McEvoy has nightmares about Paddy Ryder jumping on his head. He has as much leap as Luc Longley!

GEELONG 13.18 (96) def ADELAIDE 10.14 (74)


Joel Selwood (Gee) 151 – He cops a lot of hate for his shoulder shrug that won him so many free kicks over the years but he works as hard as anyone. On Friday night 21 of his 36 possessions were contested yet he ran at 88% DE. Love him or hate him, you should probably have him in your midfield!

Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 149 – Danger missed 3 shots on goal and had 5 clangers: Imagine if he’d kicked straight and used the pill better. Does anyone else have that feeling in their waters that he is about to go nuts soon? 200+ points nuts?

Or is it just me?

Harry Taylor (Gee) 117 – I have been critical of Harry’s “Forward Experiment” but he is starting to look more dangerous with 2 goals and 3 goal assists this week.

Zach Smith (Gee) 117 – He was touted as the next Dean Cox when drafted but he has given little more than the odd flash of good form. Enjoy his latest run of form while it lasts!

Sam Menegola (Gee) 107 – He worked hard with 16 of 24 possessions contested so expect him to be dropped again soon!

Andrew Mackie (Gee) 107 – Gee he seems to run around with his own ball some weeks with another 27 possessions on Friday night. The Tuohy owners would prefer that he defend while 2E runs free!


Rory Laird (Ade) 59 – Laird only had the 20 possessions at 75% DE but an early head knock may have affected his performance.

Zach Tuohy (Gee) 76 – Tuohy appeared to have a more defensive role but that didn’t stop him from grabbing plenty of the ball (27 possessions). What did stop him in Supercoach was his 63% DE considering he is an uncontested possession specialist.

Cam Guthrie (Gee) 69 – Remember when he was the next big thing for the Cats? What happened? He’s just so… average!

Rory Sloane (Ade) 89 – I feel sorry for Sloane owners. They were onto a winner until the AFL coaches decided to play follow-the-leader and all started to tag Rory. He still tried hard but was clearly beaten by Scooter Selwood.

GOLD COAST 11.14 (80) def WEST COAST 11.11 (77)


Gary Ablett Jnr (GC) 139 – Whether he should have had an extended stay in China or not, the extra time off seemed to do Ablett good with a 36 possessions, 16 contested, effort against West Coast. He probably isn’t spending enough time in the forward line to receive dual position eligibility now though.

Jarryd Lyons (GC) 113 – For the draft leaguers out there only! 29 possessions, 8 tackles, 8 tackles and 1 goal.

Sam Mitchell (WC) 111 – Sammy went about using the ball beautifully like usual yet West Coast still suck. Go figure! 33 possessions at 81% DE and 3 goal assists.

Aaron Hall (GC) 109 – This just shows you what difference it makes when a player is clanger-free. Hall only had 23 possessions at 73% DE and they were mostly uncontested but as he didn’t commit any clangers he still scored well. Take note Ollie Wines, Adam Treloar, etc…

Pearce Hanley (GC) 109 – It’s great to see Hanley back after a rough year personally. He wouldn’t be a stupid loophole option for your bench.


Yes, some of the Suns’ players struggled to perform for their Supercoaches but they can be let off this week because they are not really final contenders. West Coast on the other hand…

Jack Darling (WC) 34 – I know he’s not really SC relevant, but he was really bad. With Kennedy out you would surely expect more than 8 possessions and 0 goals.

Andrew Gaff (WC) 75 – 22 possessions isn’t that bad but his form is indicative of the Eagles as a whole. When they fire, he fires, and vice versa. One day West Coast will find a player who consistently lifts and leads the team to victory on the road.

Matthew Priddis (WC) 80 – The Perminator was around the contest a lot but like the rest of his team, he couldn’t get his hands on the ball consistently or cleanly. Priddis is not averaging less than 100 points: Is this the beginning of the end?

GWS 18.9 (117) def ESSENDON 15.11 (101)


Josh Kelly (GWS) 176 – I feel like I am being unfaithful on my Hawks with how much I love this kid. He racks up possessions, he uses the ball well, the tackles and he hits the scoreboard.

Can someone tell me why Worsfold let him run free?

Zach Williams (GWS) 145 – As a defender, Williams was in the “meh” basket. Whether you owned him or not, you weren’t going to lose much sleep. But in the last two weeks he appears to have moved into the midfield and gone large with scores of 109 and 145 points.

If you need a D6, you could do a lot worse. Hell, if you need a D4 you could do worse!

Zach Merrett (Ess) 118 – He just did what he does. Another 29 possessions to add to the total.

Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 112 – Now that he’s out of the doghouse, Lachie is one of the best wingmen in the AFL. Perhaps more suited to AFL Fantasy though.

Dylan Shiel (GWS) 105 – One of the many young midfielders suffering from Treloaritis, a condition involving fits of possessions offset by bouts of clangers.


David Myers (Ess) 46 – He’s here because he’s too old to be a rookie so he’s fair game. Stop wasting the ball, Myers!

Shane Mumford (GWS) 78 – Mummy found Bellchambers to be a tougher opponent than expected with Bellchambers winning the hit-outs, having more effect around the ground and kicking 2 goals.

Brent Stanton (Ess) 63 – Another player who has lost relevance in Supercoach. He’s no longer a rollercoaster, just a straight-up flat-line.

Callan Ward (GWS) 79 – He’s going to be cheap next season but do you dare touch him after his 2017 form?

Michael Hurley (Ess) 77 – His red-hot month of form has ended with back-to-back poor scores. He used the ball pretty well with 21 possessions at 81% DE and 9 marks but 4 clangers still hurt him.

Dyson Heppell (Ess) 83 – Hep D has given us pretty much what we expected with a 103 point average this season. He might score better if his teammates could actually hit him with a pass!

RICHMOND 14.17 (101) def NORTH MELBOURNE 9.12 (66)


Dustin Martin (Ric) 165 – Dusty came home like a freight train last season and the signs are good that he’ll repeat the dose this year. 38 possessions, 9 clearances, 2 goals and 1 goal assist.

Bachar Houli (Ric) 139 – Another decent defensive option to finish the season: Not only does Bachar win the ball (31 possessions), he now tackles too (7 tackles).

Trent Cotchin (Ric) 131 – He hasn’t enjoyed playing North for a while so this was a nice change for Cotch with 32 possessions, 8 clearances, 12 tackles and 1 goal.

Dion Prestia (Ric) 118 – The Meatball finally returned to form even if it did take him 35 possessions to get the job done.

Jamie Macmillan (NM) 107 – Draft only: Macmillan used it well on Saturday night for his 26 possessions but he’s too inconsistent to risk.


Connor Menadue (Ric) 35 – Just for old times’ sake!

Shaun Higgins (NM) 62 – Aah, Higgo. You’re such a tease!

Alex Rance (Ric) 62 – Anyone else pick Rance up in the last two weeks? I hope you feel as dumb as I do!

Toby Nankervis (Ric) 83 – Nank the Tank has really dropped off since his suspension. Hopefully a week off does him good.

COLLINGWOOD 15.15 (105) def FREMANTLE 12.13 (85)


Adam Treloar (Col) 128 – As a Treloar owner I’m happy to take this score but I was a little surprised he top-scored for the Pies with his 35 possessions at 68% DE given he committed 7 clangers. Maybe the 3 goal assists and 1 goal helped?

Connor Blakely (Fre) 114 – I highlighted him as Fyfe’s replacement next season but he’s outscoring Fyfe right now! 26 possessions at 53% DE this week scored highly because the kid likes to kick the ball (20 kicks).

Steele Sidebottom (Col) 109 – Like Treloar, Sidey turned it over a lot (6 clangers) but scored well from 32 possessions and 9 marks. For me, Pendle’s game seemed better but who am I to judge?

Scott Pendlebury (Col) 108 – 30 possessions, 1 goal and 1 goal assist with only 3 clangers so I would like to know why he was rated so poorly.

Darcy Moore (Col) 108 – The ultimate “Cyril” match. Only 12 possessions, 9 marks (3 contested), 2 goals and 1 goal assist equating to a tonne. Nice!


Most of the accepted premiums fired today so the only disappointment was in rookies, Luke Ryan (37) and Scharenberg (46), and left of centre options like Michael Walters (81) and David Mundy (83).

However – you knew there would be a however – FURL deserves a villain mention for his late withdrawal of Sandilands. Thanks for the notice, a-hole!


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37 thoughts on “Round 11 Review”

  1. Thanks Thommo. Zac Williams will probably be a DPP of some description next year – mid/def or possibly even def/fwd. He’s on my 2018 shortlist.
    Other assorted ramblings:
    * Rance got robbed again
    * I wouldn’t be getting too excited yet Tigers fans, North were bloody awful
    * For the love of god Woosha, TAG!!!!!
    * I really need to put more thought into the byes when planning my trades next year
    * Is Gaz still worth a look at M8?????


    1. Yeah, it’s hard to plan Forward and Defensive lines before DPPs are announced. Would be nice if Williams is Def-mid.

      I don’t trust Gazza to play out the year so only grab him if you have good back up.


      1. He should be but Champion Data tend to avoid that sort of move as his ownership would be over 80%. Fyfe has also spent a fair bit of time forward.

        Imagine a forward line of Ablett, Fyfe and Dangerfield!


  2. Pendles was built for SC, I would also like to know why he’s on Champion Data’s nose. Everytime he touches the pill he creates something.
    Great write up Thommo!


    1. I saw about half of that match and Pendles had a great impact whereas Treloar, Sidey and Adams seemed to waste the ball a lot. It’s weird seeing Pendles out of favour.


  3. Seriously don’t know how you manage to write this all up for a Monday morning read. Damn impressive!!


    1. Same, RB.

      Thommo, you’re a champion mate. Thank you again for all your hard work. I LOVE reading your Round Review on Monday mornings!


      1. Thanks Mr Motts. I’ll contact you soon about catching a game: Sorry I’ve kept you waiting so long!


    2. Thanks RB, I’ve been working weekends of late so they have shortened a bit in the last few weeks. I am probably the only person who likes the byes as it makes these write-ups easier!


      1. I’m all for them too Thommo. Keep them coming I say! Usually have to keep on top of it over the weekend but with today being a public holiday and less games, I can start now!


  4. The last quarter of the Freo / Pies game had some weird scores. Walters going from 86 to 82 was undertsandable as FURL put him deep forward and I dont think he got a touch in the last.
    Pendles, Fyfe and Adams’ last quarter scores were surprising though, Fairly sure all were around the 90-100 mark at 3 qtr time and all ended up around the 105-108 mark at end of game.


    1. It’s worth noting that game had a really weird last quarter from a SC point of view. Hoskin-Elliot, Grundy and Howe all put on almost 40 points in the final term which no doubt stole points away from the likes of Pendles, Fyfe and Adams.


      1. from memory Duffer Howe took a couple of contested marks at crucial points of the last plus a snag late in the game boosted him past the 100 mark


  5. Great write up Thommo.

    Cannot agree more about FURL. At one stage it was looking like both Sandi and Fyfe were going to be late outs.

    I couldn’t help but let out an evil chuckle and think back to your round 8 Review after Heater got scaled back to 99 and get knocked back at the gates of SC heaven!!


    1. You just know there is a place in Hell for Heater and Didak to hang out together because Heaven surely has a ‘No D*ckhead’ policy.


  6. Cheers for the write up mate!

    DEF: Docherty, Laird, Lloyd, Z.Guthrie
    MID: Kelly (in blue/white), Danger, Pendles
    RUC: NicNat, Gawn (This will be the most popular duo IMO)
    FWD: Gray, Dusty (surely?), Ahern


  7. Regarding next year, I have the following players pencilled in:

    DEF: Docherty (this one is a bit more than just ‘pencilled’ in)

    MID: Clayton Oliver

    RUC: Nic Naitanui

    FWD: Harley Bennell, Paul Ahern

    Naitanui and Bennell could end up being ruined for me if they manage to play this season, but I suspect that they won’t.


    1. Regarding 2018 these are my current locks:
      Def: S Docherty, R Laird,
      Mids: P Dangerfield, S Pendlebury, J Selwood, S Coniglio, P Ahern,
      Rucks: N Naitunai, M Gawn
      Fwds: R Gray, H Bennell, A Christensen, C Ellis-Yolemen,


          1. Well, if nothing else he will be cheap (just over $270,000, assuming he doesn’t play this year). He also averaged over 100 in 2015, and mid-90s in the three years prior to that.


              1. Yeh, wouldn’t touch Bennell with a 20 foot pole (was going to say 10ft pole but that’s not long enough). You would think we would learn something from those two.


              2. He does have a bit more exposed form than either of those two – Swallow and O’Meara have each really only had one good season. Plus he’ll be priced as if he were going to average 50-ish. Surely he can do better than that?


  8. Can anyone advise me on Michael Walters? I got him a few rounds ago due to his recent form and negative BE, yet hasn’t delivered and BE is back up to 96. Traded him out this week for Mitch Wallis however I’m considering a reverse as I only have ten trades left if I go through with it. Thoughts?



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