Round 11 Review – Dane

Written by Dane on May 29 2023

Sydney (11.11.77) defeated Carlton (6.15.51)

1. Jake Lloyd (139). After a couple of poor weeks, Lloyd dropped a huge score on Friday night. 35 touches, 627 metres gained, solid DE of 77% plus 6 marks for the game.

2. Jacob Wietering/Nick Blakey (125). Both of these guys were helped along by plenty of intercept marks as the game was full of errors between the arcs. Blakey finished with 26 touches and 12 marks plus 626 metres gained, while Weitering had 18 touches and 10 marks for the game.

3. Sam Docherty (124). Doc is officially back. Great game, ran @ 96% DE from his 25 touches and rounded it out nicely with 6 marks and 7 tackles,

4. Chad Warner (112). Another ton for Warner who has started cooking since round 7, only dropping below 100 once (98). Had 29 touches, 5 tackles, 2 goals and 583 metres gained here. 

5. Robbie Fox/Sam Walsh (105). Fox was another defender who racked it up in this game, finishing with 24 touches at a crisp 84% DE, while Walsh did Walsh things, finding 31 touches and kicking 1 goal for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Will Hayward (100)

Disappointment: There was a slight ankle concern but that was very late in the game, hence it will go to Patrick Cripps (77) who hasn’t toned up for an entire month now.

Rookies: There was plenty of interest surrounding McAndrew heading into this clash, but with just 42% TOG and 23 points sharing the ruckload, he might not be the cash generation that we desired. Francis has a home down back with Sydney’s current injuries but is up and down with his scoring, this week producing 46, while Hollands, who is still running around in a few teams, scored 42 before suffering a shoulder injury. Corey Warner was the sub for 1 point, while Melican made his season debut and finished with a strong 87 from 15 touches @ 87% DE, he is priced at 172K.

Injuries: Carnage for the Blues. Hewett was the initial sub with a concussion, while he was joined by Newman (hamstring) and the previously mentioned Hollands (shoulder) while some other Blues also spent time on the bench but played on (Kennedy, Durdin, Cripps). No such issues for the Swans, their sub being McAndrew in the fourth.


St Kilda (12.6.78) defeated by Hawthorn (12.16.88)

1. James Sicily (172). Monstrous game. Had a career high score from a career high disposal tally (43), while also hauling in 16 marks and finding 17 contested possessions, gaining 658 metres, running at 90% DE and finally recording 21 intercept possessions. Congrats if you had the VC on him. But then he went and got himself suspended for a high bump, sigh.

2. Dylan Moore (139). It’s been a quiet year for the usually consistent Moore, this a season best and first ton since round 3. 31 touches and 9 marks plus 1 goal being the link man in this one.

3. Jarman Impey (112). Nice game from Impey, dropping his second ton of the year from 26 touches, 1 goal and 534 metres gained coming off the half-back line.

4. Brad Crouch (104). Did what he could to bring the Saints home in the middle of the ground, finishing with 26 touches (11 contested) plus 7 clearances, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Jai Newcombe/James Worpel (102). Newcombe now has 6/7 tons dating back to round 5, this latest one courtesy of 31 touches and 9 clearances, while Worpel found 24 touches (11 contested) with 6 clearances for his second ton.

Other 100+ scores: Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (100)

Disappointment: Quiet games from a couple of Jacks, in Steele (62) and Sinclair (71).

Rookies: Nothing great in the rookie world in this one. Mitchell (69) found 20 touches but did have aknee knock late, word is that it isn’t serious. Weddle (62) used his 19 touches at 94% DE, while Brockman (43) and Mackenzie (42) were quiet. Butler kicked 1 goal and had 15 touches in a forward rotation role for 52 points, with Caminiti (45) and Phillipou (51) being their usual selves for the Saints, both slotting a goal each.

Injuries: Hunter Clark didn’t last long in this game, suffering a knee knock very early, with Higgins also being on the injury report with a finger. Brockman the sub for the Hawks, with Mitchell as previously mentioned having a knee knock late that saw him sit the last 5 of the game on the pine.


Narrm (Melbourne) (10.12.72) defeated by Walyalup (Fremantle) (12.7.79)

1. Andrew Brayshaw (127). Just like the Doc, Brayshaw is officially back in business. Found 29 touches (13 contested) with 7 clearances and 6 tackles while recording just 1 clanger for the game.

2. Christian Petracca (122). Without his usual partner in crime, Trac still led from the front, finding 30 disposals with 14 contested touches plus 8 clearances, 5 tackles and 633 metres gained. 

3. Tom Sparrow/James Aish (109). Sparrow dropped a career best score here, finding 18 touches (10 contested) with 6 tackles, 1 goal and no clangers, while Aish had ton number 3 of the year thanks to 24 touches @ 91% DE, no clangers and 1 goal.

4. Luke Jackson (106). Took on the Melbourne duo solo in the second half as injuries hit, finishing with 19 touches (11 contested), 8 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 15 hitouts. 

5. Hayden Young (103). Fourth ton of the year for Young, as he led the game with 644 metres gained from his 27 touches coming off half back.

Other 100+ scores: Brodie Grundy (101)

Disappointment: First sub ton in 10 weeks of footy, and purely for that reason it goes to Serong (93), who still honestly had an elite game, but I’m more of a fan of ton runs.

Rookies: For Fremanlte, Sturt was quiet after being subbed on, only finding 5 touches and 16 points in the half. Johnson (72) was busy in the middle, collecting 20 touches and 4 tackles, while Treacy slotted another two goals up forward from his 9 touches for 64. Nothing great out of the Demon camp. Van Rooyen (55) led McVee (47) and Chandler (31).

Injuries: Chandler the tactical sub for the Demons, but the big Supercoach news came courtesy of Sean Darcy being subbed out in the second due to a hamstring. With Fremantle’s bye next week, let’s hope it was precautionary.


Geelong (10.14.74) defeated by GWS (12.9.81)

1. Tom Stewart (138). Just did his thing at half-back, collecting 31 touches and 9 marks while leading the game with 783 metres gained from his touches. A nice VC choice of you went with it.

2. Toby Greene (121). Think he snagged 4 in the first half to put the Giants in a winnable position early. Game 200 finished with him having 19 touches and 9 marks plus those 4 goals.

3. Mark Blicavs (114). Little bit of everything for Blicavs. 22 touches (15 contested), 7 clearances, 6 tackles, 11 hitouts, fourth ton of the year. 

4. Connor Idun (111). Second ton of the year for Idun who has seen a nice 19 point spike in his average vs last year.  Had 19 touches (9 contested) with 5 marks across roles in the back half.

5. Lachlan Ash (110). Best score of the year for Ash who found 26 touches and 9 marks in a variety of roles between the middle and down back.

 Other 100+ scores: Brent Daniels (109), Jesse Hogan (106), Kieran Briggs (102)

Disappointment: If you’ve got Hawkins as a POD, this score of 35 was not welcome.

Rookies: Great game again from Brent Daniels, topping his career best score for the second week running, finishing on 109 from 3 goals, 19 touches and 7 tackles in his usual role. Buckley (63) is dropping quickly but atleast a lock in the best 22, while Angwin (61) had his second best score from 11 touches and 4 tackles. Josh Fahey, who has been dominating at the lower level, made his debut as the sub and had 1 kick and 1 mark for 7 points. O’Halloran (43), Cadman (20) quiet. Knevitt (40) was subbed on for Ratugolea (37) who lost money for the first time this year after suffering a hamstring injury. Debut in this one to Oisin Mullin (54), promising prospect, had 15 touches.

Injuries: As mentioned, Ratugolea suffered a hamstring injury which saw him subbed off for the Cats, while Peatling was the tactical sub for the Giants. 


Gold Coast (13.6.84) defeated Western Bulldogs (11.11.77)

 1. Matt Rowell (159). Huge game from Rowell. 29 touches (23 contested) with a ridiculous 16 clearances plus 7 tackles, 1 goal and over 700 metres gained for the game, all with just 1 clanger, great pick from some coaches.

2. Jack Macrae (145). Just when we thought his premium scoring days might be leaving, Macrae dropped back to back 145’s. 33 touches (11 contested), with over 500 metres gained, DE of 84% and 8 tackles for the game. New gained FWD/MID status now too, crazy.

3. Jarrod Witts (135). Strong matchup with English but dominated the hitout battle 51-22, coupling it with 19 touches (12 contested) and 3 tackles. Darcy replacement if he needs to be traded.

4. Marcus Bontempelli (124). Slight knee issue leading into the game but showed no signs of it as he produced a 27 touch (14 contested), 11 tackle, 9 clearance game at the coalface of the midfield. Also had 707 metres gained.

5. Nick Holman (118). Season best for Holman in game 100, finishing with 12 touches, 10 tackles and 2 goals to be very important in the Suns win.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Daniel (117), Bailey Dale (108), Liam Jones (106), Jack Lukosuis/Tim English (105)

Disappointment: Worst score of the year for Tom Liberatore (80), he only had 17 touches, well down on his season average.

Rookies: Third game for O’Donnell produced better results, finding 10 touches and 5 marks for 33 points. Baker was solid cover this week, scoring 78 from 15 touches @ 80% DE on the outside, while Jones (47) found 13 touches but didn’t hit the scoreboard. Humphrey was helped along to 90 by a late goal but had a very good game all the same, finding 19 touches and over 500 metres gained. King (38) was quiet, as was Berry (44) who wasn’t the sub this week. Atkins (28) didn’t do much before being subbed off.

Injuries: Looks like it was just tactical subs here, with Atkins and McNeil making way. 


West Coast (6.10.46) defeated by Essendon (14.12.96)

1. Mason Redman (144). Three tons in a row for Redman, this a season best as he just ran free against the Eagles, finishing with 31 touches, 11 marks, 1 goal, 93% DE and nearly 600 metres gained.

2. Shannon Hurn/Jordan Ridley (130). Might be the last couple of games of Hurn’s career but he still scores with the best of them when he plays, this week having 27 touches and 10 marks while running at 100% DE, while Ridley is just toying with non-owners, backing up last weeks 122 with a season best 130, courtesy of 28 touches, 8 marks and 96% DE. Priced at around 425K.

3. Jayden Hunt (126). A great game from Hunt, setting a career high in touches (34) and marks (9) plus Supercoach score. Game best 684 metres gained too.

4. Nic Martin (120). Great game from Martin, proving an elite pickup from the SSP program. Career high 31 touches plus 10 marks and 595 metres gained for him.

5. Liam Duggan (117). Third ton of the year for the Eagles backman. 35 touches and 12 marks plus 4 tackles to round out the top 5. 

Other 100+ scores: Zach Merrett (110), Andrew McGrath (107), Jake Stringer (105)

Disappointment: It’s been a pretty good month for Dom Sheed which has seen his ownership take off, but this week’s 51 was unwelcome.

Rookies: Not much to cover here. Edwards was subbed out early with concussion, only finding 8 points to that point, while Long wasn’t that much better with 25. Ginbey, who is still running around in my side, was nice with 19 touches and 5 tackles for 81 points. Menzie (66) had 9 touches and 2 goals, while 200k ruckman Bryan scored 41 before being subbed out.

Injuries: Doesn’t take much guess work but the Eagles had another injury this week, with Luke Edwards being subbed off due to concussion. Injury report also had Sheed with a leg but he played out the game so I wont retract the disappointment score. Bryan the tactical for the Bombers.


Richmond (9.13.67) defeated by Yartapuulti (Port Adelaide) (10.17.77)

 1. Tim Taranto (147). Let’s be honest, this should’ve been 160+. Taranto kept the Tigers in the game, slotting 4 goals from his 33 touches that was paired with 6 marks, 7 tackles and 7 clearances. A career high score.

2. Shai Bolton (120). Kept his hot streak going with a standard blended role between the middle and up front, finding 23 touches, gaining 585 metres and slotting 1 goal for the game.

3. Toby Nankervis (119). A slightly left field option if it so needs to happen for Darcy is big Toby, who has had a great year thus far, not falling below 94 and averaging 110. This week he found 22 touches (13 contested) with 8 tackles and 28 hitouts. 

4. Dan Houston (114). Average ticked over 100 with this effort, a final statline of 25 touches that gained 551 metres for Port. 

5. Connor Rozee (111). Capped off the top 5 with a 27 touch effort that included just 1 clanger and 541 metres gained. Sixth ton of the season.

 Other 100+ scores: Nathan Broad (108), Scott Lycett (107), Zak Butters (104), Jayden Short (103)

Disappointment: It could’ve been a big game for Dustin Martin, who has a 5% ownership base, but inaccuracy cost him, finishing on 64.

Rookies: DE and clangers cost Dylan Williams a solid score as he found 13 touches and 6 marks, but he finished on just 36, while Evans (13) was subbed into the contest. Lord (75) provided a nice score from 8 touches and 1 goal, while for the Tigers they had all of Mansell (68), who had a nice game of 13 touches and 5 tackles, plus Young (47), Ryan (39) and Clarke (27) play, the last of those two subbed off and on. 

Injuries: Just tactical subs used in this one, with Ryan and Mead the players red vested.


Collingwood (16.9.105) defeated North Melbourne (10.10.70)

 1. Jordan De Goey (156). Career high score for JDG who equaled his career high with 35 touches in this one, pairing it with 15 contested touches, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 589 metres gained.

2. Nick Daicos (124). Ran freely most of the game, amassing 32 disposals with 6 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal for another great score.

3. Scott Pendlebury/Todd Goldstein (119). Champion Data couldn’t split these two old foes. Pendles had a clean 23 touches, running at 87% with just 1 clanger plus 7 tackles, while Goldy had 15 touches @ 86% DE plus 32 hitouts.

4. Hugh Greenwood (116). A triple double for Greenwood, as he recorded 25 disposals, 11 tackles and 10 clearances to be one of Norths best. 

5. Josh Daicos (111). Seventh ton for the older Daicos this year, his average now at 99. Had 18 touches, 3 goals and no clangers to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Isaac Quaynor (105), Tom Mitchell (102)

Disappointment: Quiet game down back for Jack Ziebell (71), with 6 clangers holding his score back.

 Rookies: Couple of kids on the bubble this week are Ford and Wardlaw. The former was impressive once again and provides an extra 70K as a downgrade option, but both should come into consideration. 83 from 16 disposals and 6 marks with no clangers for Ford, while Wardlaw had 12 touches and 5 marks for his 43. Phillips, if you’ve held him, was great with 29 touches and a score of 99, while Sheezel was in the wars but scored another respectable 79. Bergman (63) was solid, while Spicer (11) was subbed off. No one to cover for the Pies.

Injuries: Really rough luck for Steele Sidebottom in game 300, he was subbed off early with a knee issue, but at least he got the win in his 300th. Spicer the sub for the Roos.


Adelaide (14.11.95) defeated Brisbane (10.18.78)

1. Josh Dunkley (146). Great game to finish the weekend from Dunks, recording 29 touches (19 contested) with 7 clearances and 9 tackles, and thankfully no clangers to boost his score.

2. Reilly O’Brien (124). Nice score in this one from ROB, having a massive contest against McInerney with both men recording over 50 hitouts. 52 of them for ROB with 15 touches for his fourth ton of the year.

3. Lachie Neale (122). Had a monster second half, finishing the game with 26 touches, 8 tackles, 18 contested touches and 11 clearances.

4. Jordan Dawson (120). After a lower fortnight, Dawson responded with an exceptional game in the middle, finishing with 32 touches, 10 tackles and 5 marks.

5. Izak Rankine (117). Very nice game to round out the top 5, Izak finished with 2.3 from 23 touches (16 contested) with 4 clearances in a nice hybrid role.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Laird (115), Oscar McInerney (112), Ben Keays (102), Lachlan Sholl/Josh Worrell (100)

Disappointment: Another quiet game for winger Hugh McCluggage (73) in wet Adelaide conditions.

Rookies: Just the usual in Pedlar (75) and Michalanney (54) for the Crows, with the former playing a very nice game that consisted of 9 touches and 2 goals. Wilmot (29) mustn’t have known the game was on, being super quiet, while there wasn’t much better from McKenna (50) and Ashcroft (52). Madden (4) was subbed on and didn’t do much.

Injuries: Just tactical subs here, with Worrell and Gunston the players finishing on the bench. 




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