Round 11 Review – GD

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 29 2023

You’ll notice there’s two Round Reviews up on the site this morning. I’m going to be stepping in for Dane, who’s out on a sabbatical, for a few weeks. He told me last week he’d be able to do the Round 11 one before he left. I however, being the fool I am, forgot and accidentally wrote up this week’s, so – plot twist – there are two round reviews this week lol. I was going to shelve one but I’ve decided to whack both up given they were both done, take ages and also because there was some difference in coverage – i.e Dane’s was bomb and and ultra comprehensive and mine was just topline SC.

Going to be handling these for the next few weeks, so if you’ve got any feedback with regards to form or style or any numbers/angles you’d like me to cover let me know. Appreciate how important Dane’s work on Monday’s is to those who don’t get to catch every game.

Sydney v Carlton

A pretty low skill affair with just a few talking points. Lloyd (139) was fantastic, having tailed off over the last few years with the Swans switching to a more direct, lower possesion style. Worked hard for his 35 touches and put it to good use. Warner (112) continued to present as a nice post-bye option with 29 touches, stabilized CBAs and 2 goals. Goes 120+ were it not for the 3 frees against. Heeney (97) played in a much nicer role, featuring more OB and at stoppage. He led the Swans for contested possession with 14 and then laid 10 tackles, which are honestly fantastic numbers. Won’t be Top 6 this year but might slot in nicely if you’re strapped for cash late and need an F6. McAndrew (23), who many of us were angling for during the byes, was silent and likely only played as gameday cover for Hickey. Goes soon, don’t bother.

The Blues were depressing. Docherty (124) gulled his way to a team high score but honestly had a negligible effect on the game. Chopped it up between HF, HB and OB. $557k probably a little steep heading into his bye but will continue to handsomely reward the 6% of sides with him. Walsh (105) was flat and peasantly with just 31 forgettable touches, just 11 of them contested and at 77% use. Cripps (74) continues his fall from grace with not only form and injury issues but just a very poor attack on the ball; dives on it and gets taken to ground when he shouldn’t, bombs when he should handball and zero defensive work as his opponents use him as a springboard. Definitely a case for selling despite the byes being an inordinate time to sideways. Saad (84) was tagged and is, and will remain, at a great price. Kennedy (69) cannot get any continuity in role or form and is now irrelevant. Hollands (42) came off injured and was already a sub risk, so don’t count on him during the byes. Newman and Hewett additionally went down so between them Holllands and potentially Cripps, our man Cincotta could make a timely return.

St Kilda v Hawthorn

None of the SC relevant Saints hit a ton, with the Hawks now an ultra restrictive outfit – particularly suffocating engine room scores (midfielders and rucks). Notable victims were Sinclair (71), who we give a pass after his 160 the week before and consistency otherwise, Marshall (98) and Steele (62). RoMo isn’t an issue as the Hawks ruck duo have pretty much boxed in every premo ruck but Steele was flat on his ass all day as the Hawks lightning midfield brigade ate up everything. Also looked quite slow and played just the 75% TOG. Hard to resolve as we approach the byes however.

Sicily (172) was the talk of the town. Actually found himself as a the spare despite the Saints established talls. Found freedom by foot and was entitled to all defensive scoring streams; intercepting, distributing, kick ins, spoils, the works. His stats were truly spectacular: 43 touches (yowza!), 17 contested (somehow!), 16 marks (my god!) and 90% DE (hot damn!). Ash your cigars however, owners – he’s gone ahead and got himself a 1 week suspension lol. Moore (139) was really nice as well. Tailed off after a deprivation of stoppage impact and burst economy with the Hawks really well rounded and emergent in that department this year but tracked really hard all day at 89% TOG and 31 touches. Still 420k and maybe a nice backend option? If your team is based, even an F7. Mitchell (69) was ultra-composed and the most decisive user all day, as Sicily himself commented post-game. 20 touches and hit chests all day. Apparent injury issue late but then looked fine and all smiles post game – hopefully we’re in the clear there as he’s going to be great over the byes and then be at a juicy price ($320k~) come his own. Day (74) however is now a problem. His previous poor scores were explainable: tags, poor use and the Hawks getting crushed. But they dominated stoppage and clearance and he found a bunch of it (30). Needed to ton in a game like that. His use and decision making were just terrible – honestly the worst of anyone that got 20+. A minimum of 5 direct, Saints chest turnovers, 66% DE, just the 6 CPs and little F50 connection. He’s basically an uncontested Pectracca. Very poor and unfortunately one that might warrant trading at his bye to get you to 18. In a win with clearance dominance he really needed to ton.

Melbourne v Fremantle

Just a few headlines to rattle off her. Gawn (98) and Grundy (101) scored okay but didn’t capitalize when they should’ve and this game really highlighted how much they inhibit one another. Might work for the Dees as a side but in SC they’ve cucked each other into irrelevancy. Neither were able to pinch FWD status either. Petracca (122) was super solid and showing some real consistency – great work if you’ve got him. Salem (88) has had an understated return with a 78 and now an 88 this week. Will have those high accu spike games and not bad if you’re hard pressed for a finishing D6 at some stage. The fun ended with Chandler (31) as he was subbed off at 3QT after being largely unsighted as the Dees tried to inject some fresh legs into the game. Made 205k, so bank that and tip your hat to yourself.

Brayshaw (127) was super smooth as he regaled his role as the #1 midfielder. 29 touches, 6 tackles and a lot of right place right time stuff. Serong (93) was pretty fat with a poor work rate, notching up just 10 contested. Ryan (91) junked his way to something respectable after a down game and will now be available at 529k after his bye – pretty much the defender to get if you need one next week. Young (103) was good with a ton but remains an awkward selection relative to the Top 6. Fyfe (67) played his first full game in a while and is now $244k and MID/FWD but lacks explosiviness and will likely cause headaches. Darcy (39) went down with a confirmed hamstring injury, allowing Jackson (106) to take the reigns. He’s not a good ruckman (or player, in my opinion) and got bodied by G&G in the HOs with 15 to their 55 but playing as a #1 ruck of course gives him a greatly expanded scoring stream. If Darcy is LT, he’s definitely an option.

Geelong v GWS

Stewart (138) got that GMHBA twinkle in his eye again. Only in 22% of teams given how/when he became on option but one you’ll really need to end up with in your side. Blicavs (114) remains a funky POD although MID/RUC isn’t the most appealing status. Hot starter Cameron (80) did just the 80 but showed no issues after the leaving the track scare earlier in the week and will be a pretty sensational pick up post bye at $450k~ with the Cats heading into some undersized opponents (Dogs, Port). Ratugolea (37) was subbed off with a hamstring issue and we’re waiting for word there (huge if he’s out for the byes), debutant Mullin (54) was okay but did get fed a little but no complaints if he gets to the bubble as a $102k player and Hawkins (35) got pimped by Keefe for his first bad score in a while.

Green (95) and Coniglio (87) butchered their way out of tons with 53% DE a piece. Buckley (63) had his hands full but his role remains unchanged and purely at owner’s discretion when you want to cash him in. The real talking point for the Giants and SC however was Briggs (102). Put up his 2nd ton, the first being against the respectable RoMo, and then one this week away against the Cats. Very solid. Covered Ceglar in the HO contest with 34-25 and then his around the ground work was solid with 17 touches, 5 tackles and a goal. Oddly just the 1 mark.

Gold Coast v Bulldogs

What a capital performance from Suns. Would love them to play finals. To SC, Fatt Rowell (159) is just a CP machine. 29 touches and 23 contested – nothing else, no two way stuff, no outside ball, just pure CP dominance. Had a ridiculous 16 clearances against the Dogs of all sides – simply superb. Anderson (92) played 2nd fiddle with just the 92 and was closer to what we expect from MIDs v the Dogs. Still 26 and 17 contested but 65% was less than ideal. Witts (135) absolutely made Tingles look vintage, murdering him in the HOs 51-22 and then slapping on 12 contested himself. Ballard (97) continued his purple patch. Adding a 97 to his month of 132, 83, 124 and 95 built on intercept marks and precise kicks. Similar profile to Cox and Wilkie so has that volatility and probably cumbersome at now $500k. Humphrey (90) started like a house on fire leading the Suns, hit a bit of a wall in the 2nd half but kept trying his guts out and then slotted the sealer to rocket up to 90. 16 touches and 546 MG another strong showing from the young man who’s now at 350k with a BE of 11! Powell was pretty ass as the game was heavily contested, high pressure and there was little soft ball going around. Still had the lionshare of KIs though.

Macrae (145) was on just the 14 CBAs but worked incredibly hard, used the ball like a surgeon, racked up 32 and laid 8 tackles. His use going I50 was particularly sharp. Nicked FWD status as well. A very nice outing from him. English (105) really rolled over against Witts and was a little taken aback by the pace and conditions of the game. Hauled ass late to ton but otherwise an explainable quiet one from him. Bontempelli (124) had some superb groundball work late that reaped SC dividends but just a normal night for him. Liberatore (80) and Smith (61) found themselves well beaten by the Suns. Dale (108) had another one of those games where he got to eat up most of the HB economy and was helped by Richards being rather quiet. That remains the proposition for him each week.

West Coast v Essendon

I don’t think West Coast could be any less unremarkable if they tried.

The Dons feasted all night. Redman (144) popped off with one of those games where was was able to push up, find a bunch of it (31), nab a crowd rising goal and repel offensively again and again, Ridley (130) still is in a quasi-accountable non-freed up role but remains a quality player and had a healthy amount of intercept play and then a lethal 96% DE. It was panic stations as O’Neil came as a late in but Merrett (110) didn’t end up copping a hard tag. Played with the flow and there was so little contest opposition from the Eagles that he only had/needed the 9 contested.

Richmond v Port Adelaide

Taranto (147) was off tap with 33 touches, 7 tackles, 6 marks (among them some solid contested ones in fact) and then 4 goals all the while getting a look from Drew. Some very impressive numbers from him. Look for him and the Tigers to continue to play with heart. Bolton (120), who none of us have really been talking about, had another large one with a well rounded game of 23 touches, 585 MG and 1.3. That’s now 120, 139, 92 and 152 over the last month on a 10-15 CBA load. $560k makes him a non-option but nevertheless noteworthy. Short (103) continues to be super random positionally but good. Another good rookie came to an end up Ryan (39) subbed off at 50% TOG all up as Nank more than got the job done. One you can cash in and pat yourself on the back for having had. For the losers like myself who have Young (47) he returned and jetted late in the last to get to 40.

Tons from the Rozee (111) and Butters (104), who found good numbers with 27 and 32 respectively, but expected resistance from the rudderless Tigers clamped them a little.

Collingwood v North Melbourne

De Goey (156) hit the slopes and had an absolute field day with a clean, looping game comprising 35 touches, 15 contested and a goal. Just always seemed to be in the chain. Daicos (124) returned to regular programming, while Cameron (81) laboured a bit but is nearing a return to relevancy and viability.

Ford (83) was really good. I mean really good. Composed, deft and hard working against the best side in the competition which has, from an SC perspective, really bamboozled and stunted rookies they’ve come up against this year. Mixed it up as a high HF and now the premier trade in option this week. Jump on. Ziebell (71) had an off day with 73% DE, 6 clangers and just the 23 but really wasn’t helped by Hall and McDonald cramping his style. He’s coexisted with them before but they really demanded the ball to a degree detrimental to Ziebell. Fine all up but not insane to consider a move with him. Sheezel (79) played another one of those ‘everywhere’ games with large stints FWD and OB. A quality player so that positional shift isn’t a red flag as it would be for other HBs. Wardlaw (43) went from must have, season saving rookie to a faltering prospect. The change in opponent from a sloppy Sydney they nearly beat to a lightning fast Pies that poached them does account for the downturn to a degree as he still has a good football head on his shoulders. The best that can be said about Wardlaw right now is this: he’s still a good buy on talent and role and will retain a spot in the side but by no means a must have and takes a backseat to Ford now.

Crows v Lions

Dawson (120) had his worst game in the sense his trademark deadly use by foot was way off: putting in 5 clangers, 62% DE and 4 direct turnover kicks. Even then he still went 120, so all smiles. Laird (115) ran into a few use issues as well with 5 clangers and 63% DE but even so was probably underscored with a monumental 16 tackles and starting some great chains – was scaled down late as well, ugh.

Neale (122) was sat on Keays early and looked to be on for a sub-ton but had a 50 point 3rd and really battled hard, ending up with 26, 18 contested, 11 clearances (5 of which he won in a row) and 8 tackles. Dunkley (146) continued his top line form with 19 contested, 9 tackles and really instrumental decision making all day. Ashcroft (52) struggled away from home against a quality outfit, which wasn’t all that unexpected.

…faaaaaaar that took me ages to write! Don’t know how Dane does it, hats off!


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4 thoughts on “Round 11 Review – GD”

  1. GD I’d recommend for your writing for each team, is to split the paragraphs more when you start speaking about another player. It would likely make easier to read.
    Still it is written quite well!
    Brayshaw (127) was super smooth as he regaled his role as the #1 midfielder. 29 touches, 6 tackles and a lot of right place right time stuff.
    Serong (93) was pretty fat with a poor work rate, notching up just 10 contested.
    Ryan (91) junked his way to something respectable after a down game and will now be available at 529k after his bye – pretty much the defender to get if you need one next week.


  2. Just out of curiosity, why where Melb, Freo and Port the only teams with indigenous names and does it revert back to normal this week.


    1. Lots of speculation here but I assume it’s because suburbs weren’t really a thing in the First Nations Melbourne and the whole area covering the suburbs that teams draw their names from was inhabited by the Wurundjeri people who called the area Naarm.
      Maybe Yartapuulti and Walyalup had distinct names in the language of the first inhabitants who lived in that specific vicinity.
      Sydney was maybe too big, having several different tribal groups (Gadigal, Gamaragal etc) and likely different area names. Brisbane was much the same.
      Geelong is already an indigenous name (also spelled Djilang).
      Not sure about Adelaide or Gold Coast…
      And, yes, pretty sure it’s only for the Sir Doug Nicholls Round(s).


  3. Great work GD. I thought Luke Jackson looked amazing, was surprised his score wasn’t higher (though he did tire as the game went on).



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