Round 15 Review

Written by Thommo on July 3 2017


The Supercoach Talk group is getting competitive: Any coach who has a poor week, drops significantly. While they all jostle for position Stephen and his Wognuts continues to lead the way but Supercoach Talk’s own Huttabito is chasing hard.

Go Hutta!

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 32060 269
2 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 31970 387
3 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 31966 395
4 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 31854 662
5 No Worries@SCT Timothy 31846 689

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Patrick Dangerfield: 5 votes for Dangerfield makes him almost uncatchable.

4 – Hugh Greenwood: Come on, who didn’t vote for him?

3 – Marcus Bontempelli: The Bont is finally back on the Champion list

2 – Zach Merrett: Can you believe these are his first votes for 2017?

1 –Robbie Gray: He may finally be back in town.

So who did you like in Round 15?

Supercoach Talk Champion 2017, Round 15 (5 choices)

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The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 31
2 Sam Docherty 15
3 Rory Sloane 13
4 Adam Treloar 12
5 Tom Rockliff 11
6 Joel Selwood 10
7 Rory Laird 9
8 Dustin Martin 9
9 Scott Pendlebury 9
10 Gary Ablett 7


As I am spending my entire weekend drinking and watching football, I am away from the laptop too often to write a long-winded review (thank God, I hear you say). So enjoy the shortest review in the short history of Round Reviews.

SYDNEY 11.19 (85) def MELBOURNE 7.8 (50)

The media was harsh in judging this match, but the Dees were just short too many players to face the rampaging Swans. They will be short even more next week after Viney went down with issues with his plantar fasciitis.


Probably at a detriment to Kennedy and Hannebery, Luke Parker (Syd) 129 is back. 38 possessions, a massive 19 contested and 9 clearances, to go with 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Kieran Jack (Syd) 122 also showed signs of life with a moderate 23 possessions but 10 tackles, 1 goal and 2 goal assists added up to his best score for the season.

Lance Franklin (Syd) 122 was the most influential player early but bad goal kicking prevented a monster score. 19 possessions, 11 marks (3 contested), 4 goals and 3 behinds. Surely Buddy is primed to go large very soon!


We could talk about Hannebery’s 75 points, Oliver’s late recovery to reach 80 points or Lewis’s disappearing act of 43 points.

But let’s not.

Instead, let us all whack the slimy cockroach, sorry that is Bugg, for his game that included 6 possessions and 1 punch. Tom, the 80s called: they want their behind the play punch to the cranium back!


WEST COAST 12.15 (87) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 11.14 (80)

I hate the term, Premiership Hangover, but it is getting harder to avoid that tag each week. The Eagles stay alive but the Doggies need to find another gear or the season could slip away.


Jack Darling (WC) 138 needed to stand up in Kennedy’s absence if the Eagles were to be a chance this week and stand up he did. 3 goals and 4 goal assists made him responsible for over half the Eagles’ goals.

Andrew Gaff (WC) 128 racked up the touches, finishing with 42 possies. I still don’t understand why opponents don’t man him up.

Drew Petrie (WC) 123 reminded us that he can play a bit, clunking 3 contested marks, kicking 1 goal, gathering 18 touches and helping in the ruck.


If you started with him, you’d be tearing your hair out. Jason Johannisen (WB) 62 appears to have been overrated based on one finals series. It is not the first time that has happened and it won’t be the last! After only 12 possessions, JJ needs to rethink both his asking price and his haircut.

ADELAIDE 13.11 (89) def CARLTON 12.5 (77)

The real hero on Saturday was Motts who carded a 77 at Albert Park in the morning. A pity his Blue Baggers couldn’t follow his lead!


Bryce Gibbs (Car) 142 copped some flack from your truly for some errant handpasses but he just kept accumulating, with 30 possessions, 17 contested and 7 clearances. Add 15 tackles and his 2 goals and minus only the 3 clangers and he’s proving to be a smart selection for his few owners.

Matt Crouch (Ade) 132 also racked them up like he always does with 29 possessions, 14 contested, 9 clearances plus a late goal. If you like him for the run home you had better jump on soon as his price is about to spike.

Patrick Cripps (Car) 122 is really frustrating to watch when you don’t own him and Motts does! He appears to have returned to his Clearance King form with 9 clearances and 19 contested possessions from his 29 possessions. Add 3 contested marks, 1 goal and 1 goal assist and he was amazing again.


Given his ownership, Rory Laird (Ade) 72 is this match’s villain. He appeared handy with 25 possessions but they were mostly uncontested and he committed 5 clangers so he was heavily penalized.

GOLD COAST 18.10 (118) def NORTH MELBOURNE 14.15 (99)

We wondered which version of these teams would turn up. The answer was: The good Suns showed up for Ablett’s 300th while the Roos are yet to depart the team bus.


Jarryd Lyons (GC) 138 is putting up numbers to vie with the best midfielders in the league yet many of us wouldn’t recognise him if he slapped us in the face. 39 possessions, 23 contested, 10 clearances, 7 inside 50s and 6 tackles. Brilliant!

Tom Lynch (GC) 126 was benched by the coach of Thommo’s Tribe this week and he responded accordingly with his best score in weeks.

You’re welcome!

Or maybe he’s been playing injured and is finally fit again! Whatever caused the turnaround, 20 touches and 5 goals were lovely to watch after back-to-back 30s!

Jack Martin (GC) 122 has skill to burn, showcasing his talents with 22 possessions, 2 goals and 3 goal assists. If he can find consistency he’ll be a staple of our SC forward lines in the years to come.


Touk Miller (GC) 67 narrowly edged out Higgins (68) for the turkey of the game with his 68 possies and 1 goal. I figured Higgins and his coaches have suffered enough!

GWS 10.8 (68) drew GEELONG 10.8 (68)

There it is folks. Our first draw for the season.

Thanks for that Tom Hawkins!


I know you all hate people who say, “I told you so”, but I’ve called this for the last two weeks. Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 196 has looked ready to punch out a 200 point performance and finally he – almost – did. 45 possessions, with 25 contested and 13 clearances, and 1 goal shows Danger can play even without Wood.

Callan Ward (GWS) 132 finally repaid the 5 coaches who have persevered with him by pumping out 33 possessions at 81% DE, 14 contested, 8 clearances and 1 goal of his own.

Sam Menegola (Gee) 130 seems unpopular with Chris Scott but he can play when given the chance with another 33 possessions, 1 goal and 2 goal assists.

Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 130 is a gun now and will only get better. He didn’t win as many stats as other players (27 possessions and 1 goal this week) but he is just so smooth.


Harsh, I know, but Tom Hawkins (Gee) 53 only kicked the 1 goal for the match and if you don’t kick the big ones…

Or maybe I am just holding a grudge for him kicking that after-the-siren goal against the Hawks in 2012!

RICHMOND 11.10 (76) def PORT ADELAIDE 8.15 (63)


Listen carefully.

Did you hear that sound?

Yep, you guessed it.

The lid was just yanked off!


Early this season it appeared that Paddy Ryder (Por) 127 was not really Supercoach relevant but I was wrong. He’s a tall and athletic beast who is really starting to dominate matches. 42 hit-outs and 3 contested marks against the Nank Tank.

There were rumours that Dustin Martin (Ric) 121 was battling injury pre-match but Dusty finished the match strongly, with he and Rance dominating the final quarter. 36 possessions and 1 goal this week.

Kane Lambert (Ric) 119 is pretty irrelevant but he can pump out the odd big game if you need a draft POD. 33 possessions and 10 tackles.


I asked last week if Robbie Gray (Por) 45 is officially back.

He’s not.

BRISBANE 13.12 (90) def ESSENDON 11.16 (82)

Bad kicking is bad footy Dons! What a wasted opportunity for them but don’t we all love when the Bears Lions grab themselves another victory!


Jobe Watson (Ess) 127 is not good enough for our midfields but he’s a great sneaky Draft selection. 27 possessions and 9 tackles: Vintage Jobe!

Dayne Zorko (Bri) 119 rebounded after last week’s debacle with 30 possessions and 2 goals although 6 clangers prevented this score from being massive.

Sam Mayes (Bri) 112 has long threatened to become SC relevant but it never quite eventuated. With his 27 possessions at a crazy 92% DE and 10 tackles, he may be ready to explode for 2019.


Tom Rockliff (Bri) 68 is still struggling to discover his leather poisoning best and what touches he does get are ugly. He gathered 27 possessions this week but clangered up a disgusting 8 times! Keep the faith, peeps, he’ll return to form one day.

Hopefully before 2018!

HAWTHORN 18.10 (118) def COLLINGWOOD 14.10 (94)

The Pies’ season is pretty much over now so does Bucks stay in 2018 or does he go? Not that the Hawks are really a chance for finals either with this win!

Disappointing the Pies couldn’t get it done in game 250 for Pendles!


Tom Mitchell (Haw) 128 gave his two goal – and two finger – salute to Nathan Buckley in the final quarter to help the Hawks win this match. With another 35 possessions to go with those 2 goals, was he ineffectual Bucks?

Jordan DeGoey (Col) 115 has finally recovered from his dog-related broken hand and was everywhere playing through the midfield. 32 possessions at 84% DE, 7 clearances, 8 inside 50s, 6 tackles and 2 goal assists made him close to best on ground. I just wish he didn’t look so much like Treloar from the grandstand!

Shaun Burgoyne (Haw) 113 continues to defy his age, playing through the midfield at times and using his skills to great effect. 23 possessions, 14 contested, at 91% DE plus 1 goal and 2 goal assists. Pure Silk!


In the preseason we argued whether to select Taylor Adams (Col) 64 or Jeremy Howe (Col) 63 and the answer to date has obviously been Taylor Adams. This week, however, they both sucked. Adams had 29 possessions and 11 clangers while Howe had 7 clangers from his 23 possessions which was also terrible.

So, with a combined 18 clangers, they can share the Villain tag!

I should add that Jamie Elliott is lucky to avoid the Villain tag for that terrible hair-do.

Just no, Elliott. No!

ST KILDA 12.17 (89) def FREMANTLE 12.8 (80)

The Saints finally broke their WA losing streak although they almost blew it with their poor kicking for goal in the third quarter! And into the top 8 they go!


I have long questioned why anyone thinks he’s relevant but Michael Walters (Fre) 172 certainly proved me wrong. That has happened a lot this week! What an amazing performance: 32 possessions and 6 goals! He was unlucky he didn’t score more!

Ethan Hughes (Fre) 131: Who? Whoever he is, he had 30 possessions and 14 marks. I’m going to search for a photograph because the kid can obviously play!

I present to you, Ethan Hughes!

Jack Newnes (StK) 121 was one of the many Saints who played well in a true team effort. 24 possessions at an elite 87% DE.


I know he was injured, but Aaron Sandilands (Fre) 12 getting injured must have really hurt those poor bastards who held him this long. Bad luck, this one really sucked!


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24 thoughts on “Round 15 Review”

  1. Big Sandi deserves the Dick Dastardly Award for services to villainous behaviour.
    Cost me minimum 3 league wins.
    In addition I had the E on Nank the Tank so it would have been better if big Sandi didn’t show up at all.
    Loving the Monday review as always Thommo especially now that you have pictures for the literacy challenged amongst us.
    Finally, a congratulations to the Death Adder who got me in a league win. Looks like the tissues will be coming my way!


    1. Yes, 12 points after missing a month makes Sandi the largest supercoach troll ever. Seriously though, I hope the big fella makes it back.

      I wasn’t going with pictures this week but after listening to the Freo match on the radio I genuinely didn’t know what Ethan Hughes looked like!


    2. Bad Luck Shaggi!

      If you had Nanks score of 108 it would have been closer as you lost by 100pts. Anyway , levels it up at a win a piece this year in your 10 Team League. Hopefully we meet in finals.

      Good Luck for the rest of the year!

      Mottsy the handicapper might want to reassess your 18 handicap after that 77.
      However , having played at Albert Park many a times in my younger days it is not one of the hardest courses going around.

      A 77 is a 77 though so well done in any case.


    1. Thanks for organizing it Mottsy. How could I not mention the 77?

      I hope you enjoyed the corporate box experience yesterday. And the Pies losing.


      1. Wore one of Richo’s Hawks scarves all day. Justified it by telling people I barrack for two teams: Carlton and whoever’s playing Collingwood.


  2. Really doing my best to keep a lid on things, but it gets harder after a win in Adelaide 😉 Some excellent transitions of play with classy finishing………getting hard not to get excited. Especially loving our fleet of small forwards around Jack Riewoldt. That system is working a treat! Saints & Brisbane over the next two weeks before the acid test against GWS. The next three weeks will give us a good indication of where we’re at.
    Great stuff, Thommo!


    1. I’m probably going to regret going early but I think the Tiges are finally playing footy that may hold up in finals. Top 4 for mine.

      Now watch them lose to Brisbane!


  3. Cheers for the write up! I give my 3 votes to Father.

    Massive con job by Sandi. Signs on for another year whilst injured to come back for all of 3 seconds and be ruled out for the season. Not sure why we extended his contract but it is what it is, I was pretty positive this would’ve been his last rodeo.


    1. I just read the comments about Father Dougal helping you out. What a legend!

      If you make an error when I play you in finals I promise I won’t say a word!


  4. “I know he was injured, but Aaron Sandilands (Fre) 12 getting injured must have really hurt those poor bastards who held him this long. ”

    You bet it did!

    Great write-up as always, Thommo.


    1. Just another reason for my boycott. I’ll get rid of Sandi this week leaving me with Neale and Fyfe. Come next season I’m Freo free.


  5. Looked back at my starting team. Am currently running about 1500 but of the twelve players I had pencilled in as keepers only two have increased in value, Dangerfield and T. Mitchell, the others can be picked up now at bargain prices. And two of them are no longer in my team.

    So much for the hours of pre season planning !!


    1. Premiums rarely increase in value due to magic number shrinkage in the cold of winter. Still you are right, finding a consistent premium has been near impossible this year.


  6. I was gutted the Cats couldn’t secure victory after leading for most of the way right until the very end. Hawkins and even Guthrie of the Cam variety had a couple of crucial misses.

    Depending on how you looked at it, surely Riewoldt gets a mention in the heroes/villains list? Or were you down and out for the count by this stage Thommo?

    My view is that he showed some gamesmanship and in the heat of the moment, used a younger opponent’s inexperience to his advantage. The fact that the opposition player fell for it and the umpire either did not notice the chain of events exactly as they transpired or decided to adopt a strict interpretation of the rule was regrettable if you were a Freo supporter.


    1. Hey Weendog, yes it was a good effort by the Cats without Selwood.

      I didn’t know how the Riewoldt incident went down because I was listening to radio commentary and they didn’t describe it well. I only caught the full description this morning after the Review had been posted.



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