SCT Leagues Update – R15

Written by Motts on July 13 2015

Here’s how all our main leagues are going after Round 15. Their rankings are:

  • LoEC1 – 97th
  • LoEC2 – 28th – Everyone in this league should give themselves a pat on the back!
  • LoEC3 – 67th
  • LoEC4 – 395th (I think we’ll drop the number of LoEC leagues back to 3 next year to maintain the integrity of the concept)
  • Chick’s League – 937th

Remember: the winners of each of these leagues will take home a brand spanking new pair of Blunnies at the end of the year thanks to our good friends at Blundstones! If that doesn’t motivate you to start picking up the pace I don’t know what will!

Andy B and Catta, let us know your league rankings in Comments.

The ladders in no particular order are as follows:

Picture 17 Picture 11 Picture 5 Picture 1 Picture 4 Picture 36


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6 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – R15”

  1. Hey Motts,

    CattasSCTchallenge is currently the 22nd best league in the world, well done to everyone involved as that is an outstanding effort at this time of the season.


  2. AB’s SCT League is 27th overall (just ahead of LoEC2, but slightly behind CattasSC league). Some huge scores again this week. I am confident we will have a late run & get back in the top 10 leagues. Seems a world away since we were top league for 3 weeks running.


  3. I, for one, would not like to see the leagues cut back, especially given the miserable season i’m having. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One bad season shouldn’t be a deciding factor in getting eliminated.



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