SCT Leagues Update – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 27 2017

I’ve been keeping a list of all our top Leagues (any that were formed here) going around.  It’s not always accurate so double-check to see if your League gets a mention here.  I’ll update the post as soon as possible, thank you!

SCT Leagues In The Top500 Rankings

Leeuwin League 2 – 22

SCT LoEC1 –85

CattasSCTchallenge –108

SCT1 –109

Pound The Priest –162

The Looney Mooneys –175

Top 20k Of SCT –177

The TEAM@SCT2 –188

TalksCheapSosYaMrs –196

The TEAM@SCT9 –205

Bruce McAvaney Cup –285

SCT LoEC3 –296

SC-2017 –297

Man can dream –299

Welcome To TGT –301

The TEAM@SCT1 –310

Leeuwin League – 314

SCT Contributors –320

The TEAM@SCT5 –349

Salamander Oil –367

SCT Abroad –376

Top 500 –391

The TEAM@SCT3 –417

Last Minute Guns –422

Jacks Pro League –427

The TEAM@SCT7 –429

The TEAM@SCT6 –430

SCT4 –431

The TEAM@SCT8 –439

SCT LoEC2 –440

SCT3 –461

All Teeth No Pies –488

SCT2 –496

(TalksCheapSosYaMum –521)

(The Fantasy Fiends – 541)

(SCT8 – 549)

(The TEAM@SCT10 -571)

Another week, another record for 2017!  SCT now has 33 Leagues inside the Top500, with a further four inside the Top600!  More and more of our Leagues are creeping up the Rankings after some clever trading.  Our extraordinary Coaches in LoEC1 deserve a mention………they’ve now jumped into the Top100.  Keep up the great work, Coaches!



We now have four SCT Coaches inside the Top200 yet none of them have used our ‘SCT’ tag.  That means Wognuts continues to lead the way for the $500 Grand Prize.  17 of our Coaches are now inside the Top1000, with a further 19 inside the Top2000.  Good luck to you all!



After years of handing Blundstones to Yiorgakis, Motts is hell-bent on keeping a pair for himself this season 😉  He’s kicked clear at the top of the Tech League Group and his Tech Team is just outside the Top10k!



The SCT Contributors League is now sitting at #320 overall after a solid showing on the weekend.  Huttabito has assembled a strong line-up and is still sitting at #522 while Father Dougal (All Priests) continues to impress inside the Top2000.  After a sluggish start, Motts is now inside the Top5000 and charging up the Rankings………..


The trend has been quite clear over the last few weeks………the SCT Leagues are coming home with a wet sail!  I expect to see more of our Coaches / Leagues in the higher rankings over the next few weeks.  Great stuff, Coaches!


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2 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd15”

  1. Last week I mentioned that I am in two sct leagues that don’t feature,
    The team@SCT4 and SCT5 , well no thanks to my mini disaster SCT5
    jumped inside top 1000 for the first time , at 948 , hope we keep on going!


  2. I notice Loec 1 are right up there now. It’s good for morale to see our leading coaches mixing it with the best.



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