SCT Leagues Update – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 23 2016

LoEC1 (pictured below) continues to hover around the Top20 Leagues overall:



Raj (pictured below) lost some ground over the weekend but is still in with some sort of chance:


……..and Liam has overtaken Jake in 2nd place for the SCT Group Prize (pictured below):



Caitlin looks to have the Tech League Group all wrapped up (pictured below).ย  Fittingly enough, she meets Yiorgi in the GF of ‘SCT Tech3’ after both just scraped through in their Prelims.


All the best this weekend, Supercoaches!


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4 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Rd22”

    1. But I’m sure Supercoach is checking out all the other top sides to make sure they donโ€™t have multiple teams…. not!!!!!!

      Racist F#@ks!


    2. Quite sure that Raj isn’t tanking. His PODs in Steven and Z.Williams (in relation to the top side) have let him down over the past two weeks. Anything can happen! Just wish that certain Supercoaches from the medical profession would check all contenders as rigorously as they publicly “named and shamed” Raj on Twitter……….


  1. Raj no matter where you finish overall hold your head up high as you achieved what nearly all Supercoaches will never achieve even if they had 10 teams , and lead overall in Supercoach for weeks on end.

    I know you have the support of everyone from SCT team and 95-99% of coaches who get on the SCT site. So I hope you are back next year posting on the site . Then in the words of the great EJ Whitten stick it up ’em all your knockers and the Racists.



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