Table For Two – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 6 2017

In the spirit of the wildly successful “Thommo’s 2Up” over the pre-season, we’d like to offer the SCT Coaches a Table For Two on this Thursday afternoon.

Who do I take as VC loophole? Do I bring in Hoskin-Elliott at all costs? Should I trade out Hibberd? Do I need Preuss? Who starts at F6? Whatever your question, enter it into the Forum. Our Coaches will help out with the “Thumbs Up/Down” function……


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27 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd3”

  1. Jack Steven out for:

    TU: T. Mitchell – just the one trade don’t have Marchbank/WHE but have pretty much all the cheaper rookies

    TD: M. Murphy and either Marchbank/WHE



      1. We are a fickle bunch. If your rookie depth is good then you can get away with not having WHE/Marchbank. There are options coming through anyway.

        FWIW – I have T.Mitchell and I’ve been wrapped with him for the price I paid. Gold Coast this week too so should feast it up. Essendon also have named Hocking, so Murphy might be getting a tag… this is only one week so you can’t really read to much into this fixture for your decision.


        1. Thanks Hubba Hubba!

          My only reasoning in getting Murphy because he’s a proven mid and 100k cheaper even though he’s had his injuries. My backline consists of Docherty, Laird, Howe, Lloyd, Hampton, Otten and Stewart so I don’t feel that I HAVE to get Marchbank even though I’d like to. Getting rid of Steven depletes my midfield a bit so I need to replace him with a premo. Also WHE is going to skyrocket in price so even though every man and their rabbit are investing in him, I still think he’s a must have at that price.

          Decisions, decisions.


  2. I usually employ the “set-and-forget” rule for my ruck. Last year I decided to be naughty and pick Lobbe and it burnt me. This year I went with Sandi and it might go down the same way

    T/U Bring in a premo Ruck for Goldy
    T/D Keep him if he’s named


  3. Looking to trade out Jack Martin (58/77 b/e 96) for either Andrew Mackie or Lee Spurr.
    Mackie has 110/99 b/e 10 @380k & I add 20k to my 75k stash.
    Spurr has 110/89 & b/e 38 @410k & I lose 10k from the kitty.

    Give Mackie the thumbs up and Spurr the thumbs down. Comment if you think I shouldn’t make this trade at all. Cheers.


    1. I’m in a similar scenario with my 2nd trade this week. I looked at both, but something tells me – there’s a reason why they are both priced like they are accordingly. No point trading up if they then drop their average to 70. its a toughie.



  4. worth trading goldy to grundy to be able to bring in hoskin-elliot for simpkin? otherwise butler can play on field but i dont like the look of simpkin and really like the look of hoskin-elliot. grundy might score better than goldy and will be less of a worry in the injury department.


    1. i may just be thinking this because i lost my league game last week because goldy was out and my opponent had hoskin-elliot >:/


  5. TU: Trade out SPS for WHE
    TD: Keep the team the way it is

    I guess I’m lucky that this is my greatest issue.


  6. Due to downgrading NRoo to Hannan last round (probably a mistake seeing as how Roo’s back this week…) I now have bulk cash, looking to bring in a premium defender next week once price changes occur.
    Just one trade this round, need to bring in WHE.

    TU: Trade Roughy down to WHE
    (This leaves me with $605k, enough to bring in a top 6 defender next week, and lets me keep my rookie mid/fwd DPP).

    TD: Trade Pickett up to WHE
    (This moves Taranto into the mids, which means Dahl is my only DPP in the forward line. $362k remaining, which isn’t enough to turn Smith into a top 6 defender next week)


  7. I know it’s not that big of a trade but it will provide me with more cash just not sure if it’s worth it but,

    T/up – Pickett to Hannan

    T/down- just hold it won’t make too much of a difference


    1. Really depends on the rest of your team. With Newman on the bubble next week and Berry in the mix, I’m passing on Marchbank


  8. One of the skilled coaches to have Hannebery but not have Marchbank or WHE. Currently have Otten/Stewart/Hampton at D4- D6 and Taranto/Florent/Eddy at F5 to F7. I think my ideal trade would have been Hanners to Bont and Smith to Marchbank, but I just fall short of cash. So…

    T/U = Trade Hannebery for another expensive top 10 min & Trade a non playing rookie (hibbered/Smith/mountford) for butler.
    T/D = Trade Hanners out for a Wines/Murphy/Viney/Heppell type & trade Smith/Mountford for Marchbank/WHE

    Thanks for the help guys.


  9. first 2 trades of the year
    Bowes out-WHE in
    Simpkin out-Houston in
    I’m a bit worried about Houston’s JS but hard to ignore the $70k he will possibly make this week, but if he gets a couple of more games it will justify the trade, and then I suppose it will free up a fair bit of cash to get the next crop of rookies, EG: balic/Mcluggage etc, and 1st premo upgrade next set of trades possibly.
    and I’ve also started poorly, I’m well down the page in supercoach 50,000 ish, so I need to do something
    love to know what all the coaches reckon of these trades
    T/U Houston good trade
    T/d Houston bad trade


  10. Who to plug f6
    Butler (vs west coast)
    Taranto (vs north)

    Comment eddy (in the showdown) or Florent (vs the pies)



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