Thank You Notes 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 20 2018

We’re nearing the end of another successful season at SuperCoachTalk and it’s time again to acknowledge the Coaches that made it all possible……..

Thank you to our regular contributors this year! Thommo, Huttabito, Chillo & Father Dougal………a big round of applause is needed for these guys! We’ve been blessed with an informative, funny & motivated group of Writers for the last two years and they are invaluable to the site. Gentlemen……thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put in this year……not just the regular season, but the pre-season as well (our busiest on record!). I know that our fellow Coaches are just as grateful for all the late nights and studying of game replays as I am.

We lost our resident stats man Nath after 2017 with his crucial numbers. While it’s been hard to find a replacement for him (more to come soon), Adam provided us with his own brand of stats over the course of the entire year. You’ll know him from the weekly contributions he offers with his Captaincy Candidates & HitOuts To Advantage. Not only does he offer these numbers from all different sets of scenarios, Adam does this all free of charge. He made it perfectly clear that he’s not doing this for the cash, just to help his fellow SCT Coaches in the best way he can. In fact, all money that was offered early in the season was donated to the SCT Cup prize pool by Adam ($50 of the $300 Prize). Thanks Champ!

Jack? The Salamander? Whatever you wanna call him, he’s been very engaged on the site this year. Not only has he created a number of successful Leagues with his fellow Coaches, Jack created the (First EVER!!) Football Fantasy Game for AFLW during the pre-season……complete with his very own points system. He even put up the $100 Prize Pool out of his own pocket…..Jack, we thank you for your contributions to SCT in 2018!

To our Coaches that donated cash to our various competitions, we say a huge Thank You! Namely to Catta & Double D. Catta already has Legend status in the SCT Hall Of Fame after the creation (& financing) of the SCT Group Prize in 2017. History repeated itself in 2018 and Catta again donated to the SCT Group Prize ($300) & the newly-created Catta’s Comp ($100). Don’t know what the site would do without Catta. He’s added an extra dimension or two with the unique competitions on offer here. Can’t thank you enough, Catta! A big round of applause for Double D who contributed $100 to the SCT Cup Prize! It’s Coaches like Double D that continue to amaze us at SCT. In that we’re constantly surprised by the genorosity of our Coaches (not just the regulars). Thank you, Double D!

Speaking of adding extra dimensions to the site, Roo Bloke loves organising a good competition……and the SCT Cup is the best of them all! Unique to SCT and Roo Bloke does an amazing job organising and reporting on the competition every single week. Roo Bloke, we are very grateful for your efforts again in 2018!

Thanks to Chaos Theory who has been lightning quick with the teams on Wednesday/Thursday every week!

Thank you to The Death Adder with his tireless work on Twitter, continually pumping up the site. The extra exposure always helps, much appreciated!

As always I can’t thank Motts enough for allowing me to mess around on his fantastic site for another year. It makes for a lot of fun and I still can’t believe I’m allowed to be here at all. Thanks mate!

Last but not least, our Coaches who keep coming back year after year to share in the fun of Supercoach together……..we thank you! SCT wouldn’t be the same without your input, interaction & invaluable tips and observations.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone but I’m away on holiday for the week with very questionable internet connections. I’ll be back next week to wrap up all the Leagues/Cups/Competitions. Good luck in your Grand Finals!!

Andrew (Schwarz)


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23 thoughts on “Thank You Notes 2018”

  1. A big thanks to all the contributors here at SuperCoach talk.

    I wouldn’t be in a Grand Final this week without you!


  2. You forgot one person Schwarz, yourself!

    On behalf of the other contributors and all the punters, huge thank you for your tireless efforts week in, week out. We’d be lost without you!


  3. Another outstanding year from all the SuperCoachTalk writers.
    Well Done Fellas!

    The great generosity of donations from readers and especially Catta helps people read the site and enter competitions which is also easy to promote the site on Twitter.

    However the site would not be what it is today without the great site leadership from Schwarzy who helps manage the articles that come out every 2 or 3 hours with him putting together half of them. Take a Bow Schwarzy as you are a legend.


  4. Great write up Schwarzwalder.
    SCT is a fantastic community engaging in a common interest in this great game of ours.
    A big thanks to the contributors.
    Best wishes to eveyone with a Grand Final berth this weekend.


  5. Sincerely echo all the above thoughts. Keeps a constant footy fix for all us footy tragics. Well done to Schwarz for the fabulous coordination, hope you can keep it up.


  6. Like everyone has said above, Schwartzwalder’s work load is ridiculous and the site wouldn’t run without him.

    Nice work, mate! You’ve earned a break

    Great work to all the writers and contributers also who add there articles, comps and sponsorship to the site. There generosity and work is a credit to them.

    Except the Death Adder who is mean and bullies me on Twitter. He can piss off 😉


  7. Yeah I must concur Thommo and I am surprised Twitter has not suspended my account for my bullish behaviour towards you in the forums, but might have something to do with occasionally I promote one of your rare good articles.

    Seriously all of the SuperCoachtalk Contributors who are now on Twitter and even Catta have been great additions to the Twittersphere.


  8. Have to say that SCT is the best online community I’ve ever stumbled across. Am SO grateful to the contributors for their immense efforts in pulling together such an immense volume and quality of articles each and every day. So well organised, timely, topical, amusing, knowledgeable … I could go on. It’s a massive high five to you all from me.

    I’d also like to say thanks to the community as a whole as well. It is everyone’s invaluable inputs in polls, stats, support, comments, thumbs and everything else that completes it.

    Big up the community, people! And here’s to 2019 🙂

    Many thanks again Schwarz and The Team. A W E S O M E


  9. I would also like to add my congratulation to all the coaches and the community in general for something that is not on the site.

    That is smut, trolling and negativity in general.

    Yes we all want to win but we do it by encouraging each and everyone on the site to be better not to drag down someone just to get your jollies.

    Congratulations everyone on making the site as great as it is.

    On a side note I notice that Allsaints is a spot better than me in the Catta Cup. He knocked me out in the SCT Cup and also in a prelim this week in one of the SCT leagues.
    My mission this week is to get above him on the table – and if you are thinking I am getting a fixation you are bloody well right!! 🙂


    1. Very well said Shaggi. It is so refreshing to not have to read/deal with lewd, base, inane comments and behaviour. You’re spot on.
      The coincidence of being matched up with you and TDA a number of times over the last few weeks has been a lot of fun. Get the feeling Cripps’ll be rested this week which will kill me.

      Good luck all in Finals, League overalls and overall positions


  10. I concur, I stumbled across this site late last year(too late) and have been reading every week this year, great site, great minds good banter. Thanks for the info each week !!


  11. Thank you to everyone’s input. Specially the guys running the pages. Really appreciated. Went from finishing 106k last year to now in the top 8000 just from everyone’s Advice. Could have made higher if it wasn’t for poor captain choices over the last 3 weeks.



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