The Fallen Premiums – R13

Written by MJ on June 21 2017


Rory Laird $515,500 (-$11.3K) AVE 106.7, BE 113 – Laird is putting together a mighty fine season at the ladder leaders, averaging 32 touches. In Round 11, he smacked his head against the turf and came off second best, succumbing to a score of 59 points. That’s brought his price from $560K to $515K in a matter of weeks. Undoubtedly in the top 6 defenders this season, so you’d be silly to pass him up.

There’s no reason to be on the fence about Jake Lloyd.

Jake Lloyd $411,800 (-$48.4K) AVE 91.4, BE 54 – A breakout 2017 season and being classified as a defender/midfielder has put Lloyd on the agenda this year. A few clever players took a punt on him from Round 1 and had it not been for a KO on just 4 points in Round 10, he’d be averaging 99. It’s plain to see, that he’s a ridiculous bargain at this point. Every man and his dog will be all over Lloyd this week.

Coming down:
Johanissen $385K, BE 149 (might see him in the Rookie Review soon!)
Adams $537K, BE 145
Hibberd $483K, BE 123


Lachie Neale $563,900 (-$48.9K) AVE 114.6, BE 105 – He’s backed up last season with another brilliant first half to the year, notching up ton after ton and escaping the headlines as he does it. If Neale played for a Victorian club, we’d be hearing his name a lot more. An off game of 55 in Adelaide’s thrashing of the Dockers in Round 10 could be excused. He was back to the usual output of 125ย in the week before the bye, cruising to 32 disposals. Down from $652K in R9.

Robbie Gray $428,400 (-$159.8K) AVE 90.1, BE 41 – Do you dare? Playing more as a forward this season seems to have hampered his output from being a very consistent 105-115 average in the last three years. I have heard around the traps that he’s been playing sore this year (don’t quote me on that), so he is a massive risk. Minuscule price tag for a man of his potential though.

Coming down:
Sloane $594K, BE 199
Rockliff $582K, BE 197
Hannebery $572K, BE 175


Todd Goldstein $536,500 (-$51.9K) AVE 98.8, BE 90 – Goldy now has five tons from his last six games, so surely has dismissed that early season start that saw his price drop like a ton of bricks. 128 points on the weekend was his second highest for the year. R10’s 89 point game now falls from his price cycle, so another 100+ score will push him higher in value. Still well down on his 2017 starting price.

Coming down
Gawn $595K, BE 210
Mumford $531K, BE 138


Mitch Wallis $485,100 (+$11.4K) AVE 104.3, BE 92 – He’s the only one of four forwards that are averaging 100+ and are less than $500K. With just the 23 touches (his lowest tally since returning from injury), Wallis managed to reach 114 points on the back of his 9 tackles.

Coming down
Kennedy $480K, BE 157
Franklin $471K, BE 139
Cameron $459K, BE 136


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10 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R13”

  1. Baffled me the media talk in the lead up to Friday night’s game that Preuss should play over Goldy. Yes, Goldy still hasn’t returned to lofty standards of a couple of seasons ago and yes he’d taken one mark in two weeks but the hyperbole about Preuss over Goldy was bordering on ridiculous. While i won’t be picking up Goldy as i’ve got spotfires all over my SC kitchen, I still back the notion that if i could hit ‘reset’ on my team and pick a SC team for the rest of the season my two rucks would be Goldy and Gawn.


    1. When both were in side Pruess dominated Goldy i think North should drop Waite and rotate both Goldy and Pruess forward and ruck


    2. I would have loved to have picked up Goldy last round but alas, was $600 short. Anyone who snapped him up for $486k after his 111 against Jacobs, well done.

      Question RB, where do you see Goldy/Preuss next year?


      1. Preuss was meant to be more of a project player at North but his preseason form was so exceptional that he just had to play R1. Having the two ruckmen didn’t work as it robbed us of an extra midfield rotation and we’re already a little slow in there. Can’t see them playing in the same team. Daw’s the forgotten man in this equation too. He was set to be given his chance this season and then Preuss’ preseason pushed Maj down to no.3. in the ruck conga line.

        Hope we don’t trade Goldy. He’s an AA quality ruckmen. Think the carrots we dangle GWS to try and snare Kelly should be found elsewhere.


        1. Nice! I just couldn’t trust the shoulder, hope it works out. Pleasure to watch when he’s in full flight.

          I just have to hope Archie is banished this week and my Martin^2 comes out on top, sure has some ground to catch up with Stef throwing out a 72 though.


  2. Thanks MJ .

    Can The Bont be considered a Fallen Premium?

    $508K , 109 ave ,BE 116.

    He was a lock for my last mid spot this week.

    J lloyd at $411K is just too tempting.

    Next week LLoyd will swing back and I will have to decide between The Bont and P Cripps (POD)

    Both should still be priced somewhere between $500K/ $520K



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