The Fallen Premiums R18, 2013

Written by MJ on August 1 2013

Would firstly like to say a big thank you to Eagling, PA, BigRuss and Motts for your efforts on the post last week. Much appreciated. I’m heading back down to Melbourne this weekend after a very refreshing holiday, so you should be hearing a bit more from me in the comments and whatnot.


Bryce Gibbs ($420,000; -$89,800, Ave 96.3, BE 102) Bryce has been throwing up some rubbish scores in the past month as Mick has given him a few run-with roles. Last week he bounced back for a respectable 96. Cheapest he’s been all season. If you don’t have him, you’re probably better off going for a POD from the rest of us, but he’s got the best potential for anyone at this price.

Hamish Hartlett ($412,800; -76,200, Ave 89.4, BE 59) 11 weeks without a hundred, Hamish finally delivered against the Lions with 108. Is he building for some better performances in SC finals, like the two 140s he produced in R4 and R5? Optimists amongst us would say yes, realists would say probably not. Has scored 86+ in 7 of his last 9, which is encouraging. Going up in price this week.

Paul Duffield ($360,900; -$135,800, Ave 85.2, BE 95) We know how good Freo’s finals run is already. Duffield has played two games after a calf injury affected his R14 score. A 51 and 76 in those return games won’t instill confidence in buyers, but if he can return to his early season form, he’d be a magnificent find at this price, which would free up cash elsewhere. To remind you, he went 90+ in 6 out of 7 games between rounds 2-9.

Jack Grimes ($359k, BE 118) dished up a lousy 39, due to his tagging role on Wells. Watch him again this week to see if he’s given a similar task.


Kieran Jack ($540,300; -$61,100, Ave 113, BE 61) His record this year is remarkable. His stats are like sweet music to the ears of any Jack owners. Last weekend marked his 10th score of 120+ this season, after pumping out his highest for the year at 146 points! Still $61k off his starting price.

Nat Fyfe ($484,600; -$14,200, Ave 105.3, BE 81) Back to his brilliant best with 131 on the weekend. Kicked 4 goals along with 29 disposals for 3 Brownlow votes. Freo’s final run. Don’t make me say it again.

Marc Murphy ($392,000; -$210,900, Ave 91.7, BE 48) The Carlton skipper is still under $400k for anyone who wants to free up a bit of cash, whilst picking up a very handy player at the same time. Be very wary of the potential matchup with Ryan Crowley this week though. Will still be cheap on the eve of finals if you want to wait out for next week.


Matthew Leuenberger ($493,900; +$192,800, Ave 99.3, BE 101) Berger represents the best ruck option for less than $500k in my view, dropping $13k over the weekend. Scores since returning from injury after the bye: 102, 112, 115, 121, 79, 117, 88. With three favourable games at the Gabba in his last 5, including StK, GWS and WB, Berger could be a decent POD, as the general consensus was to trade him out before the byes. How wrong we all were!


Andrew Walker ($497,800; +$74,400, Ave 107.5, BE 86) If you haven’t got Dusty Martin in yet, you’re probably not going to get him at all. I’ve been singing his praises for the last month, so it’s time to give someone else some room in the spotlight. Andrew Skywalker worked his way to a 114 last week, which makes it two tons on the trot. Faces Freo this week and may attract the De Boer forward tag, but I wouldn’t be too concerned, as he’s a player you will want to have in finals, producing scores of 137 against Richmond, 140 against Essendon and 93 against Port this season already. Carlton face all three in their last three games.

Lance Franklin ($465,900; $152,900, Ave 92.7, BE 109) Buddy is back! He managed 119 points to show for his 8 sausage rolls on the weekend. The 2 week rest looks to have done him the world of good in terms of fitness and confidence.

Cyril Rioli ($426,100; -$101,200, Ave 94.4, BE 76) Looked at his delicious best on Friday night against the Dons, pumping out a 107. If he can stay injury free, (always a big IF with Cyril) he would make for a brilliant POD in your forward line, with midfield flexibility as well.


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11 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R18, 2013”

  1. Always love the Fallen Premiums post. Food for thought with finals one week away.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on Buddy?

    T/U – he’s turned a corner and will average 100+ for rest of the season
    T/D – will continue to frustrate and be wildly inconsistent – 100s mixed up with 70s


  2. This week Im going Nic Nat to Minson and Nicholls to Grundy…..
    Next week Im going Crisby to Cyril….allows me to move Staker back and be my B6 instead of my F7 ( which Cyril will become) while Hanley is out ….If I can win the first week of finals with Staker at B6 I can hold on to Hanley even if hes out for 4 weeks which should be worse case


  3. Easy decision Swallow to Fyfe this week. Not much of a choice at Swallow’s fallen price really.
    Now please no more injuries, only 1 trade still grasping on to!


  4. Got Maric stinking it up a little in the rucks (Goldy at R1). Got 4 trades left. Want to win my league, but also want to finish as high in the overall stakes as possible.

    Can do Maric to Walker via Cox in a single trade. Or can double trade (Maric and Nichols) to get Minson. Third option is not to trade this week (my current preferred option. Guaranteed a top 4 spot in my league.

    TU: Trade, yes Maric went >110 the week before last, but he’s struggling.

    TD: Save the trade, chaos will strike over the next few rounds and those trades will be invaluable.



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