The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9

Written by Chillo on May 22 2019

Personal note: I live in Canberra, and as you may have heard, last week was an election week. What does that mean? It means I had to concentrate really, REALLY hard on footy to block out all the other garbage flying around me! Thankfully, my Swans have now somehow won two games in a row, so I got a bit excited and put two of them in here this week. For the record, I think they’re both great options.

By the way, there might be a special prize this week for anyone who can adequately explain to me how Lewis Jetta can win a free kick, and get suspended, for the same tackle. Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Jake LLOYD (SYD), $556 700 (-$51.5K), avg 115, BE 108 – After missing the ton for the first time in 2019 in his previous outing, The Bondi Seagull was back to his scavenging best on Saturday night in Tassie. Lloyd racked up those uncontested possessions and marshalled the Swannies’ watertight defence in the closing moments of a nailbiting battle with the Kangas. As was the case with Lachie Whitfield, those hoping for a sizeable price drop from Lloyd were disappointed as Jake knocked up 141. Once again this year, he is a must-have in your defence.

Backing it up….
Luke Ryan, $538K, BE 156
Zac Williams, $505K, BE 144


Luke PARKER (SYD), $546 400 (-$15.3K), avg 105, BE 67 – Solid rather than brilliant so far in 2019, Parker really stepped it up against North after the talismanic Kennedy was a shock late withdrawal. 28 possessions and nine tackles for the beast in number 26, who represents an incredible POD at only 1.3% ownership. An added benefit of ownership is that you get to yell “PARKAAA!” at the television every time he does something good. Totally worth it, trust me.

Something about Dusty’s boots. Yeah I know, I don’t really give a rats either.

Dustin MARTIN (RIC), $503 800 (-$60.0K), avg 96, BE 73 – This is one for the true believers. Anyone who saw what Dusty did to the Hawks on Sunday had to be impressed by his season-best performance. In fact, you would’ve been reminded of 2017….37 disposals, a couple of snags, and a whole heap more time in the midfield for Martin. It’s true that Dusty has only been lukewarm so far this year, but if he catches a hot streak, picking him up now at this price could make your season!

Just quickly: Clayton OLIVER (MEL), $589 100 (-$33.5K), avg 110, BE 61 and Jack MACRAE (WBD), $584 600 (-$105.1K), avg 117, BE 90 were both here last week, each both posted an impressive ton. This is your last chance to get either of these surefire top 10 mids for less than $600K. Just a minor warning that Oliver will probably face super-tagger Matt de Boer this week, fresh off of his demolition of Patty Cripps.

Limbo land….
Patrick Cripps, $599K, BE 171
Gary Ablett, $528K, BE 168
Scott Pendlebury, $538K, BE 157
Marcus Bontempelli, $580K, BE 151


Brodie GRUNDY (COL), $656 200 (-$52.0K), avg 126, BE 106 – If 2020 follows the same script as the past two years, then I’m going to have to try to think of a new approach to writing about rucks next season. “Get Grundy and Gawn” is starting to wear a bit thin! In all seriousness though, if you’re missing either of these two goliaths, you need to fix that as soon as humanly possible.

Max Gawn, $647K, BE 133


Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), $471 000 (-$189.5K), avg 101, BE 67 – Patrick? Patrick Dangerfield? For less than $500K? Danger hasn’t been this cheap since Round 5, 2012, and assuming he overcomes his latest injury ‘drama’ this week, he is a must for the 32% of coaches who still don’t own him for some twisted reason. The knee-affected 26 that Dangerfield scored against the Bombers a fortnight ago drops out of his price cycle this week, so it’s now or never!

Paddy’s bunions were playing up again.

Isaac HEENEY (SYD), $453 900 (-$75.3K), avg 93, BE 91 – Consistency has been a dirty word this season for Heeney, who has happily alternated between immaterial and match-winner. Not even a mid-match concussion assessment could slow Isaac down against the Roos though, compiling 116 to repay those patient souls who held on to him through the down games. Positive vibes indicate a return for Buddy Franklin this week also, which will hopefully mean less time stuck in the forward line for Heeney too.

Forward thinking….
Jeremy Cameron, $496K, BE 159
Travis Boak, $543K, BE 138
Caleb Daniel, $486K, BE 134


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12 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9”

  1. Thanks for the write up chillo, was at that game in tassie. I don’t have llyod and people around me were wondering why I kept swearing every llyod touch!
    I’m after dusty, llyod, or fyfe this week. I’d say I end up with llyod. However fyfe is good to get in now for byes, but 597k feels like an overspend when we are looking for fallen premos.


    1. I think the time to get Fyfe was a couple of weeks ago. He’s expensive now for someone with such a high injury risk, and the points penalty for missing games only increases as you get further into the season.
      I’m going to try to get Lloyd because (1) price has just about bottomed out, and (2) like you, I’ve had enough of being a non owner!


      1. You are right, fyfe was a trade in a few weeks ago, will probably get injured and he is in a lot of teams so it’s a meh type of trade. My backline is Whitfield, Williams, laird, crisp, hore, duursma, Clark answerth.
        I need a hurn/llyod.
        Now to figure out which rookies to cull and welcome llyod to the team.


  2. Great job Chillo, must’ve almost sent you insane blocking out the noise on the weekend. Dusty’s turned the corner with his new Puma contract. Expecting him to carry the tigers for the rest of the season.


    1. Love living here most of the time, but every three years or so, the city just turns to dung.
      Got the record, I reckon Dusty has turned the corner and will be a top 10 mid from this point (though not necessarily for the entire season overall).


      1. Big call Chillo – based on season thus far … and even last year too for that matter! Still that’s the calls that help win or lose this thing!!

        Nice write up mate!!


  3. Great stuff Chillo. Nothing for me this week. Dusty would work, but Macrae/Kelly are better bets, neither of whom I can afford right now.

    Waiting on Sicily, now at $520k with a BE of 131 and Cameron. They’re the only premos I can pick up pre-byes without screwing my structure.

    Am seriously considering Toby GREENE tho’!! Sh!t or bust 😉



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