The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9, 2021

Written by Chillo on May 12 2021

With a few attractive rookie options on offer this week, the double downgrade seems to be a popular option. But then there are the potential buys presenting themselves in this little article – can they possibly be ignored when there is so much value on hand?

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


James HARMES (MEL), $344 700, avg 98, BE 9 – Not strictly “fallen”, in fact he’s on the bubble this week. But the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed Harmes managed 55% CBAs on his return to the Dees lineup last weekend against the Swans, and it’s hard not to be impressed by 31 disposals (21 contested) and seven tackles. One of the first rules of Supercoach is to pick as many midfielders as possible – here’s your chance to get one on the defensive line, and at a neat price too!

Darcy MOORE (COL), $365 900 (-$64.3K), avg 83, BE 63 – The Great Moore Forward experiment of 2021 is finally over, and Darcy has gone back to the game style that suits him best: repeatedly clunking intercept marks and generally getting in the road of every opposition attacking raid. Wipe out those three ill-fated games in the forward line and you’ll realise that Moore is averaging almost 104 as a defender this season. At this price and with Darcy set to spend the rest of the year in the backline, that’s almost too good an offer to refuse!

Darcy doing what he does best.

Just quickly….Steven MAY ($440 900, avg 86, BE 40), Caleb DANIEL ($434 500, avg 83, BE 41), Jayden SHORT ($475 700, avg 98, BE 69) were all here last week. May played the lockdown role to perfection on Buddy, Daniel suffered in the forward line and blitzed it as a defender, and Short turned in another solid effort. All deserve your consideration again this week.

Backing it up…
Lachie Whitfield, $561K, BE 177
Shannon Hurn, $477K, BE 169
Jake Lever, $452K, BE 163


Andrew GAFF  (WCE), $532 600 (-$38.2K), avg 98, BE 60 – The Weagles wingman started the season in ice-cold form, but has warmed to the task nicely and is now ripe for the picking. Gaff’s incredible gut-running and positional play make him one of the most prolific ball winners in the comp, averaging 28 touches a game in 2021 despite that off-colour start. WCE’s pre-bye run of games sees them play Adelaide, GWS, Essendon and Carlton.

Tom MITCHELL (HAW), $525 800 (-$84.2K), avg 107, BE 60 – Speaking of prolific, the former Brownlow medallist sent a warning shot to all non-owners with a season best 147 against the Eagles on Mother’s Day. Titch always wins plenty of the pill, but it was his ability to hit a target (82% efficiency) and a higher contested possession count (season-high 17) that boosted his score to the zone we’ve come to expect from him. Is that one good score enough to get him into your team?

The Energizer bunny of the AFL – just keeps going and going and going….

Josh KELLY (GWS), $511 600 (-$104K), avg 98, BE 64 – He was here last week as a slightly speculative pick, but the tide has officially turned here kids. A season high 69% centre bounce attendances and a massive third quarter saw Kelly cruise to his second consecutive ton. His history of injuries is well known in Supercoach circles (19 games missed in four years), as is his propensity for enormous scoring (four consecutive years at 114+ ppg). Care to roll the dice?

Limbo land…
Jack Macrae, $647K, BE 172
Christian Petracca, $561K, BE 168
Jack Steele, $583K, BE 145


Nic NAITANUI (WCE), $528 700 (-$65K), avg 103, BE 105 – In yet another week where I vainly try to talk up an alternative to the Gawn-Grundy behemoth, this week it’s NicNat’s turn. Arguably the best tap ruckman in the game when fit, the main (only) problem with Nic is he just doesn’t spend enough time on the actual field, averaging only 66% time on ground this season. He can’t be faulted for consistency though, with a lowest score for the year of 86 points from his eight games.

Max Gawn, $678K, BE 228
Reilly O’Brien, $514K, BE 191


Tom HAWKINS (GEE), $474 400 (-$94.2K), avg 91, BE 68 – Yeah, Tomahawk’s back and he’s still a key position forward. But all the best forwards are still injured, so who else is there to talk about? 20 touches and four majors against the Tigers should have you sitting up and paying attention – yes he’ll be inconsistent, but can the big games make up for it? Jeremy Cameron ($405 000, avg 90, BE 55) also went big in the same game and might even be the better value option of the two. Either way, I can see the Cats booting some big totals in the next few weeks, and you can be sure that at least one of these two is going to play a big hand in that.

Dayne ZORKO (BRL), $492 000 (-$33.8K), avg 95, BE 95 – With Bolton sidelined and Sidebottom tagged, that just leaves the third musketeer to carry the can. Zorko continues to get his share of CBAs and his share of the points too, posting his third ton in his last four games against the Dockers. Probably priced close to his real value, but is a very solid option in the forward line in a year where “solidarity” is the last word that comes to mind. Has noticeably cleaned up his discipline in recent weeks after conceding an obscene 14 frees in his first three games.

Forward thinking….
Dustin Martin, $443K, BE 159
Jack Ziebell, $599K, BE 143
Isaac Heeney, $355K, BE 138


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11 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 9, 2021”

  1. Double downgrade for me:

    Campbell & Warner out for Poulter & Owies ( don’t like RCD job security and scoring potential actually)

    Next week Ridley & Lloyd come straight in with available bank cash holdings


    1. Even with no Cotchin, Bolton, edwards, Prestia and Lambert for at least the next 2 weeks?


  2. Want to double downgrade as need cash and feel I must bring in rookies on the bubble while they are here (Poulter and RCD) BUT I only have 18 trades before any trades this week due to having every injured player in my team so far this season.

    TU – Poulter and RCD in for Sharp & Berry/Warner and 16 trades remaining
    TD – Sharp to Poulter only (no improvement to cash ITB but gives an option of making cash and leaves Warner to continue until byes)


  3. I’m paint the fence.
    My Tex experiment only half worked and due to the Fredericks fiasco I didn’t end up trading out Chapman. So managed a full week without trading (Which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling ). Clearly Poulter is one that’s coming in, and then it was a toss up between Titch, Jelly or Campbell. Campbell is good for the Grawndy bye and has DPP but I have no like for like in the forward line, which would mean another trade. Jelly is injury prone and my trades won’t allow that so it looks like I’m going the Brownlow medalist. I was considering on keeping Tex but he’s got some hard games coming up and by the time those games are finished is likely to lose another 120k.
    What a year!


  4. Thanks Chillo, good write up considering the poor crop. it’s a double downgrade week for me unless the target rookies are dropped. None of the names mentioned a part from Titch and Hawkins are potential top 6 , so I am staying put.


  5. Quick Poll,

    When you probably need to make 3 trades and the one you didn’t do would have been the best……

    TU Every Time
    TD Only when spaceships crash to earth


  6. It depends who you believe? David Teague has denied the newspaper report.

    Carlton coach David Teague on reports co-captain Patrick Cripps is playing with a fractured back:
    “He’s fine. He doesn’t have a fractured back.”
    Is he having injections to get through games?
    “No … Not that I’m aware of.”



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