The Teams – R10

Written by Motts on June 11 2015

Thanks again, Gibbo! You rock!

B Jack Hombsch, Alipate Carlile, Jarman Impey

HB Matthew Broadbent, Tom Jonas, Jasper Pittard

C Sam Colquhoun, Travis Boak, Brad Ebert

HF Robbie Gray, Justin Westhoff, Chad Wingard

F Paul Stewart, Jay Schulz, Angus Monfries

FOL Matthew Lobbe, Hamish Hartlett, Ollie Wines

I/C Tom Clurey, Matt White, Aaron Young, Sam Gray

EMG Andrew Moore, Brendon Ah Chee, Kane Mitchell


Sam Colquhoun


Karl Amon (Calf)

MILESTONES: Jack Hombsch – Playing 50th game

B Jared Rivers, Harry Taylor, Corey Enright

HB Jackson Thurlow, Tom Lonergan, Jed Bews

C Andrew Mackie, Joel Selwood, Steven Motlop

HF Cory Gregson, Josh Walker, Steve Johnson

F Jordan Murdoch, Tom Hawkins, Shane Kersten

FOL Mark Blicavs, Darcy Lang, Josh Caddy

I/C James Kelly, Mathew Stokes, Cameron Guthrie, Rhys Stanley

EMG Jake Kolodjashnij, Michael Luxford, Jarrad Jansen


Rhys Stanley


Michael Luxford (Omitted)

B Adam Saad, Henry Schade, Kade Kolodjashnij

HB Clay Cameron, Jack Leslie, Jesse Lonergan

C Luke Russell, Trent McKenzie, Andrew Raines

HF Danny Stanley, Tom J. Lynch, Jarrod Harbrow

F Peter Wright, Charlie Dixon, Touk Miller

FOL Tom Nicholls, Michael Rischitelli, Mitch Hallahan

I/C Nick Malceski, Andrew Boston, Brandon Matera, Sean Lemmens

EMG Zac Smith, Matt Shaw, Josh Hall


Jack Leslie, Charlie Dixon, Nick Malceski


Steven May (Groin), Keegan Brooksby (Calf), Greg Broughton (Achilles)

MILESTONES: Peter Wright – Played 1st game

B Clancee Pearce, Luke McPharlin, Lee Spurr

HB Garrick Ibbotson, Alex Pearce, Tendai Mzungu

C Tommy Sheridan, Nat Fyfe, Cameron Sutcliffe

HF Stephen Hill, Matt Taberner, Danyle Pearce

F Michael Walters, Matthew Pavlich, Hayden Ballantyne

FOL Aaron Sandilands, David Mundy, Lachie Neale

I/C Michael Barlow, Hayden Crozier, Jack Hannath, Nick Suban

EMG Jonathon Griffin, Paul Duffield, Matt de Boer


Lee Spurr, Alex Pearce, Tendai Mzungu, Jack Hannath


Paul Duffield (Omitted), Michael Johnson (Hamstring), Chris Mayne (Illness), Zac Clarke (Omitted)

MILESTONES: Michael Barlow – Playing 100th game

B Sam Butler, Will Schofield, Brad Sheppard

HB Scott Selwood, Jeremy McGovern, Shannon Hurn

C Andrew Gaff, Matt Priddis, Sharrod Wellingham

HF Josh Hill, Josh J. Kennedy, Chris Masten

F Mark LeCras, Callum Sinclair, Jamie Cripps

FOL Nic Naitanui, Elliot Yeo, Luke Shuey

I/C Jack Darling, Liam Duggan, Xavier Ellis, Dom Sheed

EMG Fraser McInnes, Jackson Nelson, Matt Rosa


Jack Darling, Xavier Ellis


Fraser McInnes (Omitted), Jackson Nelson (Omitted)

MILESTONES: Elliot Yeo – Playing 50th game

B James Gwilt, Michael Hurley, Michael Hibberd

HB Brent Stanton, Cale Hooker, Mark Baguley

C Dyson Heppell, Jobe Watson, Jake Melksham

HF Travis Colyer, Shaun Edwards, Joe Daniher

F Zach Merrett, Patrick Ambrose, Adam Cooney

FOL Jake Carlisle, Elliott Kavanagh, Brendon Goddard

I/C Paul Chapman, Martin Gleeson, Ben Howlett, Orazio Fantasia

EMG Jackson Merrett, Nick O’Brien, Jayden Laverde


Jobe Watson, Shaun Edwards


Courtenay Dempsey (Omitted), Tom Bellchambers (Omitted)


Shaun Edwards

B Lachlan Hansen, Scott D. Thompson, Michael Firrito

HB Sam Wright, Robbie Tarrant, Jamie Macmillan

C Brent Harvey, Andrew Swallow, Sam Gibson

HF Shaun Higgins, Jarrad Waite, Ryan Bastinac

F Lindsay Thomas, Drew Petrie, Ben Brown

FOL Todd Goldstein, Ben Cunnington, Jack Ziebell

I/C Ben Jacobs, Trent Dumont, Robin Nahas, Scott McMahon

EMG Leigh Adams, Luke McDonald, Majak Daw


No Change

B Jeremy Laidler, Ted Richards, Nick Smith

HB Rhyce Shaw, Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe

C Luke Parker, Josh P. Kennedy, Kieren Jack

HF Lewis Jetta, Lance Franklin, Jarrad McVeigh

F Sam Reid, Kurt Tippett, Adam Goodes

FOL Mike Pyke, Dan Hannebery, Tom Mitchell

I/C Harry Cunningham, Jake Lloyd, Daniel Robinson, Gary Rohan

EMG Jack Hiscox, Toby Nankervis, Dean Towers


No Change

B Tom Langdon, Nathan J. Brown, Marley Williams

HB Alan Toovey, Jack Frost, Tyson Goldsack

C Adam Oxley, Dane Swan, Steele Sidebottom

HF Jamie Elliott, Jesse White, Jordan De Goey

F Alex Fasolo, Travis Cloke, Jarryd Blair

FOL Brodie Grundy, Jack Crisp, Scott Pendlebury

I/C Ben Kennedy, Taylor Adams, Jarrod Witts, Travis Varcoe, Tim Broomhead, Brayden Maynard, Paul Seedsman (Three to be omitted)


Taylor Adams, Jarrod Witts, Brayden Maynard


Brayden Maynard

MILESTONES: Jesse White – Playing 100th game

B Heath Shaw, Joel Patfull, Matt Buntine

HB Tomas Bugg, Phil Davis, Nick Haynes

C Toby Greene, Callan Ward, Tom Scully

HF Ryan Griffen, Cam McCarthy, Devon Smith

F Will Hoskin-Elliott, Jeremy Cameron, Lachie Whitfield

FOL Shane Mumford, Adam Treloar, Stephen Coniglio

I/C Zac Williams, Aidan Corr, Andrew Phillips, James Stewart, Dylan Shiel, Josh Kelly, Nathan Wilson (Three to be omitted)


Nick Haynes, Zac Williams, Andrew Phillips

B Jarryn Geary, Sean Dempster, Sam Gilbert

HB Jack Newnes, Luke Delaney, Jimmy Webster

C Leigh Montagna, David Armitage, Blake Acres

HF Sebastian Ross, Nick Riewoldt, Jack Billings

F Tim Membrey, Josh Bruce, Jack Lonie

FOL Billy Longer, Luke Dunstan, Jack Steven

I/C Shane Savage, Dylan Roberton, Farren Ray, Hugh Goddard, Daniel McKenzie, Cameron Shenton, Maverick Weller (Three to be omitted)


Sam Gilbert, Tim Membrey, Luke Dunstan, Hugh Goddard, Daniel McKenzie, Maverick Weller


Adam Schneider (Omitted), Tom Hickey (Omitted), Jack Sinclair (Omitted)


Hugh Goddard

B Daniel Cross, Tom McDonald, Jack Fitzpatrick

HB Jeremy Howe, Lynden Dunn, Neville Jetta

C Jimmy Toumpas, Dom Tyson, Heritier Lumumba

HF Jack Watts, Cameron Pedersen, Jack Viney

F Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Angus Brayshaw

FOL Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince

I/C Billy Stretch, Viv Michie, Aidan Riley, Alex Neal-Bullen, Jack Grimes, Jake Spencer, Dean Terlich (Three to be omitted)


Dom Tyson, Billy Stretch, Viv Michie, Alex Neal-Bullen, Jack Grimes, Jake Spencer, Dean Terlich


Matt Jones (Omitted), Colin Garland (Hand), Aaron Vandenberg (Hamstring), Ben Newton (Omitted)


Alex Neal-Bullen

MILESTONES: Lynden Dunn – Playing 150th game


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52 thoughts on “The Teams – R10”

  1. Let’s hope McKenzie gets a game (extended interchange)

    Amon out hurts, he was looking fantastic last week!


  2. Bellchambers out, finally! Makes the decision easy for all of us this week. The worst pick I’ve probably ever started with!


  3. Can only field 10 players with Bennell and Amon out on top of bye players.
    Considering Rich to Wines, CEY to Boston and Mcintosh to Pearce.
    Round 11 is my worst bye.
    Not overly keen on trading out Mcintosh yet as he has a low BE, also have Mackenzie and Lever. Saad to Hamling next week. Leaves me with $550000 to put towards upgrades next week.


  4. Is it a worry that I know which teams have the bye each week for the next 3 weeks off the top of my head?


  5. Who to trade in for Krak – bye structure not an issue – J/S and scoring ability to consider only.

    T/U – Alex Pearce (Freo) (also opens up DPP for def/mid)
    T/D – Andrew Boston (GC)


  6. No Bennell hurts. Looks like I won’t be able to hold onto Lever AND Ricky Henderson.

    Who to trade out of the two. Any crows fans have some extra insight?

    T/U Ricky Henderson – his back/shoulder or whatever is stuffed
    T/D Jake Lever – he won’t get another game.



  7. Hey Guys,

    What day do they announce the final I/Cs for the Dees v Saints match which is the last match of this first Bye Rd?

    I’m sweating on McKenzie (yes, he is one of the IN’s this week) being named in order to field 18, because I can essentially swing him into my Defence and Saad into my Midfield which will mean I’ll have 18 to play.


  8. What do people think of these trades:
    CEY -> Boston
    Lumumba -> Wines (via DPP)
    Leaves me with 17 trades and about 100k. I have 1 forward to fix, and up to 5 defenders to upgrade (depending on who is and isn’t performing come season end). I’d also want to try and get some quality bench cover but thats second to completely upgrading on field players.
    T/U: Good trades.
    T/D: There are better options out there or waste of trades.


  9. Really need a Fwd rookie with a round 13 bye… the only one i can think of is Steele, but even if he does get a game in r12, he is likely to be wearing the vest. Any other options??


  10. Clark being hurt means I am stuck trading him this round.

    Already done since it has to be before the first match lockout:
    Clark –> A Pierce (Via DPP)

    Before the relevant matches tomorrow, just in case of late outs:
    CEY –> Boston
    Vandenberg –> Mitchell

    Leaves me with $400k+ in the bank for next round and 15 trades. Needing 5 Premiums still though. Should get three more by the end of the byes.

    Oddly enough I need R11 and R13 cover more than R12. Like so many others I’d be a great shape if not for all the injuries


  11. Your outta here Ryder!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last time I take a risk on a guy I don’t like that scores well in the past.

    Picked him up as a FP, he put up 2 lemons then misses 3+ weeks!!!

    Welcome to the side Buddy, need to roll the dice at this point anyway


  12. I need some help with this one boys i want to trade in Ollie Wines and maybe Joel Selwood but don’t think it would work. I Need to get a fwd in to cover Clark.

    CEY- Ollie Wines
    Tarrant- Ziebell
    Krakouer- Boston/A.Pearce
    I could also go with instead of trading Krakouer i could trade Lumumba and then get Prem Def.

    TU- Good Trades
    TD- Bad Trades


  13. Cant decide on this upgrade option! Reverse traded and changed between the two 5 times already, so putting it to a poll. Comments stating reasons also welcomed.

    T/U: Ebert
    T/D: Wines


  14. Can’t decide on who is a safer long-term upgrade option for M.Johnson (a forced trade this week)…

    T/U – T.McDonald
    T/D – E.Yeo


  15. Happy Friday afternoon SCT Coaches,

    Looking at a trade down option this week & both these players have the R12 bye so it’s to make up numbers this round & $$$$$ for upgrades. Who has the better JS over the next 4-6 weeks, in your opinion?

    T/U….Pearce ( def ) Freo
    T/D….Boston (mid ) GC

    Cheers Catta 🙂



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