The Teams R23

Written by Big Sexy on August 30 2012

Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles

MCG – Fri Aug 31, 7:50pm


Geelong Cats v Sydney Swans

SS – Sat Sep 01, 1:45pm

Geelong Cats

Adelaide v Gold Coast Suns

AS – Sat Sep 01, 1:40pm


GWS Giants v North Melbourne

SK – Sat Sep 01, 4:40pm

GWS Giants

Essendon v Collingwood

MCG – Sat Sep 01, 7:40pm


Fremantle v Melbourne

PS – Sat Sep 01, 5:40pm


Carlton v St Kilda

ES – Sun Sep 02, 1:10pm


In: Mitch RobinsonRhys O’KeeffeKane LucasPat McCarthyLuke Mitchell

Out: Levi Casboult (Kidney), Andrew McInnes (Knee)

New: Pat McCarthy (Glenelg / Plympton), Luke Mitchell (Calder Cannons / St Bernards)


Richmond v Port Adelaide

MCG – Sun Sep 02, 3:15pm


Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs

G – Sun Sep 02, 4:40pm

Brisbane Lions

In: Amon BuchananSam DochertyElliot Yeo

New: Sam Docherty (Gippsland Power (VIC))


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58 thoughts on “The Teams R23”

  1. Interesting question from a mate of mine who had this query:-

    Thumbs UP: Play Tippet with Cloke as E

    Thumbs DOWN: Play Cloke with Tippet as E

    I said Tippet v Gold Coast’s undermanned ruck & defence, but wonder what the SCT & in particular pies & bombers fans think.


  2. Can’t wait for the Grand Finals this week. Pitted against my best mate in one and my boss in the other. Good luck to everyone who is still in the comp!

    I know the season isn’t quite over yet, but I’d like to give a big thumbs up to Motts, Duck, BS and Nate for all their hard work. This has been a great season and it would not have been possible without all of the long hours put into this site.

    A big thanks also goes out to all the friendly posters that make up the SCT community. The advice you guys give is priceless, and the banter around here is what makes this such a wonderful site.

    Cheers for a great season!


  3. The one year I keep trades left for the grand final thinking that somebody will get rested, nothing….
    Any chance that trades roll over to next season? 😛


  4. T/U: Cloke – Tippet, Ryder – Any Ruckman
    T/D: Cloke – Robinson, Ryder – Sandilands

    Tippet versing Gold Cost = Big Score?
    Griffen coming in along with Sandliands = Affect Sandilands score?


  5. I have a luxury trade and am looking to bring in one of these guys:

    UP – T.Walker v Suns
    DOWN – D.Thomas v Bombers

    What do you think?


  6. Hey all,

    In 4 of 5 GFs with 1 trade and 12k left.
    T/Up – Murphy to Swan
    T/Down – Giles to Sandi

    Thanks and good luck!


  7. Hi all,
    I have two trades, but with only $2k in the bank everything is looking very sideways with no obvious upside.
    I’m happy with backs and mids.
    Rucks –
    Kreuzer, Giles (Campbell, Stephenson)
    Forwards –
    Danger, Chapman, Harvey, Lewis, Zorko, StevieJ, Goodes (Cloke,Treloar)

    Giles –> Jacobs
    Kreuzer –> Sandi

    Treloar –> someone cheap for cash
    Cloke –> Beams (pushing Goodes to the bench)

    Good luck to all who have a shot at SC glory


  8. hey guys do you think i can win?

    brichall v grimes
    heater vs hurn
    duffman sv lake

    swan vs watson
    boyd vs danger
    pendels vs mitchel
    prddis vs greene

    kruzer vs maric

    danger v beams
    franklin vs pavlich
    chapman vs roughead
    goodes vs lewis

    i think i have it


  9. Started out this week liking Giles> maric, then changed to giles>sandi but now griffen in has messed that up, and now starting to look at Jacobs but the bloke I’m playing has him. think I’m starting to psych myself out.
    Who would u take


  10. One question and one question only, if you have Robbo do you play him this week? His recent form has been poor. Very keen to hear from the number 1 ticket holder down there, Mr Motts.


  11. Thanks for your advice guys I’ll keep Giles then as my opponent has him. I’m thinking
    TUp pav to tuck
    Tdown pav to cotchin
    Comment pav to swan
    Thanks guys


  12. SuperCoach Talk League of Extraordinary Coaches (SCT LoEC) Grand Final Preview

    Roo Bloke vs Andy

    Scotland & Waters vs Johnson & Newman
    101.2 & 99.83 vs 87.52 & 77.71
    Clear advantage my way on the averages but Freo and Richmond both have easy games. This may assist in scoring or conversely the ball may never make it near them and curtail their scoring efforts. We both have the Lake o S Shaw D7 dilemma.
    Winner – me

    Tuck & Swallow vs Thompson & Dal Santo
    115.1 & 110.9 vs 110.1 & 102.8
    Another win for me on the averages but i fear Thompson and his love of bashing up weaker sides plus he’s been out of form and wil lbe looking for some touches leading into the finals. Tuck and Swallow should both go large in easy games with their ruckmen likely to feed them many clearances. We both have Ablett as a likely and obvious captain
    Winner – me (just)

    Maric & Mumford vs Cox & Naitanui
    Maric and Mumford are both up against weak ruck divisions at Port and Geelong but Cox is Cox and Nic Nat is Nic Nat and this could be where Andy claws back the losses from the other two lines.
    Winner – Andy

    Dangerfield, Franklin, Roughead & Johnson vs Zorko, Hale, Goodes & Cloke (or T Adams)
    Plenty of PODs here. Dangerfield and Zorko almost cancel themselves out Zorko is that good. I had Zorko but traded him out a few weeks back for Stevie J and i hope this is the week where that move works (cause at the moment it’s just causing regret). Roughead and Hale are on par(ish). Which leaves Stevie J vs Goodes and Buddy vs Cloke or Adams.
    Winner – should be me but could be level if the Stevie J show is a fizzer.

    Think i’m in the box seat but Andy isn’t without hope. A lot comes down to how well the WC ruckmen play tonight. If they fire it should be a close battle.

    Tipping me by 100.


  13. hi guys i’m in a grand final and need help on these decions that can get me over the line.
    who should i play as my def 7
    and as mid 6



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