Trade Talk R20

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 30 2017

We’ve been working hard all year for this……Finals are now upon us. You’ll need to be at your best next week. Does that include any trades for your team?


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81 thoughts on “Trade Talk R20”

  1. Out: Pendles

    In: Oliver / Zerret / Neale

    Was going to go Zerret but this weeks low score has got me thinking of oliver and neale.

    TU: Zerret
    TD: Neale
    Comment: Oliver


  2. Two big concerns for me are Shaw in the back-line and Nank up forward. Only have the cash to do one of these this week. Which one is more urgent?

    TU: Shaw >- Hurley or Hibberd
    TD: Nank >- Ryder


    1. I know Ryder is in form but Jacobs seems to be the best ruckman he’s played for a while (not counting a Gawn back from a long layoff). I was considering the same options myself, last game vs Jacobs 87. Not terrible but not sure you can lock him in for 100+ by any means.


  3. To complete M8 and move Yeo back forward thinking Ryan out to get some cash and then Titch in for

    TU: Nank
    TD: Greenwood

    Lynch can stay after a big week, will be left with 2 trades but have no 2nd chances in any finals so gotta throw everything at it this week.


  4. Sloane is on my never again list.

    Brought in him after his 177 in round 10 at 586k, since then has hit the ton once and averaged 83.8 – Pathetic.


  5. OUT : H Shaw
    IN : Anyone else!! – he has been in my team since Round 1 but wont be seeing any finals action.


  6. Hi,

    How do I make a 3 way substitution


    Mclarty (def fwd) from def to fwd
    Bolton (fwd mid) from fwd to mid
    Witherden (mid def) from mid to def


    1. Were you planning on trading out anyone on your benches first, or just straight up swapping these 3 positions around?


  7. My season seems to have hit the wall over last few weeks. Three weeks in a row scored 2290 and this week scored 2141. Had luke ryan and tom lynch on bench with no way to loophole them and had heater shaw, greenwood and nank on field instead. Ive dropped from 360 to 968 since rd15. Only have 3 trades and $200 in bank with michael walters on bench and no macrae really starting to hurt.
    I finished top of ladder in all my leagues so have double chance but im really tired of seeing my overall ranking plummet each week after the good start I had.

    T/u hold fire this week as I have double chance
    t/d focus on ranking and trade perryman to a non playing rookie (probably junker) so i can loophole shaw with witherden/ryan and upgrade walters to macrae so i can loophole lynch/nank


  8. Rocky has done his dash. I have lost all confidence so will be trading him out so for all you Rocky owners out there make sure you hold as he is a lock for 150+ this week. My moves for this week are;

    T/U: Greene -> Gawn (via moving Ryder FWD), Rocky -> Neale (have $539,600 to spend)
    T/D: Greene -> JJK, Greenwood -> Kelly/Oliver


  9. Two trades left for the season, can go Scharenberg and Pendles into the Doc and Zorko…

    T/U – do the trade
    T/D – save trades for rest of finals


  10. After much thought and with only 2 trades remaining, I’ve decided to loop Witherden and Ryan at D6 for the rest of the season, and upgrade Greenwood and Nankervis.

    Nank to Gawn
    Greenwood to Dusty


  11. Gonna Trade Wingard out for a ruckman given I already have all the decent forwards, Ryder being moved to the ruck.

    TU: Grundy
    TD: Martin


  12. Got two trades left, and I kind of feel I have to use them now to make the most of my finals campaign.

    I’ve held onto these two remaining trades for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Luckily it’s worked for me holding the current team I have. I’ve been going up as I go, and I’m actually looking like having my best season to date. But now is the time where everyone who has trades available will be using them now to their max potential, to make sure their finals campaign is under control.

    My current team:
    DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Lloyd, Hibberd, Newman (Scharenberg, Ryan)
    MID: Dangerfield, Oliver, Murphy, Bontempelli, Cotchin, Fyfe, JPK, Witherden (Greenwood, SPP, Cousins)
    RUC: Kreuzer, Witts (Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Nankervis, Heeney (Bolton, Brown)

    After I made my previous trades, my plan for the last two were to get rid of SPP and Greenwood when finals come around. Downgrade one and upgrade the other. SPP is still a definite trade out, but if I take out Greenwood, I can risk the chance of not having any MID/FWD players in the midfield. I can put Bolton or Brown there, but with how Bolton played on Saturday and Brown not breaking into the Pies side, I can’t see either of them playing this week.

    I’ve tried many trade options, but I feel these two are the best choices (If I am to trade)

    TU – OUT: SPP and Greenwood, IN: D. Martin, Glass/Allison/McKay/any low price rookie who will play this week
    TD – OUT: SPP and Scharenberg, IN: Glass, Beams/any good midfielder that’s $530k and under. Keeping Greenwood as a valuable MID/FWD backup if needed
    Comment – Hold or Keep trades


    1. TU: Use the two remaining trades
      TD: Hold the two remaining trades

      Also, feel free to offer any constructive criticism that may help me out as well


  13. who best to replace JP kennedy (if injured)-
    kelly, z.merrett, neale or oliver? merrett looks to have the softest draw ……..thoughts?


  14. I’m looking for a value forward with DPP for M9 this week then to loophole F6/F7

    I wouldn’t consider these guys usually but with limited funds I have little choice.

    T/U R Douglas $435K. 3 round ave 110.

    T/D I Smith $388k 3 round ave 91.3


      1. Chillo

        I like the Saints run home but I would rather put my faith in an “older head”

        Douglas and Smith are experienced midfielders playing good footy.
        I feel they would both be more consistent than Billings and Steele.

        I have also considered Wallis but is 3 Doggies forwards too much?

        With Danger out, JPK and Lloyd doubtful, Darcy sore and Greene still a week away this week is already looking like a Sh** Fight.


  15. Assuming Goldy gets a recall, Nank -> Ryder is locked in

    Trade number 2 i’m not so sure about…

    T/U – Ryan -> Hibberd

    T/D – Scharenberg -> Roberton/Williams


  16. I’m thinking JPK will be out this week. Have gone for Oliver or Zorko for my guess for good points over the next 4 weeks. Melbourne 3 games at the G and Lions 3 at the Gabba. I have the double chance in my leagues.

    T/u Oliver
    T/d Zorko


  17. I brought in Wingard the week he got injured and held him as trades were skinny. Now trading him out. Have a gut feel on Toby Greene being the way to go. Surely he’ll be setting up for a good run home after letting his team down with his suspensions this year. Having said that, he does seem to be a different dude so who knows how his mind works. Jeremy Cameron out for 3 is surely a big plus.
    Down to one trade if I also have to trade out JPK.

    T/u get Greene in
    T/d look at someone else


    1. Id be surprised if Kruezer played this week. If possible id go Nank – Ryder. Witherden is doing perfectly fine. However in saying that obviously Witherden – Dusty is an upgrade.


  18. Got two trades left is it worth going
    Or should i trade a midfielder such as Hannebery, Treloar to Lachie Neale?


  19. If Kreuzer doesn’t play i may need to find a way to get Ryder in this week in order to cover (6 trades left)

    Probably going Scharenberg to Glass because i need cash

    T/U – Pendles to kelly/neale
    T/D – Probably have to trade Tom Lynch to Ryder to cover Kreuzer


  20. Fantasy finalists!

    Who to trade in for Danger who will sit on your bench during the finals:

    T/U: Scott Selwood
    TD: Rocky


  21. final roll of the dice, have second chance but if i dont make these trades now i wont be able to afford them the next week and wont have a league winning side i dont think. am going witts to stef martin as witts is injured and sloane to oliver as sloane is a liability. leaves me with no trades and $3,200 in the bank.

    TU: do it
    TD: any other suggestion?


  22. Trading out one of these guys, the other remains as my F7.

    TU: keep Nank
    TD: keep greenwood

    (I can’t swing to rucks so nank’s DPP is irrelevant, whichever guy I keep covers forwards and mids only).


  23. Original plan was shaw -> hurley amd nank -> ryder.
    Now no witts makes it hard. Can go witts to ryder instead, or still do the nank->ryder trade but will need to cop a 0 with no greene ans eddy on bench atm


  24. League opponents have Doch & ryder – I still have Lloyd, Shaw on field. I’m already bringing in Ryder to fwd line this round.

    Who to bring in to DEF first though – Hurley or Doch (then I’ll bring in the other for semi/prelim)?
    Hurley as a POD has the lower BE (BEs are a factor as I’m trying to maximise points + cash, for 3 remaining trades after these); Doch will ensure I minimise PODs.

    Am yet to check out final siren for their stats against the opposition but…:
    T/U – Doch – BE 152 – shld drop $14 500k after rd 20
    T/D – Hurley – BE 133 – shld drop $13 600k


    1. T/U – Since I’ll get a second chance in both leagues if I lose this round, only do Paddy trade. Save Def trades until semi/prelim when they both shld have dropped & incase any other injuries pop up.


  25. The forwards are so hard this year to pick! I was bringing in Yeo for Wingard but his form has really dropped. I will also bring in Gawn for Nank this week but I may hold Wingard as a POD going forward if I think I can beat Jay Clark this week. Then who else is a good trade in?
    6 trades left 123000 in the bank in qualifying final going for league only.

    My team is
    D Doc Adams Simpsons Roberton Laird Lloyd (Ryan Hibberd)
    M Dusty Selwood Fyfe Bont Hannaberry S Mitchell Treloar Witherdon (Pickett Myers Danger)
    R Grundy Nank (Strandica)
    F McRae Dal Buddy Ryder Wingard Butler Young Greenwood

    A Heeney
    B J Martin
    C Yeo
    D JJK (key forward….)

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


  26. Ok, I know I won’t be on my Pat Malone here, but I’ve lost another 4 out injured this week + Danger + probably Greenwood & Bolton.
    I’ve got the shites – went full premo real early thanks to a great/lucky start & since then for one reason or another have fielded my best 22 only once!!
    Add to that, 3 of my so called premos have crashed to very ordinary very fallen premo status and my best ranking of 180 overall has CRAShed to blonka blonk 10,000+.
    As I said, won’t be on my own, but definately got the shites.
    4 trades left – not going to spend any of them – top 4 in top 4 leagues so losses this week don’t matter so much.
    Got the shites!! ;)-
    Rant over.


  27. thoughts on rockliff and witts to d martin and s martin (or another other ruck under 470k)

    tu: good trades
    td: bad trades, back to the drawing board


    1. Grundy, if Archie smith comes in, he might score another 50.

      TU: FURPHY


  28. Alright gentlemen, is anybody looking at Crouch? Its do or die and Danger is out this week as well as JPK. Debating the following, thoughts would be much appreciated.

    T/U: M Crouch
    T/D: M Duncan


  29. 2 trades left but have the double chance

    Tu. Witts/JPK -> Ryder and Oliver

    Td. Hold trades

    With danger out i will cop a donut in the mids if i don’t trade JPK


  30. With Witts out is Callum Sinclair
    A worthwhile POD with R/F option
    104 average last 3 Games

    TU. Do It

    TD You’re crazy better out there


  31. hey guys im trading dangerfield as im in an elimination final and have kennedy, witts, greene and dangerfield. so do i bring in?

    Thumbs up – tom mitchell and ryder
    Thumbs down – mitchell and zorko


  32. Have 3 trades left, with Witts, Danger & Kennedy.

    TU – Trade out Witts & Kennedy for Gawn & Zorko/Oliver, means Witherden on field in DEF and Greenwood on field in MIDS to cover Danger = 1 trade left
    TD – Trade out Witts for Gawn only. Leaves L Ryan on field in DEF, Greenwood & Witherden on field in MIDS to cover Kennedy & Danger = 2 trades left.


  33. Hey guys who do I field I have to many injuries this week. So

    Thumbs up – mountford (north)
    Thumbs down- young (dogs)




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