Trade Talk – R22, 2012

Written by Motts on August 20 2012

Still alive? I am. But then again I had the week off this week. It was great not to have to worry about trades, captaincy, scores, late withdrawals, injuries, subs……. god there’s a lot of things to worry about in this blasted game!

So its the penultimate week. Have you been careful with your trades? And if so, will you be giving it everything this week or holding onto them for next week’s battle?

And if you are trading this week, who gets the nod and who’s getting the arse?


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70 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R22, 2012”

  1. Playing the wife this week. Is it wrong to log into her account and use her last trade Abblett-L Ball?

    Thumbs up – It’s the Supercoach prelims, you had a good 10 years with her
    Thumbs down – It’s only Supercoach, think of the kids


  2. My team:
    D: Deledio, Rance, Suckling, Heppell, Guerra, Carrots, S.Shaw (Hine, PAine)
    M: GAJ, Joelwood, Thompson, Hannebery, Murphy, Gibson (Baguley, Crozier)
    R: Roughy, Mummy (Campbell, Pattison)
    F: Beams, Pav, Sidebum, Hale, Blair, Zorko, Casboult (Wilson, Couch)
    Help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I’ve got a tough Prelim coming up.
    Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Got a bit of a moral delema this week, my mate went away to europe with three weeks left of the season and no chance of making finals. I took over and not only made the finals for him but now have to play him this week.
    Do I:
    T/up take a dive for him
    T/down play fair, if your teams good enough you’ll win


  4. Through to all 5 prelims. 3 trades left. 360k in the bank.
    Looking at getting Scotland and Stevie J but I dunno if I can keep ignoring Beams!


  5. who should i play on the field
    Toby Greene or Scott Thompson.

    Toby Greene average last 3 weeks is 117 and
    Scott Thompson average last 3 weeks is 90

    thumps up Toby Greene
    thumps down Scott Thompson (ADEL)


  6. As much for next year as this, what are peoples thoughts on mature age rookie Brandon (son of Bruce) Lee.
    Great score of 90 last week & on the bubble this week.

    Thumbs UP: Lee at 94,700 is great cover as part of up / downgrade double T
    Thumbs DOWN: Pass, the lad is not even smart enough to check that it is blank in the barrel.


  7. Last trade, can’t decide. Two rookies remaining.

    Up – Spurr > Adcock (Port then WB for the GF)
    Down – Giles to Jacobs (Adelaide have an easy run and the giants should get pumped twice, Giles’ run is over)


  8. Anyone worried about Pav for the last 2 games? Comments on

    ‘Also facing a big week on the track is Matthew Pavlich. “He’s going to struggle,” said Larkins of the Fremantle skipper, who is nursing Achilles and calf soreness. “He’s going to be very restricted, but he probably will play.”‘

    At 615K & no guarantee a struggling Pav will pump out his normal ton+ even if he does play, if you had the trades & money to get you a Beams or Danger would you pull the trigger?

    Thumbs UP: Good trade – Pav on 1 leg to flying Beams or Danger
    Thumbs DOWN: Bad trade – A bit of juice & he’ll being right for 100+


  9. Through to prelims and battling with my last two trades.
    All thumbs much appreciated

    Giles > Sandi
    N Roo > O’Keefe (or just about anyone else cheaper)

    Giles > Mumford
    N Roo > Buddy

    All assuming team announcement have no N Roo, Buddy plays, and that I leave Cloke sitting his useless arse on the pine


  10. Haven’t made a trade since round 16! Crazy I know but stil made it to a prelim in my main comp. Gibson and Zorko The Greek have been amazing as coverage.


  11. hey guys ive got 2 trades and 243k in the bank. thinking of using both trades this week to try and ensure i make the GF. im the only one left with any trades.

    B: Lids, Birch, Hanley, Lake, Dempsey, R Shaw, S Shaw (ellis, darley)

    M: GAJ, JPK, Joelwood, Priddis, Murphy, Pendles (masten, pfiffer)

    R: Maric, Hale (Big O, redden)

    F: Beams, Pav, Dangers, Sidebum, Martin, Zorko, Porps (smedts, elliot)

    everyone in my league has lake so i will leave him. thinking of trading R Shaw > Goddard or Waters. everyone has Goddard so im thinking that is the safe play.
    also think i will upgrade porps to ROK, or Stevie J

    If porps is named this week then i will make 2 backline upgrades, seeing as porps will finish with 2 easy teams and should score well.

    any other suggestions would be great.

    T/U Goddard
    T/D Waters



  12. One player that does not come up much for the FWDS is the tomahawk. Being a Hawks man not my favorite topic, but two games at Skilled kicking like a machine at the moment (Thank you for our 9th loss), could well be worth a point of difference, would imagine not a lot of finals teams carrying him.


  13. Hey Guys
    I’m in 3 prelims for my leagues (very happy!)
    I’m happy with everyone except bob murphy who is 380k and very inconsistent
    Any good ideas with one trade left, I only have 50k in the bank


  14. If you were looking to reluctantly trade out (downgrade) one of Lake (367K, Gee & Bris) or Newman ($334K, Ess & Port) which would you look at trading out (other to play D7):-

    Thumbs UP: Lake to go
    Thumbs DOWN: Newman to go.


  15. If you were looking to trade out one of Adams (343K, St-K & NM) or Cloke ($351K, WC & Ess), which would you look at trading out (other F8):-

    Thumbs UP: Adams to go (DPP not a huge factor as already cover)
    Thumbs DOWN: Cloke to go.


  16. Iโ€™ve held Buddy for six weeks and have 4 trades left. None of the other teams left in the prelims have him but should I trade him. If so who for? No cash really in the bank so bring in two forwards for Buddy and Cloke or downgrade Kreuzer or Giles to a 94 ruck and upgrade Cloke? Then Dickson is the backup if Buddy doesnt play but the risk of Buddy scoring a 50 or being subbedโ€ฆ..decisions . Help please!
    B Goddard. Deledio Waters Carrazzo Scotland Grimes Lake S Shaw Spurr
    C Ablett Pendles Watson Thompson Priddis J Selwood Gibson Baguley
    R Cox Kreuzer Giles Stephenson
    F beams Danger Sidebottom Franklin Martin Zorko Cloke Dickson Couch
    Thumbs up trade Buddy Thumbs down keep



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