Tech League Trade Talk Rd12

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 3 2019

Only about 500pts covering the Top20 in the Tech League Group…….literally never been so close!  Anyone’s game……..

Now then…..the moment of truth…….did anybody actually plan for the Bye Rounds.  If not, we’re about to get found out……I mean you’re about to get found out 😉  What moves have you got in mind for Rd12?


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6 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk Rd12”

  1. Dunno what happened this week, but was looking at 2400 and scored sub 2100!!
    Had the V on JKelly, but realised too late and couldnโ€™t put a donut on field for the C, so Cripps took the mantle!
    Still managed to win league game tho as opposed had Gawn on the bench with no E!!!
    Onwards and upwards.


  2. 17 trades and a somewhat planned bye structure that should hopefully work.
    Trying to avoid trades this week as they shouldnt be really required if players are named, like Hore, Hinge, Constable etc.

    Rd 13 Boak will come in when Bewley gets traded in. Completing the fwd line.
    Then Rd14 Gardner is in and O’Brien should end up becoming Gawn.
    Whitfield was planned to come in after Rd14 but this so called injury time frame as caused questions on it


  3. Be interesting to see who’s got what left in the trade department. 17 seems excessive. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Original plan had 18+ warm bodies but might be less than 17 with selection and injuries queries. Was always relying on ROB to fill R2 but Sauce’s 200 point SANFL gig is gonna put pressure on that.

    Got no money and only 12 trades to get me through so I’ll be trying for the bare minimum 1 up 1 down but don’t know who as yet but it will have to be a mid pricer in a little vein of form (like Fiorini) as I only have Libba as collateral.



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