Midpricers Review – AAMI Community Series 2022

Written by Abs on March 14 2022

Following the conclusion of the AAMI Community Series, I thought having a look at how all the Midpricers tracked would make for an important discussion. Especially with the necessity of having a few of these guys in our starting teams.

In Gunboat’s initial post he put out the key to selecting the correct Midpricers; I’ll paste the excerpt below for anyone who hasn’t read it, as his summary was spot-on!

“On selecting midpricers, it is critical you:
  1. Identify an SC conducive role. Soft half back distributor gigs or a role with substantial MID minutes are typically the most relevant.
  2. Account for the player’s job security and durability. Midpricers are often either developing into an SC conducive role or being transitioned/repurposed into one. For younger players, their spot in the best 22 is key and for those at higher age brackets durability and injury profile must be considered. Remember: they’re at that 200-300k price for a reason.
  3. Note their impact on your whole team. How does it affect your bye structure? Are Sicily and Milera better than Lloyd and rookie for example?”

Legend: Player Name: (Team, Price, Ownership, AAMI SC score, TOG)


Daniel RIOLI (RICH, $336k, 3%, 79 SC, 79% TOG)

Houli going down with injury late in 2021, had Rioli playing off of Halfback to finish the season. With scores of 83, 111, 54, 87, 95 & 77 and an average of 84.5, he showed promising signs.

Rioli played once again in the same role, racked up 23 possessions, 17 kicks, going @63% DE, along with 5 marks. Unfortunately he’s priced awkwardly @336k, you’d be hoping he takes the leap and becomes a keeper if you’re starting him.

Jake BOWEY (MELB, $265.6k, 6%, 87 SC, 83% TOG)

No Salem or May to be found against the Blues, however with a solid 87 SC points, 22 possessions, 9 contested @64% DE. Bowey is primed to get games and priced moderately @265k; seems a few coaches are willing to take a punt to help fill out a depleted defensive line.

Lachie JONES (PTA, $269.4k, 2%, 73 SC, 74% TOG)

22 possessions @64% efficiency, along with 4 marks & 5 tackles. Looked good against the Crows, however hard to gauge how much of that was due to the unbalanced score.
Worth a look at his price point, if he can secure a spot defensively.

Heath CHAPMAN (FREO, $275.2k, 6%, 90 SC, 77% TOG)

Chapman someone I’ve seen Freo Tragic and a few well versed coaches quite keen on. Reportedly has had a cracker off-season and it showed during the AAMI Series. Racking up 23 possessions & 8 marks while scoring 90 SC points. Looked very crafty off of Halfback v the Eagles, huge upside. Could be a nice Smokey!

Honourable Mentions:Denver GRAINGER-BARRAS (HAW, $206.7k, 3%, 35 SC, 79% TOG) will be best 22 for the Hawkers, however won’t have the right role to make enough cash to be a worthy starter. Keidan Coleman (BRL, $263.2k, 4%, Inj.) Coleman pulled his hamstring and will be out for 8-10 weeks. An unfortunate avoidWayne MILERA (ADEL, $271.1k, 10%, DNP) Milera was no where to be sighted during the Crows AAMI game v the Power. Milera however did play in the SANFL and from what I can gather is no certainty for R1. Too many question marks for mine, avoid at this stage. 


Patrick CRIPPS (CAR, $454.8k, 32%, 157 SC, 83% TOG)

More-so a fallen premium than a true mid-pricer, however with many fighting to fit in a combination of ROWELL / CRIPPS / BERRY, I felt the need to include him in this discussion. Stealing the show with 157 SC points,  slotting 4 goals, 30 possessions @80% DE, 26 CBA’s and 9 total clearances! It’s fair to ask if Cripps is well and truly back. However, No Walsh present and even though he wasn’t taped up like a bad school project, we did see Cripps hobble off in the 2nd quarter with a knock (before returning shortly after). So the question is, can Crippa’s body stay healthy throughout the season when the games back at full speed and average around 105?

Jye CALDWELL (ESS, $266.7k, 16%, 111 SC, 75% TOG)

24 disposals @75% DE, 12 CBA’s, 10 contested possessions, 5 tackles & 111 SC points (note, Stringer & Shiel both weren’t playing and Caldwell appeared to be very much in the role Shiel played during the scratchy). With Zerrett / Parish & Stringer to get bulk CBA’s, i’d suspect that those CBA numbers drop and his role becomes a lot less SC friendly during the H&A season.

Jarrod BERRY (BRIS, $268.5k, 26%, 82 SC, 82% TOG)

19 disposals / 79% DE / 7 contested / 4 clearances / 5 tackles / 6 marks and passed the eye test.

158 points in the unofficial practice match v The Crows & 82 v The Dogs. Berry has shown serious scoring potential in thepast, with averages of 84.9 in 2019 and 97.1 in 2020. Now at still only 24 years old, can he go back to his best and further improve on it after an injury riddled year in 2021?

Matt ROWELL (GCS, $342.9k, 41%, 121 SC, 78% TOG)

27 possessions / 18 contested / 8 clearances / 70% DE / 7 tackles, 121 SC points and looked amazing! Everything we wanted to see from Rowell he showed, was also nice to not see him strapped up. Awkwardly priced, but could be an absolute bargain if he’s back to his best.

Pat LIPINSKI (COL, $359.9k, 3%, 24 SC, Inj. – 20% TOG)

Going on 5 possessions @40% DE & 20 SC points in the short time he was on before hurting his ankle. Latest news is that he will be right for round 1. However around that price, with other more appealing options, I’d personally avoid at this stage.

Honourable Mentions: Dylan SHIEL (ESS, $361.1k, 3%, DNP) Too much uncertainty for my liking and with Rowell priced slightly cheaper the decision here should be easy. Jai NEWCOMBE (HAW, $261.3k, 1%, 63 SC, 79% TOG) another Hawker I’m expecting to get consistent game time, however like many others, I’d much rather Ward in my team. Charlie CONSTABLE (GCS, $213.4k, 4%, Injured) Hampered by an adductor strain and won’t be playing for at least the next 4 weeks, avoid.


Braydon PREUSS (GWS, $204.7k, 20%, 102 SC, 78% TOG)

Scoring 102 SC points in the AAMI Praccy game against Grundy and the Pies, playing as 2nd ruck to Flynn. Preuss had 27 Ruck contests to Matty Flynn’s 45. However out-performed Flynn around the ground and in the contest. Unfortunately for Preuss and owners alike, he got himself suspended for R1 in the process.

Jarrod WITTS (GC, $380.3k, 11%, 97 SC, 54% TOG)

29 HO’s, 7 possessions (6 contested) & 100% DE, 1 contested mark & 2 clearances. Witts racked up 97 SC points on managed minutes, playing just over half the game. All reports are that he’s ready to go for Round 1! Best ruckman under 400k if you’re looking for value, also has a nice midfield to work with, however just isn’t worth the risk that he doesn’t make enough coin and a Grundy / Gawn / Darcy that you would have missed out on, has a big start resulting in being left behind the pack…


Stephen CONIGLIO (GWS, $261.3k, 71%, 112 SC, 77% TOG)

27 possessions, 10 contested,  78% DE, 7 clearances, 5 tackles, 15 CBA’s & 112 SC points. Sounds like a forward keeper if he can keep a semblance of this up during the season. Get him in!

Cam RAYNER (BRIS, $278.6k, 22%, DNP)

Unfortunately absent due to personal matters. Still offers value at his price point and potential scoring ability with added midfield minutes. Just unfortunate we didn’t get a proper look at Cam vs the Dogs.


Will BRODIE (FREO, $224.3k, 31%, 100 SC, 67% TOG)

120 in the unofficial scratch match & 100 in the AAMI Series (Fyfe was absent for both games). 23 possessions, 9 contested, 74% DE, 8 tackles, only on 13 CBA’s & 67% TOG. Brodie has displayed a solid pre-season and will surely be given a gig in the midfield come regular season, albeit with a reduced CBA load.

Charlie CURNOW (CARL, $224.3k, 12%, DNP)

With a knee complaint Charlie unfortunately didn’t get a game. Latest is that he will be right for Round 1, however a concerning injury history and what appears to not be a very SC friendly role (based off the scratch match with no Harry McKay present). It’s hard to make a claim for him as things stand. Especially with better options presenting themselves…

Jade GRESHAM (STK, $299.0k, 16%, 77 SC, 77% TOG)

A modest game for Gresham who’s ownership has been steadily declining throughout pre-season. 18 possessions, 6 contested @ 67% DE, 1 goal, with 2 tackles and 0 marks. He didn’t have the most remarkable game, however did show flashes of his talent. Being more expensive than the likes of McGovern, Xerri and Brodie, it’s hard to justify the extra 50-80k required…

Tristan Xerri (NTH, $208.2k, 11%, 96 SC, 89% TOG)

Xerri lead the CBA’s with 16 (Goldy with 7), 29 HO’s, 5 contested marks, 17 disposals, 14 contested @ 65% DE. Like I initially mentioned in my team reveal, North need to look at life without a 34 year old Goldy. From picking the brains of North supporters, he should be 1st in line for a crack, ahead of CCJ & Comben and his pre-season numbers and performance confirm that.

Hugo RALPHSMITH (RICH, $206.7k, 7%, 72 SC, 85% TOG)

20 possessions, 5 contested @ 80% efficiency, 10 marks, 0 tackles. With Houli retired he very much also looks the goods off half back, played in the same role as Rioli, but amassed an abundance of the ball.

Mitch MCGOVERN (CARL, $256.0k, 10%, 100 SC, 62% TOG)

I just want to preface Mitch’s write up by saying, I can’t believe I’ve had Mitch McGovern in and out of my team… With a new intercept role down back for Mitch, he amassed a total of 6 intercept marks (highest in the AAMI Series), 19 disposals ( 15 kicks) @ 74% DE, 4 tackles and was gifted 2 of the kick-ins. Melbourne we’re playing a lazy style of football so interesting to see how he performs during the regular season with better I50 delivery.

Honourable MentionsWillie RIOLI (WCE, $225.3k, 2%, 33 SC, 65% TOG) 1 goal, 7 possessions and 33 SC points… Can’t say I’m surprised with his score, small forwards are notoriously bad SC scorers. Great to see him back playing, however avoid for mine. Lachie WELLER (GC, $400.3k, 1%, 73 SC, 81% TOG) A POD with a SC friendly role that has access to the kick ins. What could possibly be not to love? 18 disposals, 8 kicks (4 of those from kick-ins), 100% DE, only 5 possessions contested. All totalled for 73 SC points. Wasn’t much to love when you can scrape your way to a more promising FWD for 40-60k more.

So which midpricer is in your team currently, who are you not sold on? Let me know in the comments below!



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7 thoughts on “Midpricers Review – AAMI Community Series 2022”

  1. This is brilliant, great work Abs.

    I’m just running with Rowell & Coniglio for the moment, both have the biggest upside IMO. Have had Berry & Brodie in my team but decided against it due to structure.

    On a side note, in the past there is has been a spreadsheet floating around with the practice game stats / pricing / positions etc. Anybody know if one has been done? I’m guessing not as we are so close to the start but thought I’d ask =)


  2. A left field thought, English* and Preuss as R2 and R3. Dixon as a forward bench role.

    Preuss is the round one loophole and you can get him on field the weeks he plays. Based on GWS last year Flynn and Preuss may alternate.

    *Or other RF that you think could be a keeper at FT and provide ruck cover.


  3. Me every year: This is the year I’ll go guns and rookies
    Also me every year: Wow. Look at all the value in the mid pricers. Surely [insert year here] is the year where mid pricer madness works.


  4. To expand, for English to be a keeper, he would need to be a 95 average at worse, +6 on last year or -8 on 2020. I would say this is likely. He is 12th highest price so in the range. Looking at last year’s top forward scorers being durable was the biggest factor, Dixon (PTA) was 3rd highest with same average. English missed 4 (consecutive) games last year, none the year before.

    Preuss needs to be better than similar priced forwards (Xerri, Brodie) or defender if you are flipping McCartin between the two positions. Role says yes, durability says no, selection probably not consistent enough. But if he plays similar number of games as Flynn did last year and scores an 80 average he probably appreciates enough by the byes to trade out.

    Dixon is in nearly every team at R3 or F8.

    Strategy is +$50k compared to Grundy and $123k rookie.

    The out if Preuss bombs is essentially a rookie correction trade.

    The trade out for English would only be injury based which is normal decision making.


  5. Nick Blakey playing the half back run n gun / delivery role for the swans this year sounds promising. Looking fantastic in the Community series and could be a great Draft pick up.


    1. I currently have Blakey in the team as I feel he is to replace Dawson. He had 115 SC points against North with 28 disposals with 591 metres gained. He also had a couple of kick ins to go with it.

      Last season he went down round 10 but returned round 16-22 and averaged 75.6 in his last 7 games, with an injury in round 22. That game was 58% TOG and 20 disposals, the most he has had in a single game. He would have been priced at 400k with that average

      All the focus has been more on Mcinerny, but I am more doubtful of him as he was quite up and down during the year and Mills only played 1 half in the preseason game which could alter Mcinerny’s scoring



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