SuperCoach Talk Tech League (SCTTL)

Written by JimmyDee on March 15 2022

Hello all good folk of the hallowed site. I have a couple of spots left in an eighteen team league, so if you want to join a league where everyone starts with the same team, leap onto your email and send me your details…

jimmydee at supercoachtalk dot com

Still haven’t heard back from some long time regulars (named below), but if you reply in the next couple of days we should be able to get up a ten team league and slot you into the group, so no dilly dallying!!!

Need responses from: (ether yea or nay)
Jomo K
Joe F
Nigel S
Liam Q

Look forward to hearing from you all, plus some newbies, so we can look forward to a great season ahead.

All the best.


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8 thoughts on “SuperCoach Talk Tech League (SCTTL)”

    1. Probs tomorrow, depending on when I can talk to Chips about final selection. Could be tonight, but either way it will go direct via email.


  1. Hi Jimmydee,

    Liam Q here I’ll be in again’ just flicked you off a reply to your email! Sorry about the lateness


  2. Sorry for such a late response, but I am happy to join up again this year. Will try and go for a 2nd win of the comp after my last couple poor seasons


  3. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for all the work you do! I’m not going to be able to edit my team after around 5pm and website becomes unusable around an hour before first bounce tonight so hopefully can get the teams with enough time to ensure all in the league are compliant.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.



  4. Hope there are no Melbourne or Bulldogs players in the team because I’m off to work and won’t be able to put my team in before the game starts tonight.



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