1st DPP Changes 2022

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on April 19 2022


Name Club Old Position New Position
Dayne Zorko Brisbane Lions MID DEF/MID
Nick Daicos Collingwood MID DEF/MID
Scott Pendlebury Collingwood MID DEF/MID
Jordan Clark Fremantle MID DEF/MID
David Swallow Gold Coast Suns MID DEF/MID
Brandon Ellis Gold Coast Suns MID DEF/MID
Angus Brayshaw Melbourne MID DEF/MID
Bailey Scott North Melbourne FWD DEF/FWD
Luke McDonald North Melbourne MID DEF/MID
Josh Battle St Kilda FWD DEF/FWD

Top 6 Relevant: Once elite midfielders Zorko and Pendlebury have now been repurposed as half backs. Both are getting are getting ample distribution, a slice of the kick ins and the SC points that follow. Given their strong decision making, foot skills and esteem within their respective sides, both backlines often defer to them and look their way. Injury profiles, particularly Zorko, a potential concern but the roles are rock solid.

Useful: Daicos grabs the DEF DPP we all wished he started with. Can comfortably sit back there now to allow for a MID upgrade.

Monitor: Brayshaw had that insane game a fortnight ago and remained in the same role this week. He’s a pure utility player for the Dees, so goes where needed and puts his head down. Salem back probably re-jigs things, but could be serviceable in the interim. McDonald had one massive game at half back, a decent one the following week, then an understandable shocker against the Lions and a touch higher up the ground since. With Hall out and Ziebell up forward, McDonald will likely become the experienced general and accumulator for the time being – probably want to see some consistency first however.


Name Club Old Position New Position
Jordan Dawson Adelaide Crows DEF DEF/MID
Callum Ah Chee Brisbane Lions DEF DEF/MID
Cam Rayner Brisbane Lions FWD MID/FWD
Tom Cutler Essendon DEF DEF/MID
Nic Martin Essendon FWD MID/FWD
James Aish Fremantle DEF DEF/MID
Darcy Tucker Fremantle DEF DEF/MID
Tanner Bruhn Greater Western Sydney FWD MID/FWD
Jaidyn Stephenson North Melbourne FWD MID/FWD
Dan Houston Port Adelaide DEF DEF/MID
Zak Butters Port Adelaide FWD MID/FWD
Jake Aarts Richmond FWD MID/FWD
Jack Sinclair St Kilda DEF DEF/MID
Mason Wood St Kilda FWD MID/FWD
Errol Gulden Sydney Swans FWD MID/FWD
Jackson Nelson West Coast Eagles DEF DEF/MID
Willie Rioli West Coast Eagles FWD MID/FWD

Useful: The breakout boys from the South Dawson and Butters, as well as Sinclair, aren’t relevant as outright midfielders but the added DPP will come in handy during the byes, for potential trade maneuvers and to perhaps cover a donut.


Name Club Old Position New Position
Tristan Xerri North Melbourne FWD RUC/FWD

As Expected: Doesn’t require much commentary but Xerri picking up ruck status might make a Grundy -> Preuss move more appealing knowing Xerri can cover.


Name Club Old Position New Position
Darcy Fort Brisbane Lions RUC RUC/FWD
Tom De Koning Carlton RUC RUC/FWD
Patrick Lipinski Collingwood MID MID/FWD
Will Hoskin-Elliott Collingwood MID MID/FWD
Matt Guelfi Essendon MID MID/FWD
Sam Durham Essendon MID MID/FWD
Alex Davies Gold Coast Suns MID MID/FWD
Mabior Chol Gold Coast Suns RUC RUC/FWD
Connor MacDonald Hawthorn MID MID/FWD
James Harmes Melbourne MID MID/FWD
Jack Ziebell North Melbourne DEF DEF/FWD
Kayne Turner North Melbourne DEF DEF/FWD
Todd Goldstein North Melbourne RUC RUC/FWD
Jackson Mead Port Adelaide MID MID/FWD
Liam Baker Richmond DEF DEF/FWD
Noah Balta Richmond DEF DEF/FWD
Shane Edwards Richmond MID MID/FWD
Bradley Hill St Kilda DEF DEF/FWD
Luke Parker Sydney Swans MID MID/FWD
Zaine Cordy Western Bulldogs DEF DEF/FWD
Tom Liberatore Western Bulldogs MID MID/FWD

Top 6 Relevant: Holy sh*t! Some major changes up forward to discuss. Lipinski with some midfield continuity can comfortably spit out tons, Ziebell could also reprise his role as SC relevant if their forward experiment ends and he returns down back (hinges on Hall you’d think) and if Goldstein returns to primary ruck duties out of necessity or an injury to Xerri he’d also be worth a look. Parker has been playing mainly up forward and given the strength of the Swans and occasional stoppage bursts, he packs an impressive ceiling – Papley returning might also strengthen his hand. Liberatore is personally the addition I’m most excited about. Had been banished from the midfield for the first few weeks but a return to the coal face, where he was so instrumental last season, could see him press a triple figure average or atleast a few pings at that 130+ ceiling that inside MIDs have.

Useful: MacDonald and Mead haven’t set the world on fire, however both have picked up FWD status to boot.

Which DPP additions are the most interesting to you? How does it open up your team? Which players are now on your radar?


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13 thoughts on “1st DPP Changes 2022”

  1. Thanks for the update. Would like to bring in Liberatore to the Forward line but already have Dunks, English and Macrae. Concerned that if there’s ever a major Covid outbreak at the club my scoring would be in jeopardy. TU for yes TD for bit of a risk.


    1. Wighty on Zorko . You know he scored 52 the week before last.

      He has also been getting over a lower leg injury.

      He is cheap for a reason. Just because someone gets DPP doesn’t mean they’re a good selection.


      1. Yeah, also had two separate niggles in the Collingwood game. Heavily limited pre-season as well.

        That said, can seagull his way to some monster scores at half back.


      2. Gidday W & FT,
        read an article on the AFL site where Fagan said Coleman is ready to return but finding a defence position is a problem. Pushing Zorko fwd was one solution
        Zorko has b/e of 127 & possible price drop of $18000. Could be a trap with his injury history.


      3. I’m not that worried about the 52 as he’s always been a boom or bust type player; he had some truly rubbish scores last year (39 against the Dogs) and still nearly hit a 110 average on the year. Not worried about Coleman taking his spot either because feel like that makes them worse and just isn’t the sort of move a contender makes.

        I’m more concerned about the niggles but he says he’s 100% and he’s seriously just so good that at this price in these circumstances I can’t say no.


    1. Love the Parker option the more I think about it.
      Rowell out Brodie into the middle – Parker in. So cheap $483 k but is it worth the trade?
      Or Libba $525 does he get a gig in the guts?
      Is Danger $483 the pick or is the pick just fraught with Danger?
      Pendlebury at $535 is the tastiest option I think


  2. Libba is interesting. I’m reliably informed he had the COVIDs very close to the start of the season, which can probably explain the reduced mid time early. The Dogs are plainly better with him around the ball (moving him into the middle won us the game against Sydney) so you’d have to think his CBAs will stay at these elevated levels.

    But – I probably want English, Bont (who, if the split from the North game keeps up will be getting DPP next position change) and maybe even Smith more. On top of already having Dunkley and Macrae, it’s too many guys from the same team and won’t ever let you go massive, the funnest thing in the whole game.


  3. I have 6 rucks in my team. 3 in Ruck & 3 in Fwd.
    Selecting players out of position may get me a gig as an All Australian selector 😉



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