2019 Dead Team League Submissions – Reminder

Written by Huttabito on 4:00 pm, March 18 2019

Classic and Draft not enough formats for you? That’s alright, we have another one for you! Submissions are coming through thick and fast, be sure to get yours in too.

** Entries close 7:20pm AEDT this Thursday **

Coaches have given 15 responses.

Rate My Team MAR #5

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:53 am, March 18 2019

“…and with 200m to go, the whips are cracking…….”

Nearly there, Coaches…..finish line is in sight!

Enter your team in the comments below to get it rated by the SCT Coaches. Thank you in advance for the constructive criticism!!

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Coaches have given 185 responses.

2UP: MAR #4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:09 am, March 18 2019

A popular thread each Pre-Season…….SCTs 2UP. We’re getting down to business now…..

If there are two players (or two groups of players) you simply can’t split, enter them into the comments below. Our Coaches will guide you in the right direction with the thumbs UP/DOWN function. Good luck, Coaches!

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Coaches have given 198 responses.