2022 Team Preview – GWS Giants

Written by Freo Tragic on February 18 2022

So put up your hand if you finished 2021 and swore “no GWS players ever again!”…*sheepishly raises rand*. History hasn’t been kind to coaches when GWS is concerned. It’s either Leon Cameron chopping and changing rookies, Greene suspended or Kelly or Whitfield seemingly getting injured crossing the street – GWS just has a habit of letting us down. Looking over the team this year I’m increasingly worried this preview could be a hard sell. I guess one of the positives is they have the early bye – I’m clutching at straws now, aren’t I?


Lock and Load: Lachie Whitfield ($502 600). Yes, he’s injury prone but he’s painfully cheap after only 15 games last season. We all know he can score well in almost any role and with a full preseason under his belt, he gives me a bit more confidence he will at least stay on the park. At this stage it looks like we may have to pay up for the best rookies meaning we may have to take some risks on underpriced premiums. Whitfield is a potential Top 6 defender at a very juicy price. The ultimate risk reward player, for now he’s at D3…though I won’t hesitate to upgrade him if I can find a few cheaper rookies.

Feeling Lucky: Lachie Ash ($413 400) was taken at pick #4 in the 2019 draft and this defintely kid has all the skills to be a SC star of the future. Probably a year early for SC Classic though. Keep an eye out for him in your Draft sides. He’s an elite kick and  I wouldn’t be surprised if he averages close to 90 if given the right role on the wing or at half back.

Money Maker: We all love a mature age rookie right ? Leek Aleer ($144 300) does come with the elevated price and not a huge scoring history. I still see him behind Haynes for the intercepter role but they did go early on him in the draft so he is still one to watch list and consider if he gets a gig early.


Feeling Lucky…Like Really Lucky: Enter the ever tantalising but disappointing Josh Kelly ($582 800). Josh actually played 21 games last year for an average of 107.0, also includes a couple of games when a clearly deluded Leon Cameron played him forward. He is a Rolls Royce with one of the highest floors in the game, he has all the talent to average 115+ and finish Top 8 in the midfield – he won’t though, he will break your heart. Sorry but there’s just no way I can justify this selection at his current price and with his injury profile. I just can’t find anyone else to write about so here he is!

Money Maker: Finn Callaghan ($198 000) was taken at pick #3 in last years draft. He has been compared to The Bont so I expect big things eventually. The problem is Leon has a very poor record when it comes to playing the kids. Unfortunately I have almost no confidence he gets consistent games. Top dollar and questionable job security. Pass for now.


Money Maker: Here we go. Braydon Preuss ($204 700). What can I say about Braydon “The Pipe Dream” Preuss? Anyone that has been following my comments on the site knows how I feel about this guy. Firstly I don’t believe R2 is a place you can muck around with an injury prone player. Secondly, my god is he injury prone!: 2017- 8 games, 2018- 0 games, 2019- 7 games, 2020- 3 games and 2021 o games. 18 AFL games in 6 years. I know he played some VFL but that doesn’t score you SC points. The big fella just can’t catch a break. If the multiverse is real, Preuss is still injured in 99.0001% of the infinite possibilities available. So lets look into the .ooo1% and see a scenario. Preuss is named number one ruck at GWS in the preseason game, he plays 70% game time and scores 87 and he plays a second game and scores 90 unscathed. If this somehow happens, I will consider him for R3 and eat my shoe.  I really didn’t want to even mention him, but I knew you’d all ask, so I tried my best to give my honest opinion. I should of just said, don’t do it!


Locked and Loaded:  Yep that says “locked and loaded”.  I have  what seems like a long history with Tim Taranto ($529 700, FWD/MID). He has a burnt me before, but I will try to keep an open mind now he has forward status. On the surface he seems a solid pick: reasonably durable midfielder with dual position status, what’s not to like right ? But when you drill down I have some serious doubts about starting him in 2022. Before I mention them though I want to say I think with enough midfield time, and a little work on his disposal, Tim could easily finish in the Top 3-4 FWDs for the year. Now why I feel he’s a loaded starting pick. When Greene was missing at the end of last year Taranto was moved forward, during this time Taranto had scores of 64, 94 , 53 and 57. Greene will miss the first 5 games in 2022 due to suspension. If Tim starts forward, without bags of goals, his price should tumble. My plan is to pick him at the start of upgrade season around Round 6 for hopefully around 450k if they find someone else to play forward (Cogs) and Timmy starts in the guts. Then you can probably lock him in with out too many worries.

Money Maker: Now to the aforementioned Stephen Coniglio ($261 300). The only real decision to make is do you start him at F3 or F4 ? Best case he regains his midfield role or moves to half back, either case he probably does well enough to keep him at F6 for the whole year. Worst case he plays forward or is injured, and you need to trade him out. Either way he should make some cash and everyone’s going to start him, so we are all in the same boat. He is probably the easiest selection in SC right now. Low risk, high reward. Lock him in!

Let me know in the comments if there’s anyone other GWS players you are considering.

Thanks for reading. FT.


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12 thoughts on “2022 Team Preview – GWS Giants”

  1. Surprising no word on Isaac Cumming. All the potential for a breakout year this year and could push the 100 mark, right in calculation for me at D4 over Whitfield.


    1. Nice pick up Lock and Load.

      Cummings actually broke out last year. He seemed to relish getting Heath Shaws role. He increased his average from 67 to 92.9. He was the Midpricers very few got on, starting at only $288.000 and ending the season a handy D6.

      I guess theres scope for more improvement , I just feel there’s so many more proven defenders that he so far slipped under the radar. He could be a very handy pick up if you’re willing to take the risk.

      I still prefer Whitfield at this stage as he has a much higher ceiling and more runs on the board at this stage. ( he averaged 111.3 in 2019 )

      Thanks for your comments, and happy planning.


  2. Great article FT.

    Had trouble seeing Jelly’s name, brought back memories of him burning me last season.

    Currently debating starting Whitfield myself, currently he’s been booted from the team but could very easily be back by my next draft on 24 hours lol.

    The section on Preuss lived up! Agree with what you’re saying; I also don’t think he’s #1 ruckman from what I’m hearing? Gonna cull him and use the funds elsewhere, like you said FT, we can bring him in need be.


    1. Cheers Abs.

      I read a direct quote from Pruess himself saying that he has had “more surgeries than games” over the last 5 years. I think he will be very hard pressed to string enough consecutive games to be SC relevant this year.

      I’m happy to be proven wrong on Pruess. I genuinely hope he can get back on the park and rescue his career. I’m just not willing to pick him as a SC selection until he proves he is back to some kind of form/ fitness.

      Thanks again for reading .


  3. Great stuff FT!
    I have Whitfield and Cogs locked in. Agree with you on the rookies, GWS just don’t give them the games early but when injuries inevitably strike they get their chance and do alright.
    Timmy T will be a top 6 fwd but will start slowly until Greene comes back and people get into Leon’s ear that he is a star when he’s in the guts and is wasted up forward


    1. Thanks Alza.

      Cogs a lock.

      Whitfield gets a gig, if I need the funds for rookies.

      Timmy comes in when Leon see’s the error of his ways. Knowing Cameron he will give Jelly another stint forward and if this allows him Forward eligibly . Jelly with Forward DPP is a nightmare prospect. Would you ?


      1. I like Whitfield, he’s good to watch so that helps. Should play mid/wing/half back which are all good scoring positions. Generally averages 100+ so is cheap for his potential and I’m willing to risk his potential for injury.
        I picked Jelly up fwd last year in another unspoken form and it went well so if the price and role is right then I will be keen


  4. On ya FT,

    Has anyone checked to see whether West Coast and Freo’s injuries, or for that matter, any other states’ teams have developed their injuries while GWS has been in the vicinity…….


  5. My supercoach history with any GWS players has always ended in pain, I stay away from them. There are a few teams that do not support supercoach scoring GWS being one of them for me.


  6. Braydon “The Pipe Dream” Preuss. F*cking LOL, FT. Genuinely had a good chuckle at that.

    Down to business: no GWS players besides Cogs for me. Will get a decent CBA load enough for 80~ and is a necessary shield pick at 64% ownership.

    If Preuss starts as #1 ruck, I’d consider him at R3 as a slow burn. We’ll see.

    Don’t have much else to say given by SC antipathy for the Giants but a tremendous preview, FT. Great job.


    1. I LOL’d at “If the multiverse is real, Preuss is still injured in 99.0001% of the infinite possibilities available.” That kind of humour evoked memories of some of Thommo’s classic Round Reviews from a few years ago. Love your work, FT!


  7. Thanks Guys.

    Not the most popular Team to Preview.

    You would think with so much top end talent there would be more SC relevant players. GWS certainly have a knack of chopping and changing players to the detriment of their SC output.

    Maybe we should rename the coach . Leon “The Fantasy Killer” Cameron.



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