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Written by Freo Tragic on February 8 2023


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The Giants have always been a bit of a bitter pill when in comes to SuperCoach. That interesting mix of injury prone stars and many “just about”players that have had their SC careers ruined by role changes, or extended time played forward or out of position. In 2022, much to the delight of many a serious SuperCoach, Leon Cameron finally walked away from the game. This lead to a great second half of the year for a few special SC talents as they were finally given roles that they thrived in. Looking at you Himmelberg.

With the off season arrival of Adam Kingsley, will we see a Richmond game style that seems to limit SuperCoach scoring ? Or will the new coach allow the Giants undeniable talent to thrive in relevant roles? The loss of some serious midfield talent in Hopper, Taranto and young gun Tanner Bruhn means there should be more points to go around, and ample opportunity for a breakout or two at the Giants. All those coaches that swore they would never pick another GWS player, may just have to have a serious re think.


Lock and Load: It maybe a slight stretch to name Isaac Cumming ($521 200) as a lock and load player, but he’s the closest thing you will get as a GWS defender. Priced at 94.5 points you would probably need some slight growth for him to jump into that Top 6-8 bracket for defenders. Although with GWS tipped to finish outside the eight again this year, there should be plenty of ball in defence for Cumming to contend with. Whitfield moving up to the wing and Himmelberg as a permanent forward (?) can only increase his chances of topping that allusive ton in 2023. He’s certainly a POD to consider if you want some value in defence.

Feeling Lucky: In 2020 Nick Haynes ($318 700) made the AA squad and averaged 98.4 as an intercepting defender. Maybe it was the shorter quarters ? Or perhaps he just had a lucky season ?  Injuries and role changes have killed his last few years but talent just doesn’t just disappear. At 30 years old he’s probably not one to truly consider at this early stage. I would still keep an eye his role, especially if you taking a punt on the injury prone Yeo. He could be that “break glass in case of emergency type”. Certainly worthy of a spot on your watch list, and one to consider as a very late draft selection.

Money Maker: After missing all of 2022 with a knee complaint, I’m not sure where Jack Buckley ($205 000) sits in the pecking order at GWS. A serviceable defender when given game time Jacks elevated price tag probably means there’s better rookie options in defence. As a mature ager now, he is still worth monitoring in the preseason as who knows what role he maybe given.

There has been a fair bit of talk out of GWS about local NSW boy Jason Gillbee ($102 400, DEF/MID) this pre-season. The 191 cm utility has been impressing in training and word is he’s pushing for a round one spot. Gillbee is still a Category B rookie, so will need to impress in the practice games before getting elevating to the senior list before he can debut. We all love a basement priced rookie and the DPP is even more of a bonus. I will be locking him in if he manages to get named round one.


Lock and Load: It’s not often a breakout contender gets a lock and load spot. I guess you could say he broke out last year but once again role changes meant Tom Green ($534 600) didn’t finish the year as strongly as his owners would of liked. The kid is an absolute bull and no doubt a very special talent. As of writing this article 17% of coaches agree with me, and are already willing to take a punt on him taking the next step. He has already shown a very high ceiling and the sky’s the limit if he’s given the keys to the GWS engine room. Watch out for the Green machine in 2023.

Feeling Lucky: Josh Kelly ($582 300) was made for the feeling lucky tag. For me though, the Rolls Royce just spends too much time in the repair room for my liking. 2022 was his best year for staying on the park, but a few niggles still had owners worried he may miss games. He did managedto get through 21 games with a healthy 105.8 average, even though he was stuck on a wing at times.  He has undeniable scoring power and those midfield losses can only help solidify an inside midfield role. He seems very fairly priced, so if you willing to take the risk, he could prove a very handy pick up if everything goes right. So, are you feeling lucky?

Money Maker: Finn Callaghan ($244 000) may be the reason GWS were willing to let so much midfield talent depart last year. He is a 192 cm, 86kg early draft pick that seems ready made for AFL footy. There’s huge wraps on the kid as he’s been compared to a young Bont. His elevated price and a somewhat interrupted pre-season may mean a few folks avoid selecting him. Definitely one to monitor in the pre-season games as the kid is a future star. He will probably start on a wing , but if he looks like being given some midfield time he’s one I’m seriously considering. Watch list for sure.


I know the ruck line is hard to pick this year. That said, the uncertainty of who’s first choice and the injury, let alone suspension risk of Braydon Preuss ($506 000) means it’s a hard pass from me. Scroll on.


Lock and Load: The easiest pick of 2022 should still be a very solid selection in 2023. If Stephen Coniglio ($557 700) manages to play mostly midfield, he is still slightly underpriced, and a shoe-in to finish in the Top 6 FWDs this year. Although there’s a heap of value in the forwards, apart from Dunkley, Cogs is for me is the safest of them all. If you manage to find the cash he’s an easy lock and load in 2023.

Feeling Lucky: Where will he play ? We all know to avoid Harry Himmelberg ($499 000, FWD/DEF) if looks like a having a permanent role forward. Will he though? Looking back to last year Harry was constantly getting named at half forward and I stupidly avoided trading him in. He then rolled down to defence and basically played without an  opponent. Playing the Tom Stewart type role Harry absolutely killed it, with some huge ceiling games including 187 in Round 13. GWS have said he’s training with the forwards, as they’re unsure if Cadman is ready. God I hope that boy is ready Round 1, because if there’s a sniff of Himmelberg playing in defence he’s a lock for my D2-3 spot.

Money Maker: Aaron Cadman ($207 300) and Brent Daniels ($191 000) are both probably too expensive given their likely forward roles. Connor Stone ($123 900) is probably unlikely to start Round 1, though maybe worth a watch list spot as he may get games at some stage during the year.

Is there’s anyone I missed? Who from the Giants are you are thinking about starting this year, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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9 thoughts on “2023 Team Preview – GWS”

  1. I can say I am backing in Green considering the vast opening in the midfield for him.
    There is some concerns with Rds 17-20 for him last season was 50, 49, DNP (managed) then 55. His next 2 were tonnes to finish with a 58.
    Those low scoring games was due to a low amount of tackles and possessions. Getting more possessions this season should have him less reliant on tackles to score well.

    For rucks, Nick Madden may not be a money maker but is looking to be a solid loophole option with his DPP as a ruc/Fwd and priced at 102k. He is currently in about 50% of teams


  2. FWIW Harry H stated in an AFL.com.au interview that Kingsley thinks the plan he has for the season is best suited to HH playing forward.

    Like the thinking on Jack Buckley. Looked like turning into a good player before injury. Currently in my (Tech) side.


  3. Green is a lock for me. Expecting (hoping) 100% mid time this year.

    Thoughts on Daniels getting CBAs this year? Seemed to be in there a bit before injury struck. Would be a viable cash cow if that were the case again


  4. From the match simulation that GWS had today, Green spent most of his time on ball and was ‘starring’ according to the report given.

    Then ‘Nick Haynes was another to catch the eye, with the rebounding defender showcasing his brilliant best across half-back.’ This could give a bit more of a boost to the feeling lucky picking.

    A non mentioned potential money maker is Harry Rowston at 140k in the midfield. The club stated that he ‘impressed while matching up on Josh Kelly through the midfield.’

    Himmelberg played forward for the match which makes him more of someone to avoid


  5. For only 50k odd more i’m going Steele over Green as i see Steele having more safety as he’s averaged 120 twice in his career so far.


  6. Probably the most common Never Again player Lachie Whitfield with some interesting news.

    Since new coach of Kingsley is taken over the club, a changeover is looking to occur for some players. From an AFL.com.au article it has been stated by Whitfield that,
    “(Kingsley) just said I was definitely a required player and was part of his plans. He saw me playing off half-back all year, so it was pretty firm and a very quick ‘no’ in terms of me going anywhere.”

    This could have him in a solid position all year round after he played many roles as Whitfield stated his roles through the season as, “I started poorly off half-back. I went to the wing to freshen up a bit and played a few good games, then got moved into the forward line, then we lost a few guys through injury, so I went back to the wing.”

    It is interesting with Whitfield as could he bring back his scoring form as he averaged 86 last season, but remember seasons 18-20 averaging 99.9, 111.3, 104.5. So can he bring back his form? He could then pick up a potential DPP to then switch back to the backline, reopening a midfield spot.

    He has come off an offseason ankle surgery, but claims he has fully recovered.

    This can cause some very interesting questions as a potential POD



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