2023 Team Preview – Port Adelaide Power

Written by Chillo on February 2 2023


2022 was a strange old year for the Power. After five winless rounds they were stone motherless last and staring into the abyss. Eight wins from their next 11 games completely flipped their season on its head and suddenly finals looked a distinct possibility. However, narrow successive losses to the Dees, Cats and Pies put Port’s season to bed and the planning began for their 2023 campaign.

Despite missing the finals, there was a lot to like about Port’s season. They boast a clutch of exciting young players who continue to develop, with the likes of Rozee, Butters, Duursma, Marshall, Georgiades, Jones and Powell-Pepper forming a talented nucleus for the playing group. They welcome former number 1 pick and hometown boy Jason Horne-Francis to the club after the trade period. And they are guided by an experienced and battle-hardened leadership group, including a Brownlow medallist and a three-time All-Australian who is one of the most respected players in the game.


Feeling Lucky

Dan Houston ($545,100)

Houston has been promising to break into the top echelon of defenders for a few years now, but so far his promises have exceeded his results. However, 2022 was by far his best and most consistent effort yet, posting 99 ppg with nine tons and only 3 sub-80 scores in his 21 games. Dan has often flirted with the “more mid time” brigade, but I think he actually scores better when he’s playing the rebounding role off halfback and using that prodigious right boot to set up the attack for the Power. Houston is a despised outsider amongst the premium defs this year, but with Rozee and Butters sure to spend more time in the guts and JHF being added to the mix, Houston should settle into his favoured role as a backline distributor.

*something something Apollo 13 joke*

Darcy Byrne-Jones ($460,400)

It’s two years gone but I still haven’t figured out how DBJ wrangled himself an All-Australian blazer. Solid enough player, but top 6 defender in the league? They were bizarre times in 2020, but even that seems like a stretch. Still, he’s capable of putting up a big number and is worth a mention here for those who partake in draft leagues and are looking for a third or fourth defender.


Feeling Lucky

Ollie Wines ($580,700) and Travis Boak ($580,200) are the heart and soul of the club and put the Power into Port Adelaide. 2021 Brownlow medallist Wines was elite during that season, posting 112 ppg to justify his place at the top of the pile. However Ollie regressed last year (admittedly he’s hardly the first player to struggle to back up a Brownlow year), managing a still-respectable 105 courtesy of a good final month to his season. Will be disrespected by almost everyone at the start of the season (currently standing at around 1% ownership) but if he finds his way back to his previous medal-winning form, Quadzilla is well under-priced!

Boaky goes around for another season, probably his last although writing that is starting to feel a lot like Groundhog Day at this point. Old Man Teal just keeps finding new ways to reinvent himself and keep those veteran legs ticking over which is admirable in itself, but even more so when you consider the high level of performance he continues to produce. It’s a shame he can’t manage a DPP status anymore because then he would be a very interesting prospect, but despite the walking frame Trav very rarely misses games and is a lock for a 100-105 ppg season. Draft special.


Scott Lycett ($429,900)

There’s been renewed interest in Lycett this season as a potential bargain or stepping stone in the ruck stocks. I think a lot of this stems from general uncertainty around the roles of Gawn and Grundy and whether English and Marshall are ready to step it up, rather than any real faith in the Port big man who managed only four games last year thanks to a busted shoulder. Still, he has shown in the past that he is capable of 100+ ppg and all that extra dough you could save by holding on to Scotty until the byes could be very valuable. The good news is that, fitness permitting, he looks a good shot to be the first choice ruck at the Power this year, although there are a few challengers for that mantle too.


Lock and Load

Zak Butters ($529,400) (M/F) and Connor Rozee ($513,800) (M/F)

It’s been coming for a while but I truly believe this is the year that the guard changes at Port. The Power have relied on Boak and Wines to drive the midfield for so long now, but it’s finally time for the younger brigade to move in there permanently. Rozee had a brilliant but wildly inconsistent 2022, partly due to his constantly changing role in the team and his potency as a forward target, but still managed to average 93 after a painfully slow start to the year. There’s no doubt that this bloke is an absolute game winner, and the only thing stopping you from putting him in your forward line is whether he can string those performances together week after week for a full season. Just to emphasise his undoubted potential, Connor topped the 150 mark on three occasions last year.

The other Port young gun to consider this year is Butters, who alternated between thrilling and frustrating last season. Zak posted four scores below 60 in the early parts of the season where he was jammed into a forward pocket for seemingly no reason at all. By contrast, he finished the year with five straight tons and effectively removed any chance of getting him for a competitive price to start 2023. Butters plays like he’s made of bricks but is actually built more like straw, and owners will be holding their breath every time he launches one of his kamikaze attacks on the footy. But there’s absolutely no doubting his ability, and even though as a frustrated owner I put him on the “never again” list last year he’s somehow found his way back into my team. Good luck everyone!

Feeling Lucky

Jason Horne-Francis ($348,800) (M/F)

Well, that escalated quickly. After being drafted at number 1 and famously photographed sleeping in a North jumper, the shine came off the apple very quickly and Horne-Francis finds himself at the Power for his sophomore season. Only those on the inside will know exactly what the circumstances were that led to this rapid falling out between a young player and his footy club, but anyone who saw the way JHF could win the footy and explode out of congestion in his rookie year will know this guy can play. He presents in 2023 with DPP status and a tantalising price tag. There’s obviously a bunch of unknowns and associated risk here, but pull the trigger and you could look like a damn genius if the kid finds his new surroundings to his liking. Feeling lucky indeed!

The times, they are a-changing. And how!
Money Maker

Josh Sinn ($123,900) (M/F)

Taken at pick 12 in the 2021 draft, Sinn promised a lot early in his debut year and made his senior debut in round 2 against the Hawks. Unfortunately that was all she wrote for the talented left-footer, as leg and groin injuries played havoc with the rest of his first season. Generally regarded as a halfback flank type with a long kick, I’m not sure how he’s been assigned forward status but I’m not complaining either. Obviously there’s always a bit of uncertainty around the rooks at this time of year but keep an eye on him and lock in if named for round 1. Sinn definitely has a fantasy friendly game and shapes as one of the prized cash cows if he can get into the Power 22.


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13 thoughts on “2023 Team Preview – Port Adelaide Power”

  1. Great write up!

    I’ve got Rozee ahead of Butters, who is kinda on my never again list despite his favourable positioning and friendly SC game. I really like him as a real life player but he’s too reckless on field for his own good and kinda reminds me of a tiny Tim English. Plus Rozee looked great at the end of last year and is probably straight up better than Butters anyway.

    If Cameron actually misses time to start the year then suddenly JHF is in my calculations. I don’t really like the look of anyone else around or below Cameron’s price.

    And I am with you on DBJ. Footy’s Pat Beverley, he’s just running around doing nothing.


    1. I think Butters is ahead of Rozee to start the season. Butters will consistently give you 105 where Rozee will yo yo. That means there’s a high chance of picking him up later in the season, if he still warrants it after we get the player positional changes in round ??


  2. Thanks, Chillo.

    Lycett been in my side for a while. Ruck landscape very open, he’ll get the job done.

    Latest from CT:

    Port Adelaide: Scott Lycett: “(My shoulder is feeling) strong. It’s good, really good. I’m out there doing full-on contested drills so I’m ready to go. I’ve had three reconstructions now and all three of them have been infected.”

    I saw someone with Butters and Rozee in their side the other day. Can’t remember who, but quite liked it.


    1. Yep, I’ve got both the Port forwards in my team at the moment. Stressing “at the moment”.

      Lycett is that sort of high-risk, high-reward option that I can never bring myself to buy into. Maybe that’s why I’m such a Supercoach tragic!


      1. Lol.

        Lycett will be this year’s Ryan. I’ll convince half the site to start him and somehow end up not starting him myself.

        Yeah, really rate the Butters and Rozee double shot. Stick fat, Chillo!


        1. Greetings GD,
          Lycett had been in my team since the start but I started going cold on him.

          Lycett said that he had been training with Jeremy Finlayson in the same team over pre-season. He wouldn’t be surprised to see Finlayson being used in the ruck again this season.
          Now we have the news that –
          Jeremy Finlayson (ankle) out for an extended period.

          So another rethink.


  3. Nice one Chillo.

    Butters is firmly on my probably-never-again-until-I-change-my-mind list, reminds me a lot of De Goey in terms of SC output being hugely dependent on where the coach puts his magnet. The fact he is the fourth most expensive FWD is mind boggling, and a good indicator of how few reliable options there seems to be this year.

    Anyone got a read on whether Franics Evans (came across from Geelong) will get a look in?


    1. Evans is an interesting call, thought he was good in limited opportunities at the Cats. Pre-season monitor list. The price is definitely right.


  4. Currently, have Rozee in over Taranto at F3 at the moment, Huge upside as he moved into that centre bounce role halfway through round 5. One to watch role again in the preseason games but Sure Hinkley leaves his All Australian midfielder in the midfield 😛


  5. One to keep note of is Lachie Jones as he is a 266k Def/Fwd that just spent a fair amount of time in the midfield for in Ports intraclub match.
    Butters didn’t play this game which helped him, but he is definitely one to keep note of as that could end up being a potential money maker


    1. Jones said, “I’ve been told I’ll play back, but I’ve been playing mid so we’ll wait until we get into games a bit more”

      Looks like one to watch in preseason games as he has had a solid pre season without injuries like previous seasons


  6. Another potential money maker could be Dante Visentini as a 124k Ruc/Fwd.

    He got himself a promotion to the A team in the 2nd half of Ports intraclub match.

    It was stated that he “attacks the ball really well, has a strong presence about it him, is a beautiful set shot for goal and pretty solid in the air. ”

    For Lycett as a ruck choice it was stated that “Ruck positions are definitely up in the air”

    This is because Teakle was played in the A team over Lycett and has received praise as ‘Josh Carr likes the way Teakle jumps in at the centre bounce.
    He moves really well and gets up and down the ground well. We’ve seen what he can do when he goes forward.’


    1. Lycett started in the B side but replaced Teakle in the A side in the last quarter.
      Lycett seemed to improve as the game went on apart from a shocking kick at goal (OOF) and a harsh call of deliberate when he again shanked a kick, he did good work around the ground. He seemed rusty at times but played out the whole four 25 minute quarters.
      I thought that he was the best of the rucks in the game.



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