2024 Team Preview – Port Adelaide

Written by Chillo on March 7 2024


It seems weird to write it but 2023 was a disappointing year for the Power in some ways, despite finishing third on the ladder. The highlight was undoubtedly the stupendous 13-game winning streak that they put together from April to July – which was promptly forgotten, as they managed to drop their next four games. Their season ended with a straight sets exit in the finals courtesy of the Lions and Giants, leaving Hinkley and his men to lick their wounds and start considering how to go further in 2024.

There’s still a lot to like about the Power this season. Their roster boasts seven players with at least one All-Australian blazer in their wardrobe, and they have a really nice blend of experienced proven players and exciting new talents – including a dynamic duo that will each be vying for the highest honour in the game this year.


Lock and Load

Dan Houston ($593,100)

The long-kicking Houston has steadily worked his way into the elite group of defenders over the past few seasons. His ability to consistently hit targets with a laser-like right boot, while being free of the defensive attention that the Power’s bigger stars are sure to attract, combined with impressive durability (only 2 games missed in the past three years), all qualifies him as Supercoach gold. Then there’s that preferred bye to consider, a solid 109-point hitout in the pre-season, and his status as a bona fide POD premium (9.7% ownership at the time of writing). Yes he’ll throw in the occasional loose game, but all things considered, it’s as the prophet Stefani once said: What you waiting for?


Lock and Load

Zak Butters ($636,100) and Connor Rozee ($601,200)

This time last year I said that 2023 would see the changing of the guard at Port, and darn it I really need to start taking my own advice! Butters and Rozee were both absolutely terrific for the entire season, each playing the full complement of 23 games and lifting their scoring averages well into triple figures for the first time in their respective careers. Unfortunately both players have lost that coveted forward status this year, but I really don’t think that makes either of them less viable for a starting spot in your midfield. Butters is still light on weight but huge on talent, and for that reason he will always present with an injury risk, but the other side of that coin is that the kid is hard as nails and plays his backside off every week he’s available. Rozee oozes class from every pore and, in my view, the two-time All-Australian still has more improvement left in him.

As an added bonus, Port has the best bye (Round 13, shared with Freo) – so should you choose, you can pair up both of these tyros and it really won’t hurt you at all when that dreaded time of the year rolls around.

Feeling Lucky

Ollie Wines ($463,600)

Barely a year after a golden 2021 which included a 112 ppg season average and a Brownlow medal around his neck, Wines suffered a shocking regression in 2023 with only four Supercoach tons to his name. However, there’s a much better vibe around Ollie this year (if you can actually trust such a thing) and the potential value that he presents with this year is unquestionable. Should Wines revert to anywhere near his previous role and form, you’ll have scored a midfield keeper for well under $500K and have gained a huge edge on all your opposition. A phenomenal effort of 130 in the AAMI series just screams “pick me!” and the only question now is: do you have the abdominal fortitude to follow through?

Ollie’s form is only going one way in 2024

Jason Horne-Francis ($433,900)

Look, the kid is going to break out at some point. You know it, I know it, everyone does. Does it happen this year? Right now, JHF is more famous for what he’s done off the field than on it, but my guess is it won’t stay that way forever. The former first pick would have to find enough points in that stacked Power midfield to be a viable target – and maybe he will. If nothing else, Horne-Francis is a very interesting proposition for your draft teams and one to watch this season.

Money Maker

Josh Sinn ($123,900)

Two years after he was Port’s first round selection in the draft, we’re still waiting for Sinn to establish himself on the halfback flank. There’s no doubt he has the talent and the game, he just needs a clear run with injuries and opportunity. Unlikely to feature early but keep him in mind when downgrade season starts.


Money Maker

Jordon Sweet ($158,700)

The price tag certainly lives up to his name, but can we say the same about the job security? Jordon with an ‘o’ has made his way west from the West to the Power in the hopes of securing a permanent role in the top flight. Unfortunately for him (and us), former Tigers ruck Ivan Soldo has trod a similar path and will likely have first dibs on the plum role at Port Adelaide in 2023. However, should injury or loss of form strike, then Sweet has proven in his limited appearances so far that he is a capable tap ruckman and can score. Keep him in mind for your R3 spot throughout the season.


Money Maker

Jackson Mead ($199,800) (M/F)

In contrast to recent years, there’s not a lot to write about in the Power forward line, but Mead did catch my eye during the pre-season. His 18 games in the league thus far have been littered with vests and limited playing time, but his 112-point effort against the Dockers last week was hard to ignore and his price tag is just about right. It’s hard to strongly recommend Mead due to his tissue-thin job security and there being so many budget options in the forward line this year, but don’t dismiss just yet. Sometimes an experienced something is better than a fresh nothing, if you catch my drift….



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