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Written by Alza on March 7 2024

2024 is a Supercoach season like no other and it seems to have thrown a lot of variations into our thinking already. Safe to say it’s going to be an exciting watch early on in the year!

My team has changed considerably this pre-season with the main change having Jack Macrae at F1 until a couple of weeks ago. I still might pick him but I it is unlikely. He is priced 10 points under his career average of 109 but there is too much uncertainty on his role and fitness. My forward and back lines have changed every few days but my midfield and ruck lines have remained constant.

My rank last year was 2541 and I have $79,900 remaining and as always rookies are subject to selection. I’m not starting a loop this year unless no rookie rucks are selected with the early byes making it easy to lock in a VC option apart from Gather Round.


Stewart and Young haven’t left my team so far, they’re popular and for good reason. Sheezel was Sinclair but his injury forced my hand. I’m not 100% sold but if he can keep that half back role he will be elite again. I am also not fully sold on Coleman but he should be great value and at the moment I’m willing to start him even with his bye. Same goes for Williams but he is so cheap that if he’s fit and playing he’s in!


I have decided to avoid the premium mids with an early bye. Arguments could be made against all 3 of Laird, Merrett and Brayshaw although I can see them all going slightly better this season especially Brayshaw who also has a great bye. Rozee is a gun and should be even better this year even with the captaincy and also has a good bye. Steele is value and even though he burnt me twice last year he looks fit and is so handsome he has to be there. The rookies may change but Hustwaite, Roberts and Sharp should be there Round 1 with decent roles like in the pre-season game.


Old school set and forget. Now I don’t expect both of these 2 to do over 125 again but I can see Gawn being 115 with ease as he showed in the AAMI game. Grundy has a few more question marks but I’m willing to back him in. I started English and Marshall last year and it was a little underrated how good they really were with C and VC options each week. This year they are a bit expensive for me considering the 2 rucks I have selected. Naismith should get a few games in early so is R3 for now.


What a shambles the forward line is being the complete opposite of last year. Flanders was a lock until his most recent performance but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt plus we can double check in Opening Round. Fisher and Sexton have the best roles going around and we all know how that translates. Points and $$$! Jordon is a newish addition but with Mills, Parker and Adams out early he should have access to more points. He averaged 75 in 2022 so I see no reason he can’t go at 80. Reid bounced back with his AAMI performance but I was never worried with his job security unmatched. Lazzaro should be there Round 1 but if not he can be easily swapped.

Overall I am happy with this team at the moment but a week is a long time in Footy and even bigger in Supercoach. Good luck everyone this year!


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10 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Alza”

  1. Very solid team Alza, love the Steele explanation. He certainly is a handsome fella, team has to look good in more ways than one true Lol


    1. Not at the moment, from what I’ve seen I don’t think it will be a long enough period as number 1 ruck. I had him at the end of last year and it was a great move so I am a fan of him.
      If the amount of forward options we have weren’t there then I probably would but at the moment I’m happy with what I have. If Flanders is stuck playing forward this week then I will consider it


  2. what do you think Coleman can average this year? better than 90?

    Just because his price starts with a 3, he seems cheap (its really $400k). For another $60k you can get HH, Yeo, Clark who should all do 90.

    just not seeing him as a keeper. he had half of last year playing without Rich in team and i didn’t see any massive spike in scoring.

    plus the bye is a big turn off.


    1. Think the prob is more there is nobody between Coleman and Massimo way down at 224K or Williams216K. Coleman is sort of your first half decent scorer unless you really pack the Def which history kind of shows isn’t a great idea (well not for me anyway). But yeah Coleman not a cash cow and prob not a keeper, more a half decent scorer with 40 trades.

      I don’t mind Alza’s light Def (although I like Daicos over Stewart), I’ve gone sort of similar with the view of getting N.Martin and moving Fisher back there and then identifying the top Def’s to select later.


    2. Pretty much exactly what Rod has said below. With the cash available he seems the option that I am most comfortable with. High ownership, hopefully less injury risk, cheaper and the scoring potential is there.

      I’d prefer not to start Coleman due to his bye but I see him averaging around 90-95. He may not be a keeper but unless my structure changes then he is the best fit for now


    3. He’s the obvious distributor out of Brisbane’s backline so an average of 90 is guaranteed.
      An uncharacteristic 5 clangers cost him in the aami. If he didn’t have the clangers he scored 109 from 14 disposals and 10 marks.
      If all 5 clangers were deemed effective kicks he’d have scored 130+ from his 19 disposals and 10 marks.

      I’ll watch what he does against blues but I expect it to be to same as aami minus the clangers.



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