Game Chat – Melbourne vs Fremantle

Written by Motts on March 20 2021

Where and when: MCG, 1:45pm (AEDT)

Last time they met: R16 2020: Melbourne 4.9 (33) DEF BY Fremantle 6.11 (47)

Despite calls from coach Simon Goodwin for his side to be a “brave footy club” at half-time, the Demons left their run too late in the 6.11 (47) to 4.9 (33) defeat at Cazalys Stadium.Three-goal Dockers star Michael Walters’ clean skills were a cut above in slippery conditions before young gun Adam Cerra delivered the knockout blow with a stunning banana goal in the final term.

Match Preview: The blowtorch of pressure is well and truly on Dees coach Simon Goodwin in 2021. Despite having oodles of talent at his disposal, Melbourne has underperformed since he took the reins in 2017. 69 games for a 33–36 win-loss record. A loss against a travelling Freo today would be an absolute disaster.

Motts Watch:

Where exactly is big Maxi going to play? Word during the week was that the coach would be playing him more out of the goal square this season which led to your faithful scribe ditching him in favour of Flynn. Will Petracca back up his breakout year in 2020? Will Oliver justify his eye-watering $656k price tag? So many questions…

I feel like there’s a lot I don’t know about this Freo outfit. They finished 12th last season on 7 wins which was their highest finish since 2015. Under second year coach Justin Longmuir and champion captain Nat Fyfe they’re probably a very good chance to take another step forward this year. That starts today with a win.

Mottsy’s Tip: Dees by 12

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90 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne vs Fremantle”

  1. Gonna wack the big C on Oliver I think don’t trust Gawn after what I’ve seen already from the rucks..

    Gotta get this locked in before the bounce of this match because it involves swinging some players round. Anywho

    TU : Rowell & butts/cox

    TD: Taranto & JClarke


    1. Only concern with Satan is that he’ll be a little underdone. We don’t know what kind of TOG he’ll have.

      Completely get your reservations with Gawn though. Tricky.


    1. Sack Lazzaro or Bergman, both with tenuous JS. Bergman will comfortably score better than Lazzaro, so maybe Lazzaro goes first?


  2. Gawn to smash it – 150+ here we come!

    He tonned up in AAMI against the Dogs and I think he goes bigger against a less proven ruckman in Meek plus having Oliver back in – loads of HTA points and a couple of goals when he rests forward!


      1. I’ve left the C on him Nato.

        I’m very keen to see Young ( my D5) play too.

        My predictions..

        Gawn 136

        Young 87

        Freo by 5 points.

        Go the Dockers…

        and the Donkeys!


        1. Phew.

          Max thank you for that last qtr.

          Not sure on scaling but..

          Young 87 ?

          Pretty happy with Freo’s game with the injuries.


    1. I’ve got the Big C on Big Max too. Not looking great right now to say the least.

      There could something in the talk of game now moving quicker, because of players taking advantage of stationary man on mark, being too much for the rucks to keep up with.


  3. Fyfe has an ugly / awful haircut:
    T/U – yes!
    T/D – no, I like it

    PS, its ugly!!!! (if you cant see the match on TV!! – if you can, you’re call!!)


      1. always GD! Always – you know me!! *wink*

        Actually, I’m getting that nervous itch again … should I start Fyfe!!


    1. mate – where have you been?? He’s been suspended – watch the updates in coaches box from Chaos, or check the Teams Thread, again from Chaos with the updates …


      1. Hi Macca , you are doing an excellent job as my publicity agent. Thanks.
        Keep it up and you will get a Christmas bonus. lol.


    1. uggghhh scores are ugly ATM – Gawn only on 6, with five hitouts (obviously none for points) and 1 handball … Meek on 30, with 4 hitouts and 2 handballs – at 100%…..


    2. Captain Gawn is not looking great. That ruck scoring thing is certainly starting to be a real worry.

      Gawn on 8 AFL Fantasy points at 1/4 time.

      Trappa off to a blinding start.


      1. Meek on 31 SC points, Gawn on 7.
        Meek with 2 contested handballs at 100% DE
        Gawn with 2 possies at 0% efficiency


    1. If I had to listen to all the prayers and moaning I’d be a vengeful God, I have to admit.


  4. A. Brayshaw would have to be asking for a trade at end of season. 60% tog. Seems to be the norm for him


      1. Sadly no, I was 50/50 with him and Gulden. Thought he wouldn’t be as involved and with the Swans likely to be in a real wet game so a real contested game. Hopefully would have many tackles


    1. Geez, I talked my old man into him but didn’t really have space myself .

      Hmmm. I might have to reassess.


  5. Whew glad I dodged the Gawn bullet.
    Young , Jordan n Meek with good starts. Switched the C from Neale to Oliver because of the weather forecast
    So far so good


  6. Gawn – owned 49.8% – captained 34.8%
    Grundy – owned 55.2% – captained 5.4% (don’t know why!)
    Neal – owned 46% – captained 21.3%

    Unless big Maxxy turns it around over next three quarters, any of those that either had VC Dusty or even if you had VC Macrae last night and took it, are going to be well in front.

    The percentage owners is another thing to watch over the next two weeks!!

    Those that went with the (previously unheard of) strategy of starting three rookie rucks may well be off to a massive start in front of everyone else if they invested extra premo mids …

    Still game to finish, and rookie rucks have to play more than three matches … But …


  7. Andrew Brayshaw is certainly looking like one of those that can step it up again this year.
    Increased his average by 31 points last year from basically 70 to 101 … looking good thus far.


  8. I figured this would be the most active thread – just have two last-minute line calls that I want to put to the thumbs. Thanks in advance coaches! For D5:

    TU – J. Clark

    TD – Z. Guthrie


  9. Half time scores

    Melbourne Demons: 7.6.48
    Ed Langdon 71
    Steven May 68
    Clayton Oliver 65
    James Jordon 60
    Jake Lever 59
    Christian Petracca 57
    Tom McDonald 51
    Adam Tomlinson 51
    Tom Sparrow 44
    Kysaiah Pickett* 40
    Alex Neal-Bullen 40
    Charlie Spargo 39
    James Harmes 38
    Angus Brayshaw 34
    Bayley Fritsch 31
    Neville Jetta 31
    Max Gawn 30
    Nathan Jones 28
    Jayden Hunt 28
    Trent Rivers 24
    Christian Salem 23
    Luke Jackson 17

    Fremantle Dockers: 3.8.26
    Nat Fyfe 74
    Andrew Brayshaw 72
    Lachlan Schultz 53
    Caleb Serong 52
    S. Switkowski 52
    David Mundy 51
    Luke Ryan 43
    Hayden Young 42
    James Aish 39
    Matt Taberner 32
    Liam Henry 30
    Lloyd Meek 28
    Connor Blakely 27
    Ethan Hughes 26
    Adam Cerra 24
    Travis Colyer 22
    Joel Hamling 22
    Reece Conca 18
    Brennan Cox 17
    Tobe Watson 14
    Alex Pearce 12
    Blake Acres 11
    Stefan Giro 2

    Giro activated as injury sub with Pear e off injured ankle.

    Meek score went backwards that quarter – Gawn now in front 30 to 28!! Wow *sad face*


    1. I didn’t have the confidence to back in Langdon this year and what a great half he has had to start. Now it is time to wait and see if he breaks his invisible quarter trend


  10. Gawn during half time interview talking about how well the Demons defenders are intercept marking: “there is no need for me down there anymore… I’m actually stuck in no man’s land, so I’ve gotta try find a role here”….


    1. At least he knows where there is a problem. Hoping for the best that he finds his feet and clicks into gear. Feels awful saying this but Luke Jackson’s injury has probably saved a lot of pain for a lot of supercoachers.


  11. Alex Pearce has a knee injury. Confirmed by Fremantle medical staff. Will be updated after scans.


  12. Second decision is for who to bring in for M8 or F7 (via MPP):

    T/U – Fullarton (I do not have a R/F connection but am running two rookie rucks).

    T/D – Sam Berry.

    I could also bring in Bruhn or Jones but I have them a bit lower because I don’t trust Leon Cameron and I think Jones will be a lower scorer. If I’m wrong, leave a comment and I’ll consider putting them in. Thanks in advance everyone!


    1. Agree on Leon Cameron was looking at a couple including Bruhn from GWS. He has burnt us in the past.


  13. Caleb Daniel will ruck next year Is the ruckman now dead in the afl the afl might make up some other bullshit rule.It’s like keeping off this ain’t Aussie rules


    1. The rules are there to minimise OHS and insurance costs……..and to try to keep the games more even maybe???……More smarter and skilful…less physical……netball on an oval. IMO.


  14. Max Gawn spent 30% of that 1st quarter in the forward-line. This matches the statement mid week where Gawn will be in the ruck 70% of the time.
    Will be interesting to see what the 2nd half will be like as Jackson has had his right shoulder strapped


  15. Have Max as vc,

    Thinking (oh the pain……)


    Tu Zerrett
    Td Steele

    Other options Neale and Rowell


    1. I’ll take 90+ from Gawn after a first half stinker. Good job big fella – you beat Grundy too hahaha


  16. Max being harshly marked in the fourth quarter – 3 hitouts to adv where midfielders have fumbled the handpass and he hasn’t been credited.


    1. Only got 4 SC points for a contested mark from an opposition kick too Thommo, not to mention the effective kick to a teammate after the mark.

      Still, considering where he was halfway through the second quarter I will take anything 90+


  17. Gawn didn’t crack the tonne but made it into the 90’s. Considering he had 7 points at qtr time and was only on about 30 at half, he had a great 2nd half which still shows signs we want to see


  18. Full time scores – Gawn gets to 93 … going to hurt with the C!

    Melbourne Demons: 11.14.80
    Jake Lever 129
    Clayton Oliver 123
    Steven May 117
    Charlie Spargo 108
    Ed Langdon 105
    Christian Petracca 101
    Tom McDonald 94
    Max Gawn 93
    Adam Tomlinson 82
    James Jordon 78
    Angus Brayshaw 77
    Christian Salem 73
    Alex Neal-Bullen 71
    Kysaiah Pickett* 67
    James Harmes 64
    Bayley Fritsch 64
    Neville Jetta 63
    Tom Sparrow 59
    Jayden Hunt 53
    Nathan Jones 51
    Luke Jackson 44
    Trent Rivers 34

    Fremantle Dockers: 8.10.58
    Andrew Brayshaw 123
    Adam Cerra 122
    Nat Fyfe 110
    S. Switkowski 103
    Caleb Serong 101
    Hayden Young 88
    Luke Ryan 85
    Matt Taberner 82
    David Mundy 73
    Joel Hamling 72
    James Aish 65
    Brennan Cox 65
    Connor Blakely 61
    Travis Colyer 60
    Ethan Hughes 59
    Lachlan Schultz 58
    Reece Conca 54
    Lloyd Meek 43
    Liam Henry 35
    Tobe Watson 33
    Stefan Giro 27
    Blake Acres 24
    Alex Pearce 11

    4 points to be deducted …


  19. That was a pretty good recovery from Gawn. He was on 10 at 1st Quarter and 30 at HT, to finish at 93 in a game where he said he was struggling to find his role is alright.


  20. Macca, I work 80 hour weeks, got a family and am studying at uni part time. Don’t have much time getting a team together let alone study it like a bloody nerd on the dole. It was just a question I asked, don’t blow a gasket buddy. It’s a children’s game this supercoach, but it’s fun. Fun fact, I played in the vic under 17’s team with gaz, Goddard, bartel etc. I was good with a ball in my hands but not so great when it comes to a children’s game. And it’s not like real footy, nothing like it. You have to pick players that score well in supercoach, not necessarily how many other players are way better on the field. Anyway, don’t take it so seriously mate. Good luck


      1. I do have a good job, I love it. I’m studying because, why not. I’m a bit of a workaholic and love studying different aspects of life.


      2. Macca, I don’t know about soft being ex infantry with a tour to Timor and one to Baghdad, I’m just saying that it’s just a bit of fun all of this supercoach stuff. Anyway.

        I am spewing I got rid of sholl, saad, Guthry (he is a sunbury boy like me) and quanore, right at the last minute and i surrendered to the percentage in coaches teams. Daniel was the only gut feeling I stuck with. I remember last year saying definitely put these 2 in next year. Guthry and Daniel. I’ve definitely got to pull 4 trades in the next 2 weeks.

        Oh and I’m not suggesting you’re on the dole lol it was an example. Don’t be precious now lol nu it’s all good fun, I was simply saying I have f all time to study sc. I love the material you guys put up for us all. It definitely makes things easier if you don’t have the time to study it for ourselves. You guys cut through the bullshit and put the facts up. It’s definitely appreciated by me xo


        1. No worries Angus

          Watch the Teams thread each week – Chaos Theory will post up who is in and out and give you all the news up to date.

          If you get any chance at all each day just look at coaches box (over on right of screen) again, Chaos will post the most up to date and pertinent news.

          There will be a rookie review each week to let you know the best option rookies and there are various other resources on the site to try and help.

          We will always try and help or answer any query we can from as many as we can and all the community are generally great at helping to!

          Good luck with your tilt!!


          1. Thanks Macca. I’ve had a good look at the material you guys put up and it’s great. This will be my one stop shop, definitely. It’s all here.

            I will however go with my gut on breakouts etc, otherwise it would be no fun picking the same players as everyone else. Cheers


    1. 80 Hours a week?

      I’m normally working 108 a fortnight. So last year’s team suffered a lot.

      But 80 a week? Sheesh!


    2. Angus – you seriously have no idea at all mate and must be pretty soft if a helpful post has made you chew on it for hours. No gasket was blown, nothing was said badly to you and you were given information by both myself and GD that directly answered your question … and also gave you some extra information that allows you, in future weeks, to source information quickly and easily yourself … or do you do that at your 80 hour work job as well?? … ie ask somebody else for something you can and should find yourself?

      Further, if you have been around for any number of years, you may know many of us that are regularly involved on this site and provide help and information for the aid of everyone, out of the goodness of our hearts and our own time.

      You also have no idea what I do for a job, or my own family mate, yet try to infer that I may be on the dole? Get a grip mate.


  21. Taking a quote from Chillo
    ‘Just a reminder that Gawn scored 93 in the opening round of 2020 too… and averaged 139.9 for the season #SuperCoach’


    1. Screw that Nato, round 1 is for ranting and overreacting. I’m trading Gawn Monday.

      And reversing Wednesday….


      1. TBH I’ll want to see all the ruck scores this week and next. Really only Grundy has had a stupidly bad score so far and his team was flogged in the midfield.

        Still watching and assessing. Glad I only took one ruck premo, though.


        1. Fyfe made the point of saying they were just trying to read gawns taps. Freo destroyed the clearances, especially first half which probably also point to gawns low score. He doesn’t play against Fyfe every week, so not all doom and gloom for gawny!



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