Advising Kaylee – R11

Written by Motts on May 22 2023

3 trades for Special K last week:

  • McKenna -> Humphrey
  • Chandler -> Coniglio
  • Mills -> Brayshaw

All three tonned up so that’s 3 good trades!

What advice do we have for our American friend this week?


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8 thoughts on “Advising Kaylee – R11”

  1. With some of the worst bench cover this side of Relton Roberts – and Oliver likely out (but a hold) – I don’t reckon I’d trade any green dots. Maybe Cincotta for Wardlaw?

    I’d probably hold Holmes with only 14 trades left, and maybe luxury upgrade him later.


    1. As someone also with Holmes…

      He’s got 2 50s in a row is dropping cash fast and has to go. It sucks because he has the good bye . He’s not a premium.

      Right now he’s made about 90k so it’s still a decent pick but it’s time to get out.

      Had another look at her bye structure and she doesn’t have many rd 14 players. you can almost do a direct sideswap to Darcy Cameron. But seems unnecessary given Biclavs as her Ruck Cover with the trade trick should she get an extra ruck.

      Thinking more about it and Sicily seems a better pick then RoMo as he’s cheaper and has the correct bye

      Kayleigh should wait until midseason draft for rookie sideswaps and not go early on wardlaw

      Looking at keyleighs bye structure

      Kayleigh is almost full on forwards/Defs


  2. Thank you for your time jsg and Chips! This is tough.

    Sounds like Oliver could be out for 1-3 weeks. With my bad bench, I probably cannot afford to hold him? Do I trade to Laird? Or as jsg considered, get a premium ruck?

    Cincotta/Simpson – I should see if they get the green tick first?

    I’m about 400 pts to top of the league. Most have Laird/Marshall. Does anyone consider what players your competitors have? (Ie, neutralise them or try to pick someone better)

    Appreciate you all


    1. Considering who your competitors have is called having a Point of Difference (POD) or Anti -POD/Sheild

      Typically a good POD is someone like a Max Holmes (until the last two weeks) who was putting out good scores at low ownership.

      A good example of a Sheild is how many people started with Errol gulden as a breakout premium pick and the higher his ownership got the better value it became because more people have him if he scores badly.

      Sometimes you miss the boat on high scoring players so you just have to accept that and keep chasing value vs getting the player everyone else has at 100k more expensive then what they paid.

      In terms of Oliver:

      With the byes coming up and it being best 18 it makes it easier to hold him if you don’t want to use a trade. To trade or not to trade Oliver is where things get tricky and something everyone is struggling with.

      In general the goal should be to have 22 premiums at the end of the byes.

      Typically it costs 2 trades to upgrade a player. You have 5 rookies on field and 14 trades left so at minimum you will need 10 for upgrades. And you will probably need 1-2 for rookie replacements. *

      That leaves you with 2 trades left to deal with whatever injuries show up over the course of the season.

      If you decide to trade Oliver make sure you trade him for a premo 100-150k cheaper so at least that trade counts as part of your upgrade cycle.

      * there is another draft midseason that adds new rookies to the player pool typically at 102k. You should wait till after that to trade your non playing bench rookies.


      1. Also I’ve changed my mind on the get a ruck idea.

        Both RoMo and Darcy have the Rd12 bye so it’s better to get them in 2 weeks after that.


  3. If you had loads of money in the bank you could swap to a Bont, Libba, Dawson, Serong, Butters type….

    Cash gen looks to be an issue though so maybe one of the decent MId $500k types and bank a little bit for later.

    Merrett, Rozee, Coniglio – maybe even a punt on Neale at $561k??



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