All-Australian Team Predicition

Written by MJ on September 12 2013

The All-Australian squad gets cut to 22 on Monday 16th September.

The AFL website are letting you have a crack at predicting the AA team for 2013 here:

The closest prediction will win a signed AA Team jumper. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if an SCT member could nail it!

Cut this team of 40 down to 22 and pick a captain.

Patrick Dangerfield, Richard Douglas (Adelaide);
Travis Cloke, Scott Pendlebury, Dane Swan (Collingwood);
Jobe Watson (Essendon);
Nathan Fyfe, Michael Johnson, Chris Mayne, David Mundy, Michael Walters (Fremantle);
Corey Enright, Andrew Mackie, Steve Motlop, Joel Selwood, Harry Taylor (Geelong);
Gary Ablett (Gold Coast);
Jeremy Cameron (GWS);
Lance Franklin, Josh Gibson, Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn);
Todd Goldstein, Lindsay Thomas, Scott Thompson, Daniel Wells (North Melbourne);
Travis Boak, Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide);
Nick Riewoldt, Jack Steven (St Kilda);
Dan Hannebery, Kieren Jack, Josh Kennedy, Jarrad McVeigh, Nick Malceski (Sydney);
Josh Kennedy, Eric Mackenzie (West Coast);
Ryan Griffen, Will Minson (Western Bulldogs).

So, how’d you go?


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17 thoughts on “All-Australian Team Predicition”

  1. FB – Enright, Mackenzie, Johnson
    HB – Malceski, Thompson,Taylor,
    CTR – Griffen, Selwood, Watson
    HF – Wingard, Mayne, Swan
    FF – Dangerfield, Cameron, Reiwoldt
    Followers – Minson, Ablett, Pendlebury

    Interchange – Goldstein, Jack, Fyfe, JPKennedy

    As always trying to fit people into positions is almost impossible given the talent in the mid-field and struggling a little down back.

    I think Roughy is unlucky to miss out in my team, as is Boak, Hodge and Mitchell.


  2. FB – Enright, Thompson, Mackenzie
    HB – Malceski, Mitchell ,Mcveigh,
    CTR – Griffen, Ablett, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Roughead, Fyfe
    FF – Wingard, Cameron, Motlop
    Followers – Minson, Swan, Pendlebury

    Interchange – Jack, Watson, Reiwoldt, JPKennedy


  3. FB – Enright, Thompson, Taylor
    HB – Mackie, Gibson, Hodge
    CTR – Griffen, Swan, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Roughead, Jack
    FF – Franklin, Cameron, Motlop
    Followers – Minson, Ablett, Pendlebury
    Bench – Goldstein, Watson, Boak, Wells

    That’s it right there.


  4. If Franklin makes the all Australian side i’ll never rate it again. Just checked the squad and was shocked he was in it.


  5. Now this is a massive challenge, here we go!

    FB – Mackie, Thompson, Taylor
    HB – Malceski, Gibson, Enright
    CTR – Griffen, Swan, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Riewoldt, Jack
    FF – Thomas, Roughead, Cameron
    Followers – Minson, Pendlebury, Ablett
    I/C – Goldstein, Mitchell, Wells, Wingard

    Cheers 🙂


  6. My team would be:

    FB: Mackie Thompson Enright
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Malceski
    C: Jack Selwood Griffen
    HF: Dangerfield Cloke Wingard
    FF: Thomas Roughead Cameron
    RR: Minson Pendleberry Ablett
    I/C: Boak Swan Watson Fyfe


  7. FB: Mackie Thompson Enright
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Malceski
    C: Swan Ablett Selwood
    HF: Dangerfield Riewoldt Fyfe
    FF: Kennedy Roughead Cameron
    RR: Minson Pendlebery Griffen
    I/C: Boak Mitchell Watson Jack


  8. Deliberated a while over this squad. Don’t really envy the task of the AA selectors. It’s a tough job!

    FB: Enright Thompson Gibson
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Hodge
    C: Griffen Selwood Jack
    HF: Dangerfield Cloke Swan
    FF: Thomas Roughead Walters
    RR: Minson Ablett Pendlebury
    I/C: Mitchell Fyfe Watson Cameron

    On the cusp of selection:
    Defender: Malceski
    Midfield: Boak
    Ruck: Goldstein
    Forward: Motlop


  9. FB: Enright, S D Thompson, Gibson
    HB: M Johnson, McVeigh, MacKenzie
    C: Pendlebury, Steven, Jack
    HF: Dangerfield, Cameron, Wingard
    FF: Thomas, Roughead, Mayne
    R: Minson, Ablett (C) Watson (VC)

    I/C: Griffen, Swan, Motlop, Selwood


  10. FB: Enright, Thompson, Gibson
    HB: McVeigh, Taylor, Mitchell
    C: Griffen, Selwood, Jack
    HF: Dangerfield, Cloke, Wingard
    FF: Mayne, Roughead, Motlop
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury (vc)
    I/C: Boak, Watson, Swan, Fyfe

    Really like having a go at these. I just hope there’s no shock ins or omissions from the final 22. Thought about Cameron, it would be a massive effort, but he’ll be in plenty more in the future.


  11. FB: Enright, Thompson, Gibson
    HB: Hodge, Taylor, McVeigh
    M: Griffin, Selwood, Swan
    HF: Dangerfield, Roughead, Wingard
    FF: Thomas, Cameron, Mayne
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury
    INT: Watson, Fyfe, Jack, Boak


  12. FB: Malceski, Thompson, Enright
    HB: Hodge, Taylor, Mitchell
    C: Swan, Selwood, Griffin
    HF: Dangerfield, Kennedy, Fyfe
    FF: Walters, Roughead, Thomas
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury (vc)
    I/C: McVeigh, Watson, Wingard, Jack



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