Captaincy Candidates – Round 16

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on September 5 2020

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

BOAK v Roos

  • L3 v Roos: 111, 129, 109 (116 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 97, 70, 90 (86 av.)

Flown under the radar as a POD option for a while and been putting together a solid season in the meantime. Port play MS almost as well as AO and they’ll put the screws to the Roos. Boak a lock for 125.

STEELE v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 105, 121, 96 (107 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 124, 87, 136 (116 av.)

Saints have to come out firing to secure a finals campaign, so no doubt Steele will be firing on all cylinders. With the Hawks starting to let some large MID scores go by unchecked, expect nothing less than 130 from him.


  • L3 v Dons: 26*, 114, 112 (84 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 117, 89, 146 (117 av.)

When the Cats come up against high pressure sides with inside depth, Danger’s thrust back into the middle (eg. v Dogs). Danger’s elite contested work, decision making and cleanliness will keep on him on ball for 125 this round.

Captaincy Candidates

MACRAE v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 84, 74, 142 (100 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 96, 141, 118 (118 av.)

Doesn’t have that solid a record against the Eagles but the one missing part of the Eagles’ game, groundballs and contested possessions, is where Macrae excels. Solid to deliver his average of 125. Bont might als be worth a cheeky look, but always the chance Hutchings goes to him.

GAWN v Dockers

  • L3 v Dockers: 151, 151, 141 (148 av.)
  • L3 @ CS: 150 (150 av.)

Has a tremendous record against the Dockers and will slap amateur ruckman Sean Darcy around for nothing short of 140. On the back of his inevitable HO dominance, Satan and Racca are also viable options.

LLOYD v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 115, 130, 90 (112 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 132, 74, 96 (101 av.)

Similar to the Dees, the Blues chalk up strong repeat F50 entries but are notoriously messy and tend to blindly bomb it FWD – look how they fed Haynes. Will be easy pickings for Lloyd, a safe bet for 125 with a high ceiling.

Steer Clear

FYFE v Dees

  • L3 v Dees: 91, 107, 128 (109 av.)
  • L3 @ CS: N/A

This isn’t as firm a Steer Clear as usual, it’s just that Fyfe’s got an average record v the Dees, has never played at CS and it’s likely that Viney will wear him closely at CBs and stoppages if he becomes too damaging. Confluence of those factors will restrict him to a sub-ton.

Smoky Pick

KELLY v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 107, 82, 97 (95 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 107, 97, 130 (111 av.)

No Giants’ MIDs had more than 21 disposals against Carlton and they were pounded at CBs and stoppages for most of the game – just lacked inside class. Assuming he’s back (wrote this late last night), Kelly could refuel the Giants’ ineffective engine room and carve up the Crows for a cheeky 135. Would take big balls.


Was forced to delay bringing in Gawn last round, so he comes in as my VC this week into Lloyd.


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24 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 16”

    1. Negligible.

      Preuss is there for height and utility at either end with Mitch Brown and Oscar McDonald out. If anything, it helps Max. Allows him to rest up FWD rather than go to the bench, where he can then intercept and provide a contest.

      They ran Gawn and Jackson a few times (R2, 7-10) and that exact dynamic played out; with Maxxy scoring 184, 185, 157, 87 and 107.


  1. Rolled the dice in a must win SF against a mate. Traded out Rich/Coll players to get Gawn and Lyons into the team and i’m going to back them in with the VC and C. My VC threshold will depend on where i’m at in the H2H coming into the Lions game.


    1. Yep. Sounds good, RB.

      Neale may get attention from Miller or Holman, which should free Lyons up to pop off against his old side.



  2. Afternoon Gunboat.

    Whats you thoughts on Whitfield V Crows.

    I’m still undecided on getting in Max to Captain.

    My other options are Neale / Oliver / Trac and maybe ROB v Mummy and GWS.

    I know you will probably tell me to just go Gawn, But just in case “heaven forbid” Gawn is a late out. then..

    It maybe nice to have another option.

    Thanks again GD!


    1. Hey, FT. Hope your morning’s been good.

      Hmm, Whitfield. Yeah, not a bad option – just think the Crows won’t roll over as easily, meaning the GWS won’t hoard all the SC points like usual. Still could pump out a serviceable score, here are his stats:

      WHITFIELD v Crows

      L3 v Crows: 106, 130, 70 (102 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 90, 106, 105 (100 av.)

      The other options you mentioned are all also viable, FT. Best of luck.


  3. Who to captain.
    Already have Merrett’s score of 120 as VC but have a do or die semi final to win.
    TU Gawn
    TD Neale
    We both have the same options and both currently have the C on Neale. I think I’m partially ahead on projections.


  4. Hi Joestar, I am in the same predicament with us both VC Gawn, C Neale. Except I am slighly down on projections with Kelly/Williams now out. If nothing changes, I lose. It may be a sneaky last minute change to Lloyd/ Neale. In the same time , not taking 132 from Gawn is crazy with scores becoming more realistic in these later stages.
    Who do you think will outscore Gawn?
    Tu Lloyd
    TD Neale
    Comment other. GD all yours, hit me.


    1. As a Carlton supporter, I’d say Lloyd. The way we’ve been bombing it in to defenders. I could see Lloyd getting 150.


    2. Hey, Jeannot.

      I’m usually all for passing up awkward VC scores and rolling the dice, but I think Gawn’s 132 might be worth holding on to this round.

      Lloyd likely scores the same and there’s a chance Miller or Holman put some work into Neale, plus he looked very sore last week.

      If you have Laird or Lyons, they’re maybe a shot for 140.

      I’ve passed up multiple 130s this year and, like I said, am usually all for pressing for a big VC score, but 132s gonna be serviceable this round imo.

      Good luck either way.



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