Captaincy Candidates – Round 24

Written by Chaos Theory on August 25 2023

As I don’t have the skills of GD to process the valuable selection of VC or Captain. Particularly in the most important round of the season.

I have opened up the post to the SCT Community.

Who do you think should be the Vice Captain and Captain for round 24?

I am far from an expert but I am keen of Tim English against a debutante  Toby Conway in what should be a baptism of fire, especially with a seriously deplete side.

Maybe Oliver as back up.

Believe me, your choice will undoubtedly be better.

All the best in snaring the final Captain selection




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14 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 24”

  1. I feel I am going to give my MVP of the season Sheezel the VC this week as an honour for his contribution.
    Scored well last week and Ziebell has retired so hoping he should go well against the Suns.
    English as my Captain

    Thanks for the page setup CT


    1. Thank you Natopotato,
      For always acknowledging a post. Ever reliable. Otherwise some posts would be crickets at this time of the year. Kudos.

      I agree about Sheezel. What an amazing year and should have a stellar career.


  2. Thinking either Bont or English as VC (more likely English against Conway)
    Butters will be my backup C on Sunday. How i’m placed in my grand finals will influence my risk appetite

    Having Madden in the last game of the round will be very handy.


  3. If anyone is running Rowell or Anderson, they might be a sneaky VC choice. Have a gut feel that the Suns midfield might go huge this week. Anderson only got 89 against them in R6, but Rowell got 124.

    With Adelaide and Bulldogs playing at the same time, then your VC or C choice needs to come from one team or the other. West Coast might be playing for Simpson this week, so a competitive effort won’t surprise. Either way I would expect Laird and Dawson to still score ok.

    For Bulldogs, I like Bont, slightly ahead of English or Libba. English had no opposition last week and didn’t blow the roof off. It’s been a long season, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to be feeling the effects. I think Bont will pick his team up and put them in his shoulders again. What a player he is.

    Against the Richmond midfield, I am expecting Rozee and Butters to fire.

    With the competitive games between Brisbane v StKilda and Swans v Melbourne, I do expect the cream to rise to the top, but I wouldn’t feel as comfortable with a Vc/C choice from those games.

    Bont into Rozee for me (don’t have Butters)

    Good luck everyone.


    1. Both look good prospects. Unfortunately it looks like a close vote. Good luck with whoever you decide.


  4. I don’t have English or he would be a lock.

    Am tossing up Merrett or Sicily into Dawson..

    VC choice:

    TU Merrett
    TD Sicily


    1. Ha! I am with you, Leeroy. I don’t have English either. My biggest regret for the whole season. I traded him out before round 1 started.

      Good luck with your selections.
      I went for Sicily.


  5. I went with Merrett, taking his 133. I was tempted by English, he scored 156 against Geelong this year, but Stanley wasn’t playing and is back in the team. Still think he’s a great pick, but I would go Bont over him now (would be my C if Merrett hadn’t done well).

    Don’t mind Tom Green for those VCing the Dogs/Cats game if needed (Especially if the Dogs win). Potential must win for GWS and no Cripps for Carlton, plus he’s in great form.


    1. Was going to reply that Stanley isn’t playing (saw Conway was named cats Ruck) which is why I was VC’ing English…. Hadn’t seen Stanley on bench. Many thanks CE!
      Switching to Bont VC now…

      Petracca my break glass C option – as a unique in my cash League GF, he’s there if I’m behind on Sunday morning.



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