Captaincy Candidates – Round 4

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on April 7 2022

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

SATAN v Port

  • L3 v Port: 118, 105, 71 (98 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 118, 204, 137 (153 av.)

It was a funny feeling saying in last week’s Verdict “if you’ve got Satan or Petracca, they’re your men this week”, that Satan would “take the Dons straight to hell for 140”, seeing that play out exactly and then NOT owning him! Great job if you started him and backed him in last week. Port to throw everything at the Dees to save their season, tight contest and all at the AO where Satan loves to go large. Safe for 130 and Petracca similarly viable.

MACRAE v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 107, 162, 107 (125 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 133, 146, 107 (129 av.)

Looked to be on track for a 120-130 leading into the fourth but fizzled as the Swans mounted a comeback attempt and Macrae found himself on a wing. Not to worry, against the Tigers is a great proposition for a 130 for Macrae.

DUNKLEY v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 134, 116, 23 (91 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 117, 113, 73 (101 av.)

A very strong performance from Dunks last week with 31 touches and 11 tackles. Looks to be building into that ceiling and picking up the CP slack with Bont ailing and Libba oddly on a low CBA load. Solid for 120 and a shot to enter 140+ territory if he really gets the game on his terms early.

Captaincy Candidates

STEELE v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 91, 111, 105 (102 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 154, 132, 73 (120 av.)

A serviceable score from Steele last round but 12/31 contested, only 3 tackles and time out of CBAs still doesn’t bode well. Hawks rotating a bunch of players through their engine room, so Steele should be able to pip another 120 flat but yet to see him recapture his dynamic 2021 ceiling.


  • L3 v Suns: 73, 99, 123 (98 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 99, 98 108 (102 av.)

67% DE and a lopsided 1:2 K:H ratio clipped old Paddy last week but still looks the goods and had some strong numbers: 31 touches, 11 tackles and a goal. Blues to press the attack and Cripps solid for 125.

MILLER v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 155, 132, 102 (130 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 140, 120, 143 (134 av.)

Copped the hardest tag in years last week: DOUBLE vice gripped by Ash at CBAs and then De Boer coming off the half forward line. Anyone else would have been condemned to a 40. Insanity. Miller still probably the best midfielder at shrugging a tag but only so much you can do when you’re held for four quarters. The problem going forward now is that opposition coaches have seen how the Suns can be silenced when Miller is accounted for – and that brings us to this week, the Blues and Hewett. Despite having tagging in his repertoire, Hewett has been playing that sweeper role, chaining up really nicely with Cripps and actually been finding a lot of his own ball (great CP numbers). Perhaps the Blues don’t unsettle their midfield, which is leading the comp for clearances right now, and Miller could probably handle just Hewett and grind out 120, but only use him as a last resort.

Steer Clear

NEALE v Cats

  • L3 v Cats: 98, 75, 134 (102 av.)
  • L3 @ GMHBA: 75, 132, 94 (100 av.)

I write this all up before Thursday teamsheets but word is O’Connor is coming in for a rested Selwood to tag Neale. Would have been an option otherwise but if O’Connor’s in do yourself a favour and steer clear of the incoming tag-affected sub-ton away from home.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Roos: 87, 123, 116 (109 av.)
  • L3 @ SCG: 140, 42, 55 (79 av.)

Heeney a pretty great option for those without Satan or Petracca to VC. Swans to devour the Roos and Heeney looking dynamic in his new OB role and of course slapping them in from every angle up forward- form and role both there. Lines up perfectly with C Macrae if you’ve got the coglioni. Recall ForBucksSake drilling Heeney the other week, could pan out again!


Macrae into Steele for me at this stage. Not thrilled with Steele but Parish’s form and f*cked CBA load has me off him as VC/C material and would prefer not to sweat Miller. Again, Satan or Petracca tonight absolutely the play if you’ve got them and Macrae must figure into your calculations this week.


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51 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 4”

    1. Eh. I VC’d him last week only for him to be Powell Peppered. Dees nowhere near as attractive a match up as the Crows were.

      His scoring history v Dees isn’t that relevant either as this is his first year as a premo.

      BUTTERS v Demons

      L3 v Demons: 39, 87, 67 (64 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 58, 136, 96 (97 av.)


    2. Hi Sloanith,

      Historically no, but Butters is playing a different role so far this year.

      L3 v Dees: 39, 87, 67 (77 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 136, 58, 96 (97 av.)

      Personally I would steer clear. Good luck.



  1. Thanks Gunboat.

    I’m going Clarry VC again. It worked last week 😉

    Macrea or Dunks as back up C

    Best of luck this week.


  2. Tempted to risk the biscuit on Parish against the crows in what’s become a must-win game for the Bombers.


    1. Yeah. I’ve got Parish as well, Pumba, and I get the thinking but he’s looked pretty flat lately and hasn’t been on a proper #1 inside MID CBA load.

      You’d be counting on him clicking into gear to C him.

      PARISH v Crows

      L3 v Crows: 95, 96, 77 (89 av.)
      L3 @ MRVL: 110, 96, 95 (100 av.)


    2. Crows were also first team to tag parish last year. Think he went to town on them for about 16 possies in the first half and they clamped him in the second half for only 6 or 8 more possies.

      They may go same again, especially without Merrett there


  3. Any love for Brayshaw (Andrew), or is he getting De Boer and/or Ash for company for the evening?

    L3 v Giants: 132, 115, 51 (99 av.)
    L3 @ OS: 189, 96, 93 (126 av.)


    1. Yeah, Ash and De Boer the concern.

      Wouldn’t risk it, Wayno.

      Suppose you could VC him into a Sunday option but you’d be passing up Macrae.


  4. Love your work GD and I got a mention which was flattering!
    Yes I am going Heeney again as vice to destroy the low hanging fruit that North have to offer. Thinking Hall could have a big one too after last weeks poor score but Heeney into Touk and fingers crossed! Good luck all


    1. Hearing durdin from the blues is out with H&S. Perfect loop if you have him as he plays the late saunday game.


    1. GAWN v Port

      L3 v Port: 102, 87, 87 (92 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 102, 124, 107 (111 av.)

      Rucks v Port:

      R1: McInerney 122 (29) & Fort 93 (21)
      R2: Reeves 45 (34) & McEvoy 94 (16)
      R3: O’Brien 122 (45)

      *SC score (HOs)

      Ruck contests to be a feast for Gawn, other upside is how undersized and inept Port’s backline are – great for Gawn/Jackson floating back.

      Ceiling and floor both lowered for Gawn this year but Port a SC strong match up for him if the stars align.

      I’d still prefer a premo MID combination but best of luck of if you role the dice, Darco.

      Big part of the VC’s utility is you can spice it up!


      1. Thanks GD. I almost have no choice but to VC Gawn as I don’t have Clarry or Trac and my only loop (pending team selections) is Cox who plays tomorrow. Fingers crossed Max can pull one out!


        1. Yeah. Decent numbers eh, Beers? Sorta sold myself as I was typing them out.

          Best of luck.


  5. Pretty sure Dogs are at the G this week, how does that impact Macrae/Dunkley candidacies?


    1. Argh, f*ck. Right you are, BKD.

      Thanks for that, amending now.

      Think the numbers are from the G and I’ve just typed MRVL out of habit.

      In terms of impact, always prefer the Dogs at MRVL but not hugely inhibited at the G. Main this is the Tigers midfield leaks MID points wherever they play.


    1. Ooo. Very interesting, Bomber.

      In great form, playing as #1 ruck, Dogs midfield to get on top.

      Probably wouldn’t have him ahead of Macrae though?

      Up to you, brother. Good luck and props for owning him, he’s been looking deadly.


      1. Shame doggies don’t play after could of been a interesting VC.
        Macrae into ( won’t be needed)


  6. No loops – Satan straight out CAP

    TU – You’re already ranked 40k, why not
    TD – Have Gawn, Grundy, Brayshaw, Dunks or Cogs


  7. O’Connor straight to Neale for a hard tag?

    TU: Still going with Neale VC
    TD: Trust the cats to bring in a tagger, pass on Neale as VC
    Comment: F-All loop options….


    1. Reckon Neale is gonna have a shocker of a week but I’m VCing him purely cause my loopholes are in the game tomorrow so hard to VC anyone later on in the round. Feel pretty good sticking the C on Macrae as my backup and every other VC is wasted cause I won’t be able to use it


  8. Well Clarry as VC was a disaster.

    Not loving any of my Mid options. How does Grundy look as a C option this week


    1. I think Grundy is a good option, especially considering how undermanned WC are.

      I’m in the same boat as far as Oliver goes – down to four options for the C. I’m not really confident because of taggers and the fact that I’ve blown most VC / C options so far this year (i.e., the week I pick a guy is the one week he doesn’t go big). I rate my remaining options as follows: 1) Neale, 2) Macrae, 3) Cripps, 4) Dunkley.

      Can anyone make a convincing argument for one of the above?


      1. Dunkley and Cripps seem your best bets.

        Dunkley because he’s getting more mid time and Bont/Macrae would get tagged first

        Cripps because Walsh gets tagged first and because his game is like Will Brodie but with goals. Lots of contested shovel possessions


    1. Was about to ask this question myself. Now I know Stephens is definitely out and not the sub shall take Neale’s score



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