Captaincy Candidates – Round 9

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on July 28 2020

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

MACRAE v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 107, 163, 117 (129 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 168, 122, 138 (143 av.)

Touted him for the VC last round, will do so again this week. He’s found a spot of excellent form up at Metricon and the Tigers have been letting off some large MID scores. A lock for 130.

GAWN v Port

  • L3 v Port: 87, 140, 108 (112 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 46, 97, 66 (70 av.)
    Gawn’s in the kind of form where a 157 v the Lions seemed underwhelming! If Lycett is still out, you can back him in to serve up another 150.New fixture and teamsheet rollouts mean at the time of writing this I don’t know whether Lycett’s still out.


  • L3 v Port: 62, 62, 88 (64 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 83, 85 (84 av.)

Having a career-best season, put together a 300 SC fortnight and has been racking up lucrative hard ball gets. Service from Gawn will allows the Dees to bust up Port’s inside game and see Racca cruise to 125. Satan Oliver an equally viable option if you have him instead.

Captaincy Candidates

NEALE v Dons

  • L3 v Dons: 140, 96, 119 (118 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 152, 142, 109 (134 av.)

With the Dons having finally found the self-respect to not tag and back their own emerging midfield and both teams running second tier ruckman, Neale will be solid for 135 in a high-stoppage game.

KELLY v Suns

  • L3 v Suns: 124, 138, 146 (136 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 92, 124, 75 (97 av.)

Was all class last week after having finally found some match fitness, staying on the park 91% of the game and laying a match-high 8 tackles. Expect his good form to continue with a 125+ against the Suns.


  • L3 v Freo: 124, 134, 150 (136 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 61, 144, 137 (114 av.)

Did my best to try and dissuade people from VC/C’ing Grundy v the Eagles last round – knew my boys would slap him around! After getting a feel for Optus (and the back of Nic Nat’s hand), Grundy will look to redeem himself v a young Sean Darcy with 125.

Steer Clear


  • L3 v Blues: 192, 161, 133 (162 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 150, 126, 100 (125 av.)

Despite his excellent record v Blues and at Optus Stadium, I don’t see a scenario in which Curnow doesn’t tag Titch to a sub-ton.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Crows: 54, 74 (64 av.)
  • L3 @ MS: 57, 127, 90 (91 av.)

If Simpkin can put that injury behind him, the Crows absolutely leak midfield points and Simpkin could well pump out 140. Plays middle of the round, so might be worth a cheeky look.


Very conflicted. Lot of great combinations this week, from an early partnership of Macrae, Gawn or Neale to leaving it late on Sunday for Kelly into Grundy. At this stage, I’m thinking Macrae against a loose Tigers midfield and Gawn v the 7 gamer Ladhams.


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31 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 9”

  1. Thanks GD for your thoughts!

    Last week, I went Bont to Gawn which in the end didnt matter cos Gawn came up with the goods – might go Macrae to Gawn this week, but wait, would Bont go BANG this week instead !!!!! 🙂


    1. Cheers, Max.

      Yeah lol, always tough to figure out which Dog will go huge. Both solid for 120 this week, but Macrae’s got the ceiling and form.

      Although, now that I’ve said that, watch Bont go 180!


  2. Gawn into Neale for me.
    Any chance Curnow goes to Worpel like De Boer did? Seemed to work for GWS as well


  3. Thanks GD. Damn hard article to write with all the combinations on offer.

    Might go Macrae into Neale that the moment with an eye on Gawn for the VC


  4. A free hit on the highest scoring SCer this year up against goodness knows who ??

    Wish all v decisions were so easy.


  5. Grundy is playing a young ruckman who just toughed it out in a hard sloppy wet tiring game, IMO this will be a massacre.
    Grundy into Gawn


  6. Anyone not taking Gawn as VC needs their head read. If you take Macrae and he scores 135 what ya gonna do?


    1. That’s an easy one…if Macrae goes 135, I just leave the C on Gawn. Pretty straightforward I would’ve thought.


  7. Tom Hawkins one week suspension.

    Essendon : Orazio Fantasia 3-4 weeks calf.
    Jayden Laverde out extended time ankle surgery.
    GWS Giants : Zac Williams to play
    Richmond : Riley Collier-Dawkins ready to play.
    Carlton – Mitch McGovern 1-2 weeks with a hamstring injury
    Brisbane – Ryan Lester out hamstring strain


    1. Lol. Been absolved by history on that one, Milo.

      And, yep, Gawn into Neale sounds good.


  8. Neale into J Kelly or Grundy.

    I’m going to pass on Macrae tonight.

    Thanks GD and good luck this crazy round 🙂


    1. Thanks, FT. Appreciate it.

      If you have Gawn I’d VC him though. Lycett not named, so Gawn will comfortably dominate Ladhams.

      Best of luck, ttyl.


    1. Has an inexperienced Ladhams and potentially a cooked Westhoff.

      Ryder (142) & Roman (160) both went large against him last week

      The form Maxy is in. Can’t see him dipping below 140


    1. Perhaps you should ask anyone who still captained Gawn instead of taking Macraes 162. There should be absolutely no question ever.



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