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Written by Father Dougal on April 20 2022

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows


Hi Everybody!

Well, its good to be back. Still a bad week, but not as bad.

Anyways, we’re at the start of upgrade season.  There are three kinds of players we want to bring in, and I’m a-gonna talk about them.

There are two things that matter for players we bring in. One is cost per point and the other is total points. Cost per point is a big deal. More points for the same money is good. If you expect to struggle to finish off your team, then low cost per point players are the way to go, as you can get the most for what you have.

To be clear, that is cost per future point. Not the cost per points so far. Someone like Butters has a bad cost per point to date but looks to have a good cost per future point.

If you are doing well, you may want to go for high total points, even if those points cost more. Doesn’t mean just get the highest scoring play no matter the cost, but getting the best value high scoring guy even if the cost/point is higher than someone with a lower average.

So, the best players are going to be in the top total points and with a lot cost/point.  Oliver soon, Petracca now or next week. Tom Green if you think he will keep it up.  These are the ones to go for first because you are not giving up anything to get them.

After that, well, which do you need? Andy Brayshaw or Neale for points v B. Smith or Sinclair for value.

(Just guessing on the value…)

Oh, and avoid Boak!



Noah Answerth: A 24, wow, dang. An average of 60 and likely to lose money over the next few rounds. Off to Moo-ron Mountain! Probably a good trade out.  At least he made a little cash. No real point to leaving all the value in him when we’re starting upgrade season.

Heath Chapman: Backing up his two tons with a 44. Not likely to drop much with a BE of 56, might go up still. Not the worst trade out if you can use the cash. I’m planning to hold one more and see what he does. Another ton might make him worth keeping longer.

Sam De Koning: Seems to be a slow burn we hold until there is a need to trade him out.  Could score better. Would be nice….

Josh Gibcus:  Did not play

Mitchell Hinge: Did not play

Patrick McCartin: Plugging along. Sort of old school just slowly growing.

Nathan O’Driscoll: 

Last weekThe fact he has s mall price rise should not enter into the  decision on buying him now. Costs $167,700 BE of -54. He’s totally worth bringing in.

This week:  Sure looks to have been worth bringing in last week. Is going to make a lot of money fast barring something wacky happening. (No Jinx).


Jarrod Berry: Will probably make a little more, but not looking like he will make a lot more. Could go anytime.

Jye Caldwell: Chugging away making more money. Not fast anymore, but steady. No rush to trade out.

Nick Daicos: Has a lot of money to make and now can play in defense. Big hold.

Thomson Dow: Seems like a hold if you own, while he grows and hopefully scores.

Jason Horne-Francis:  Well, that 39 was sure badly timed for cash generation. He’ll go up by 50-90 more I bet but not sure how soon. Is actually a trade out. I owned him from fear and am now kicking myself for not going with my gut and skipping him. Could have used that cash. Ah well. May still end up worth it.

Brady Hough: Did not play

Dylan Stephens: Did not play

Josh Ward:  You know things are rough when a 65 is exciting for a rookie. Owners till hoping for a ton from nowhere.


Hugh Dixon:   A sweet, sweet $102k player who is scoring and making money, and seems to have a job.  Lots more money to make. 

Jack Hayes:  A sweet, sweet $102k player who is scoring and making money, and seems to have a job, mostly for now thanks to other people being injured.  Lots more money to make. 


Will Brodie:  Not sure he will be here a lot longer. He’s doing well and scoring a lot like a keeper. Old enough to be one.

Charlie Curnow: Might be ready to cull at the beginning of R9, but could put up another ton and extend that.

Jade Gresham: Cheap Gun. Also may need to go as a Gun and non-cow.

Connor MacDonald:  Sigh.

Finn Maginness:  Did not play

Nicholas Martin:  Lots more cash to make.

Jackson Mead:  Appears to be a Spud-boy. The 29 will hurt his odds of making anything anytime soon.

Patrick Naish: Seems to be going ok.  Not much more to say.

Josh Rachele: Scores up and down like he was a small forward or something. Hold until he puts up a big score and peaks. Or you need the cash, but he should make enough more to hold.

Hugo Ralphsmith: Got hurt and scored low because of that. Could put up a high score and shoot up, or just putter along. This week should tell us a lot.

Please let me know if I missed someone or messed something up.


Dodgy Advice: 

Hold Rowell.  Yeah, he is sucking. Weird role. Big WTF. At some point I bet he will go for 150 again and he’ll shoot up in price. If that happens anytime soon, whoo hoo! If it happens a ways down the road, less good. The main thing is would you have to play him on field or can you loop him? Hard to rust on the field at the moment. Might be he needs to go to fund am important move. But if he does not, well, we know he can go big.


Remember the Cow Talk guarantee: “All predictions wrong or triple your money back!”  (Offer not valid if money is actually involved.)

FD is time zonally challenged.  When Cow Talk goes live, He’s probably asleep, which is what he calls passed out, so replies from him may take a while.

Thanks for reading!



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20 thoughts on “Cow Talk R5->6”

  1. Love me some 102k cheapies making money.

    Think Rachelle is a hold and hope. (Hope he gets two big games in a row, then cash him out)


  2. Anyone else still got McGovern? Is he worth a hold at this point since he’s a week off or should I swap him for Preuss? I can’t even remember what the sales pitch was for him at the start of the year. Is he just a quick 100k cash gen or is he going to drop tons and make it to $450-500k?

    Other options would be Rachele -> Preuss. Or just not getting him at all.


    1. Still have him.

      Holding him till I can make 150k off a trade from him.

      Pre season pitch was playing Def so should get dpp. Could go large as interceptor and gets some kick outs should be a safe 80 and 150k


  3. FD,
    On the cost per point and you saying bring in Oliver soon,
    B/E of 174, but this week v tigers who give up big mid scores,
    if he potentially goes off for 130/140+, his price would still go down,
    But does that mean if you bank him for a big score it is advantageous to bring him in this week rather than wait for the price drop?
    btw love this weekly article 🙂


    1. Thank you!

      I can see getting Petracca is with his BE, since he could make it or come close so the points now would be worth it. Oliver will lose enough I would have a hard time bringing in him early. I’m not sure we will be able to downgrade as much as normal, so that could make value very important.


  4. Good write as usual father. I have both Rowell and Whitfield. Every week I rage trade them out on Monday and bring them back on Thursday… The hope for future points is the only thing making me still holding them. Not for too long… impatient for that 150 points. I am sure it will come, then I am a gullible 🙂

    TU: Hold, they could turn things around and become keepers still
    TD: Trade them out , they will keep bleeding cash and won’t be premos


    1. Whitfield is at a point where – after trades this week – he’s my lowest averaging onfield player. So premo or not, he’s the next out the door.

      Cameron has admitted he’s playing injured, and he’ll miss games at some point. Maybe cut your losses before he gets injured mid-game?


      1. Whitfield is hard to hold. He may be priced at what he will average but that mid game injury would suck. Rowell…well, see the dodgy advice. I am planning to hold but that may be stupid.


        1. Hey FD.

          I’m not sure holding Rowell is a good idea.

          His only huge score was in round one V a very undermanned West Coast.

          His only other 100 plus score contained 13 tackles. Not sustainable in my book.

          I feel he may of re-agrivated an old injury as he hasn’t been covering the ground well at all.

          I would cut my losses on this one. Even a downgrade to someone like Hobbs will probably net similar points and I’m sure you could use the cash else where.

          Just my 2 cents anyway !

          Thanks for such a comprehensive article.

          PS: Thanks for including my POD cow Mead. His 29 was a very unwelcome score on field last week !


  5. Are we still planning on holding Chapman with the Covid news? Seems like an opportune time to cut him loose. I’m thinking about a Chapman to May (TU) or Pendles (TD) move, thoughts?


    1. I’m tempted to sell him this week, now that I know he will not play. I need that spot to play.


    2. Definitely moving him on. I missed out on sicily so will be grabbing him while I can through chapman. I think pendles goes well against my dons this week but May seems like hes got a better month ahead of him in my eyes


  6. If neither Gibcus or Hinge is named this week, I will face a donut with Chapman out. Not acceptable so one will go –

    TU : Trade out Chapman (extra cash for him welcome for another upgrade next week)
    TD: Trade out one of Hinge or Gibcus – whichever isn’t named I guess.


  7. Hey Lisa..

    I’m fully expecting Gibcus to be named. Hugo was subbed off with a pretty nasty looking rib injury so he will miss you would think. Vlaustin sort of took his role anyway. I think Gibcus gets named this week.

    Hinge is 50/50 as I feel Adelaide won’t make many unforced changes after a win.
    Sloane out opens a spot but I think they will recall Shoenberg to the midfield.

    As much as I love Chapman I think he may be the best one to trade out. His last score will certainly stunt his price growth. Covid can also knock some people around more than others. We won’t be taking any chances with young players and with a very strong group atm theres every chance he misses next week too.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.


  8. Is it worth burning a trade for Preuss or Rosas. I am pretty happy with my rookies with my onfield rookies being NOD, Daicos, JHF, Rachele. My bench rookies who are playing are McCartin, De Koning, Hayes and McDonald. I know Preyss and Rosas should have good cash gen and get up to 200k cash gen but I don’t know if it is worth the trade to bring them in when I have good rookies onfield and as cover.

    in the case of preuss I have hayes On my bench, and have xerri down forward to swap if necessary. I don’t see the need to waste a trade while Hayes still has a solid amount of cash gen left in him.

    For Rosas, I have De koning on the bench, and when necessary can swap Rachele down forward via his de koning and NOD. De koning still has solid cash gen with his break even being negative, so I can’t justify trading him. Only trade I can justify would be trading one of my non playing bench rookies for rosas, but is the cash gen worth the trade

    If you have managed to read through all that please give me your thoughts on what I should do

    T/U – Trade in Preuss or Rosas through a playing bench rookie
    T/D – Save the trades you still have good backup and onfield rookies,

    Comment – trade a non playing bench rookie for rosas

    Comment 2 – if you think I should make a trade, preuss or rosas

    Currently sitting at 28 trades remaining


  9. Could we get one for Tristan Xerri FD? Trying to decide who to trade out for big boy preussy boy between xerri, Hayes and Dixon. Would be nice to compare Ferris potential cash gen to the other two from here on out.


    1. He’s not there? What was I thinking!

      Week Score Price Proj. Change Total Proj
      0 208,200
      1 79 208,200
      2 120 208,200
      3 81 208,200
      4 46 278
      5 103 315,200
      6 85.8 336,500
      7 85.8 353,329 16,829 16,829
      8 85.8 383,414 30,086 46,914
      9 85.8 398,104 14,690 61,604
      10 85.8 408,993 10,889 72,493
      11 85.8 417,064 8,071 80,564
      12 85.8 423,047 5,983 86,547
      13 85.8 427,482 4,435 90,982
      14 85.8 430,769 3,287 94,269



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