New DPP Updates

Written by Chaos Theory on April 21 2024


Noah Answerth Brisbane Lions FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Will Hoskin-Elliott Collingwood MID DEF DEF/MID
Jack Crisp Collingwood MID DEF DEF/MID
Nic Martin Essendon MID DEF DEF/MID
James Aish Fremantle MID DEF DEF/MID
Tom Atkins Geelong Cats MID DEF DEF/MID
Max Holmes Geelong Cats MID DEF DEF/MID
Alex Sexton Gold Coast SUNS FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Jack Lukosius Gold Coast SUNS FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Karl Amon Hawthorn MID DEF DEF/MID
Taj Woewodin Melbourne FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Charlie Comben North Melbourne FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Colby McKercher North Melbourne MID DEF DEF/MID
Zac Fisher North Melbourne FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Bailey Scott North Melbourne MID DEF DEF/MID
Riley Bonner St Kilda MID DEF DEF/MID
Matt Roberts Sydney Swans MID DEF DEF/MID
Callum Jamieson West Coast Eagles FWD DEF DEF/FWD
Buku Khamis Western Bulldogs FWD DEF DEF/FWD


Luke Nankervis Adelaide Crows DEF MID DEF/MID
Cam Rayner Brisbane Lions FWD MID MID/FWD
Finlay Macrae Collingwood FWD MID MID/FWD
Patrick Lipinski Collingwood FWD MID MID/FWD
Archie Perkins Essendon FWD MID MID/FWD
Jake Kelly Essendon DEF MID DEF/MID
Hayden Young Fremantle DEF MID DEF/MID
Jack Bowes Geelong Cats DEF MID DEF/MID
Oliver Dempsey Geelong Cats FWD MID MID/FWD
Sam Clohesy Gold Coast SUNS DEF MID DEF/MID
Cam Mackenzie Hawthorn FWD MID MID/FWD
Massimo D’Ambrosio Hawthorn DEF MID DEF/MID
Tom McDonald Melbourne FWD MID DEF/FWD
Jack Billings Melbourne FWD MID MID/FWD
Christian Salem Melbourne DEF MID DEF/MID
Tom Powell North Melbourne FWD MID MID/FWD
Miles Bergman Port Adelaide DEF MID DEF/MID
Sam Banks Richmond DEF MID DEF/MID
Jake Lloyd Sydney Swans DEF MID DEF/MID
Isaac Heeney Sydney Swans FWD MID MID/FWD
Jayden Hunt West Coast Eagles DEF MID DEF/MID
Harvey Gallagher Western Bulldogs FWD MID MID/FWD


Brayden Cook Adelaide Crows MID FWD MID/FWD
Darcy Gardiner Brisbane Lions DEF FWD DEF/FWD
Elijah Hollands Carlton MID FWD MID/FWD
Matthew Kennedy Carlton MID FWD MID/FWD
Ben Hobbs Essendon MID FWD MID/FWD
Nick Hind Essendon DEF FWD DEF/FWD
Sam Draper Essendon RUC FWD RUC/FWD
Neil Erasmus Fremantle MID FWD MID/FWD
Ethan Read Gold Coast SUNS RUC FWD RUC/FWD
David Swallow Gold Coast SUNS MID  FWD MID/FWD
Blake Hardwick Hawthorn DEF FWD DEF/FWD
Finn Maginness Hawthorn MID FWD MID/FWD
Tom Sparrow Melbourne MID FWD MID/FWD
Jy Simpkin North Melbourne MID FWD MID/FWD
Noah Balta Richmond DEF FWD DEF/FWD
Robbie Fox Sydney Swans DEF FWD DEF/FWD
Justin McInerney Sydney Swans MID FWD MID/FWD
Luke Edwards West Coast Eagles MID FWD MID/FWD
Ryley Sanders Western Bulldogs MID FWD MID/FWD
Laitham Vandermeer Western Bulldogs DEF FWD DEF/FWD

The next updates will be after round 11 and 17.


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6 thoughts on “New DPP Updates”

    1. I wonder by how much.

      Perhaps he might get it by the next lot of DPP’s are announced.

      With Lobb being reasonably good in round 6 and with JUH returning perhaps Darcy could be ‘managed’


  1. Yep. Ty, CT. Rapid fire.

    Hmm. Nothing of major interest though. Sanders getting FWD status not as big as I’d have hoped. Started sub, Libba to come back. Might be in trouble. I made an effort to hold him thinking he could plug a hole FWD for a bit. Maybe not.



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