Draft/Trade Period 2013 – Summary for every club

Written by Big Sexy on November 28 2013

I don’t typically re-post other folks info, but thought this on the AFL web site was very pertinent with regard to SC:


INS: Eddie Betts (f/a), James Podsiadly (t), Matt Crouch (d), Riley Knight (d), James Battersby (r), Charlie Cameron (r), Jake Kelly (r), Alex Spina (r).
OUTS: Ian Callinan (del), Ben Dowdell (del), Nick Joyce (del), Tim Klaosen (del), Tim McIntyre (del), Dylan Orval (del), Aidan Riley (del), Richard Tambling (del), Bernie Vince (t).
STRENGTHS: The arrival of Eddie Betts, James Podsiadly and rookie Charlie Cameron, combined with the development of Lewis Johnston and Tom Lynch, means the club’s attack appears much healthier than it did at the end of the season. This should be especially true when Taylor Walker returns from his knee injury. Matt Crouch will add inside grunt and depth to the midfield, while the likes of Battersby, Spina and Kelly are all very exciting rookies who are capable of impacting at the top level.
WEAKNESSES: Apart from Vince, the Crows didn’t lose anyone who had been playing regular senior football. At his best though Vince was a match-winner, so the likes of Mitch Grigg, Brad Crouch, David Mackay, Jarryd Lyons and Sam Kerridge will all need to pick up some slack in 2014. The club wasn’t able to bolster its ruck stocks through trade, free agency or draft, which means the strain on Sam Jacobs will continue.


INS: Jackson Paine (t), Luke McGuane (f/a), Trent West (t), James Aish (d), Darcy Gardiner (d), Daniel McStay (d), Lewis Taylor (d), Tom Cutler (d), Nick Robertson (d), Jono Freeman (d), Isaac Conway (r), Zac O’Brien (r), Archie Smith (r).
OUTS: Simon Black (ret), Jesse O’Brien (del), Aaron Cornelius (del), Niall McKeever (del), Stephen Wrigley (del), Richard Newell (del), Callum Bartlett (del), Todd Banfield (del), Billy Longer (t), Sam Docherty (t), Jared Polec (t), Patrick Karnezis (t), Elliot Yeo (t).
STRENGTHS: The Lions have done well to fill the holes left by the Homesick Five. They’ve drafted class and pace in Aish and Taylor and have restocked the big-man department with Paine and McGuane. West is also a crucial acquisition to support Matthew Leuenberger in the ruck. Coach Justin Leppitsch has also identified an ageing back six and has addressed the future with Gardiner, McStay and Cutler.
WEAKNESSES: Despite the clever drafting and trading, the fact the Lions lost five players aged 20 and 21 will take some time to recover from. Those players were ready to emerge as regular seniors and now the club has to start again. They have a plethora of tall forwards and tall defenders, yet aside from the veterans, there is still no clear-cut successor to Jonathan Brown. – Michael Whiting


INS: Dale Thomas (f/a), Andrejs Everitt (t), Sam Docherty (t), Patrick Cripps (d), Cameron Giles (d), Nick Holman (d), Cameron Wood (r), Luke Reynolds (r), Blaine Johnson (r), Ciaran Sheehan (r), Ciaran Byrne (r).
OUTS: Eddie Betts (f/a), Shaun Hampson (t), Jeremy Laidler (del), Aaron Joseph (del), Marcus Davies (del), Andrew Collins (del), Frazer Dale (del), Patrick McCarthy (del), Rhys O’Keeffe (del), Luke Mitchell (del).
STRENGTHS: As big as the Thomas coup could be – that is, if his troublesome ankle recovers sufficiently to enable him to return to his 2010-11 best – the Blues have made bigger gains in their coaching and conditioning departments. The acquisition of two longtime Malthouse confederates – fitness guru David Buttifant and former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley – could prove critical to the Blues’ rejuvenation. They have also cleaned out their playing list and added running depth via Everitt, Docherty and top draftee Cripps. Betts is a significant departure but one that can be covered. Gaining ruck back-up with Wood provides insurance.
WEAKNESSES: The great unknown of Thomas’ ankle, particularly given his hefty, long-term contract; the loss of Betts’ scoring power, speed and chirpy nature; and the loss of defensive coach Gavin Brown to North Melbourne. The jury is still out on Carlton’s key forward options after the club chose not to add any tall forwards through the draft and trade period.


INS: Jesse White (t), Taylor Adams (t), Patrick Karnezis (t), Tony Armstrong (dfa), Matthew Scharenberg (d), Nathan Freeman (d), Tom Langdon (d), Jonathon Marsh (d).
OUTS: Darren Jolly (del), Alan Didak (del), Jordan Russell (del), Andrew Krakouer (del), Ben Richmond (del), Michael Hartley (del), Dale Thomas (f/a), Heath Shaw (t), Jackson Paine (t), Ben Johnson (ret).
STRENGTHS: Despite some departures, the Magpies still boast a talented group of core players on their list. Their midfield is laden with stars and Travis Cloke is one of the most dominant forwards in the competition. Ben Reid’s flexibility – playing forward and back – is another key component in the team’s structure. Nathan Buckley also has a number of talented young Pies at his disposal, with the club smartly identifying the need to have a clear succession plan into the future.
WEAKNESSES: The loss of a number of experienced premiership stars will be tough to cover for the Magpies. You don’t lose more than 1000 games of experience without feeling the pinch. Yes, the club’s youngsters are developing nicely but they are still a little way off from playing premiership-winning football. The Pies also need to find a consistent target, separate to Cloke, up forward – as a spread of goal kickers was shown to be one of the requirements of playing successful football in 2013.


INS: Kurt Aylett (t), Shaun Edwards (t), Paul Chapman (t), Zach Merrett (d), Orazio Fantasia (d), Patrick Ambrose (r), Fraser Thurlow (r).
OUTS: Stewart Crameri (t), Scott Gumbleton (t), Alwyn Davey (del), Luke Davis (del), David Hille (ret), Hal Hunter (del), Nathan Lovett-Murray (ret).
STRENGTHS: Through the trade period the Bombers navigated a difficult time and brought in two promising midfield options in Aylett and Edwards for the loss of just one draft pick. They have also replenished their small forward stocks. The club will be hoping a couple of young and largely unseen midfielders, like Alex Browne and Elliott Kavanagh, can come on in 2014.
WEAKNESSES: The double loss of Stewart Crameri and Scott Gumbleton hurts the Bombers’ key position depth, previously seen as a strength. They now appear to be at least one key forward short and Joe Daniher seems a couple of years away from starting to dominate games. – Callum Twomey


INS: Colin Sylvia (f/a), Scott Gumbleton (t), Michael Apeness (d), Alex Pearce (d), Brady Gray (d), Michael Wood (r), Tom Vandeleur (r), Jacob Ballard (r).
OUTS: Jesse Chrichton (del), Peter Faulks (del), Alex Forster (del), Josh Mellington (del), Alex Howson (del), Haiden Schloithe (del), Viv Michie (t), Jayden Pitt (ret).
STRENGTHS: The acquisition of Colin Sylvia through free agency has allowed the Dockers to really focus on their list management through the draft process. They have stockpiled talls in a bid to develop a replacement for Matthew Pavlich and Aaron Sandilands. Scott Gumbleton is a bonus if he can get fit. The hiring of Simon Eastaugh as a ruck/forward coach has been seen as a really important move within the Fremantle walls given the throng of developing talls that are now on the list.
WEAKNESSES: Given they are in premiership contention, the Dockers possibly could have gambled a bit more in the trade period to try and gain a ready-made, reliable key forward to add the missing link to what is an extremely even team. But the Dockers coped without Pavlich, Sandilands and Luke McPharlin for large periods last season and they will back their development academy to produce more players to add to their depth.


INS: Darcy Lang (d), Jarrad Jansen (d), Jake Kolodjashnij (d), James Toohey (r), Nick Bourke (r), Zac Bates (r), Michael Luxford (r).
OUTS: Paul Chapman (t), James Podsiadly (t), Josh Hunt (t), Trent West (t), Joel Corey (ret), Ryan Bathie (del), Cameron Eardley (del).
STRENGTHS: The Cats may not have as much depth as in the past, but their best players are still very good. With Harry Taylor holding the backline together, Joel Selwood leading the way in the midfield and Tom Hawkins throwing his bulk around up forward, Geelong has the firepower to finish in the top four again.
WEAKNESSES: Can the Cats remain potent up forward if Hawkins’ back injury flares again? Nathan Vardy seems to be over his injuries and Josh Walker and Shane Kersten have potential, but after the departure of Podsiadly there are not many imposing tall forwards on the club’s list anymore.


INS: Jack Martin (2012 mini-draft), Kade Kolodjashnij (d), Jack Leslie (d), Sean Lemmens (d), Louis Herbert (r), Jarred Ellis (r).
OUTS: Mav Weller (del), Joel Wilkinson (del), Liam Patrick (del), Jacob Gillbee (del), Kyal Horsley (del), Jared Brennan (ret).
STRENGTHS: Coach Guy McKenna wanted a rebounding half-back and in Kolodjashnij he got just that. Last year he successfully used David Swallow there, but would like to return the former No.1 pick to the midfield. The addition of Lemmens also adds some real pace to the back half, while Jack Martin could well ignite the Suns’ midfield. The only area that seems a little light-on for the Suns is key defence, with Leslie’s addition perfectly timed so that he can develop with Henry Schade and Clay Cameron as veterans Nathan Bock, Matthew Warnock and Tom Murphy reach the latter stages of their careers.
WEAKNESSES: Only time will tell with the Suns. They now have depth in every position, but the forward line still has a question mark. They didn’t go hunting the open market for an experienced forward and have backed in Sam Day, Charlie Dixon and Tom Lynch. Along with natural progression and experience, it seems the final piece of the puzzle for the Suns to become a force.


INS: Shane Mumford (t), Josh Hunt (t), Heath Shaw (t), Tom Boyd (d), Josh Kelly (d), Cameron McCarthy (d), Rory Lobb (d), Jake Barrett (zone), Jed Lamb (psd), Dylan Addison (dfa).
OUTS: Josh Bruce (t), Taylor Adams (t), Dom Tyson (t), Sam Darley (t), Kurt Aylett (t), Shaun Edwards (t), Chad Cornes (ret), Dean Brogan (ret), Setanta O’hAilpin (del), Bret Thornton (del), Gerald Ugle (del), Josh Growden (del) Joe Redfern (del).
STRENGTHS: The Giants have an abundance of high-end draft picks, who have already begun to show signs of their enormous ability at AFL level. Jeremy Cameron is an All Australian forward at just 20 years of age and Adam Treloar, Stephen Coniglio and Dylan Shiel are young midfielders with talent to burn. Add No. 1 draft pick Tom Boyd and Cameron McCarthy to the pairing of Jonathan Patton and Cameron up forward, as well as the nippy Devon Smith – at their feet – and there is a lot to like heading in to the future.
WEAKNESSES: With the youngest list in the competition, the Giants do not have the physicality to consistently compete with the strong-bodied premiership contenders. The club should gradually improve in 2014, but the reality is it’s going to be tough slog. Despite adding some valuable experience including Shane Mumford, Heath Shaw and Josh Hunt, the Giants’ young players are still learning what it takes to be competitive at AFL level. The Giants should get there, but it will take time.


INS: Dayle Garlett (d), Billy Hartung (d), Ben McEvoy (t), Ben Ross (r), James Sicily (d), Zac Webster (r), Dallas Willsmore (r).
OUTS: Max Bailey (ret), Andrew Boseley (d), Xavier Ellis (f/a), Amos Frank (del), Lance Franklin (f/a), Brent Guerra (ret), Michael Osborne (ret), Shane Savage (t).
STRENGTHS: The Hawks added some speed and excitement via the NAB AFL Draft. Garlett could play straight away, while Hartung and Sicily might need some time to develop, but have huge potential. McEvoy is a good replacement for Bailey. The former Saint won’t win as many hit-outs as his predecessor, but he’ll take more marks and have a greater impact around the ground. Ross will provide immediate midfield depth.
WEAKNESSES: Franklin’s loss will be hard to cover. In the most basic statistical terms, he booted 60 goals last year, a figure that will need to be made up via a combination of Ryan Schoenmakers, Sam Grimley, McEvoy and further improvement from Jack Gunston. Franklin, Guerra, Ellis and Osborne had a combined 691 games’ experience, meaning the club’s depth will be tested. But youngsters such as Mitch Hallahan, Langford, Angus Litherland, Derick Wanganeen and Grimley have been patiently awaiting opportunity, and should now get it.


INS: Dom Tyson (t), Viv Michie (t), Bernie Vince (t), Daniel Cross (dfa), Aidan Riley (dfa), Jesse Hogan (2012 mini-draft), Jayden Hunt (d), Christian Salem (d), Jay Kennedy-Harris (d), James Harmes (r), Alex Georgiou (r), Max King (r), Maia Westrupp (r).
OUTS: Aaron Davey (ret), Joel MacDonald (ret), David Rodan (ret), Colin Sylvia (f/a), Tom Couch (del), James Magner (del), Troy Davis (del), Rory Taggert (del), James Sellar (del), Josh Tynan (del), Nathan Stark (del), Tom Gillies (del).
STRENGTHS: A much-improved list – on paper – for Paul Roos to work with, adding depth, strength, skill and experience to the midfield as well as a young key forward in Jesse Hogan that every club rates highly. The real test for Roos will be whether he can get the team working together to a plan that is clear, improve Jack Trengove and Jack Watts and keep Mitch Clark and Chris Dawes on the park.
WEAKNESSES: With so many additions likely to play early and another reborn coaching group, moulding the unit into a team that is predictable to each other will be a challenge. As with most of the bottom clubs, depth is always an issue. The club is probably one tall defender short in terms of depth and lacks a close checking small defender. It also lacks natural crumbing forwards although it recruited Jay Kennedy-Harris for that role. The midfield has talent and some experience but it has potential A-graders rather than a bunch of them ready to roll once again.


INS: Ben Brown (d), Nick Dal Santo (f/a), Trent Dumont (d), Luke McDonald (d) Robin Nahas (dfa), Joel Tippett (r), Kayne Turner (r).
OUTS: Luke Delaney (t, Jordan Gysberts (del), Ayden Kennedy (del), Ben Mabon (del), Cameron Richardson (del), Will Sierakowski (del), Ben Speight (del).
STRENGTHS: With the continued development of Jack Ziebell and Ben Cunnington, North now has an imposing group of inside ball winners that should be able to cover injured skipper Andrew Swallow’s absence in the first half of 2014. The Roos’ key-position stocks also run deep, with new rookie Joel Tippett giving them important insurance in defence. Brad Scott’s coaching team has also been bolstered by the acquisition of the highly respected assistants Leigh Tudor and Gavin Brown.
WEAKNESSES: North has struggled to complement its inside grunt with run and polish in recent seasons, but star recruit Nick Dal Santo will help address that next year. The former Saint will help shoulder the outside load that has been carried for so long by Brent Harvey and Daniel Wells, with speedy half-back Shaun Atley also a chance to move up the ground in 2014. North had also been light on for genuine small forwards, but former Tiger Robin Nahas should help rectify that.


INS: Shaun Hampson (t), Ben Lennon (d), Nathan Gordon (d), Sam Lloyd (d), Todd Banfield (r), Anthony Miles Matt Thomas (r).
OUTS: Tom Derickx (del), Luke McGuane (del), Robin Nahas (del), Shane Tuck (ret), Matt White (f/a), Sam Lonergan (r), Steven Verrier (r).
STRENGTHS: Shaun Hampson strengthens the Tigers’ ruck division, offering more support for Ivan Maric and allowing Ty Vickery to play as a permanent forward. The former Blue is likely to have the most immediate impact of the Tigers’ inclusions, but draftee Ben Lennon is an exciting prospect in 2014. The smooth-kicking midfielder has impressed in his early sessions at Punt Road and adds to a growing brigade of young midfielders.
WEAKNESSES: Midfielder Matt White’s pace and ability to break lines as the substitute late in games will be missed. With the speedster gone, the Tigers identified medium-sized forwards as a priority in their drafting, avoiding genuine small forwards. Given they didn’t trade for proven midfield talent, the Tigers will be banking on their young on-ballers to take another step forward in 2014.


INS: Matt White (f/a), Jared Polec (t), Karl Amon (d), Darcy Byrne-Jones (d), Mitchell Harvey (d), Jarman Impey (d), Daniel Flynn (r), Sam Gray (r), Brent Renouf (r), Sam Russell (r).
OUTS: Nathan Blee (del), Danny Butcher (del), Justin Hoskin (del), Darren Pfeiffer (del), Nick Salter (del), Daniel Stewart (del), Matt Thomas (del).
STRENGTHS: The Power were after pace at the end of the season and have added plenty of it through former Richmond speedster White, Polec and draftees Impey, Byrne-Jones and Amon. They also wanted to find another tall forward option – enter Mitch Harvey. With Harvey’s versatility, the Power now have two young prospects (Mason Shaw) as well as the hope that John Butcher can turn his career around.
WEAKNESSES: The addition of Harvey looks a good one and Shaw has been developing well in the SANFL, but the club didn’t manage to add a proven attacking target who can support Jay Schulz from round one. Polec could provide good run and carry from half back if he’s fit, but if he struggles again with injury and the likes of Lewis Stevenson and Campbell Heath can’t find form, the transition from defence to offence could prove a trouble spot.


INS: Blake Acres (d), Jack Billings (d), Josh Bruce (t), Luke Delaney (t), Luke Dunstan (d), Jason Holmes (r), Billy Longer (t), Shane Savage (t), Eli Templeton (r), Maverick Weller (r).
OUTS: Jason Blake (ret), Nick Dal Santo (f/a), Jackson Ferguson (del), Justin Koschitzke (ret), Tom Ledger (del), Jay Lever (del), Ben McEvoy (t), Stephen Milne (ret), Ahmed Saad (del), Jordan Staley (del).
STRENGTHS: The Saints are rebuilding and will enter 2014 with 10 new players, a new coach and a refreshed outlook after a disastrous season. Alan Richardson will lead them into a new era, which has a promising foundation given they addressed backline deficiencies in the exchange period with Delaney and Bruce, compensated for McEvoy’s loss with the up-and-coming Longer and added plenty of midfield depth using trade and the drafts.
WEAKNESSES: They’ve essentially replaced 1083 combined games of experience with 10 players who have played 137 between them, which leaves them vulnerable against the bigger-bodied and stronger sides. They’re also going to back Longer and Tom Hickey to shoulder the ruck load after passing on seasoned ruckman Darren Jolly as a mature-aged rookie. But, they’ve plugged holes and now have the opportunity to develop these young players where they want to, with a new coach calling the shots.


INS: Lance Franklin (fa), Jeremy Laidler (dfa), Tom Derickx (dfa), Zak Jones (d), George Hewett (d), Toby Nankervis (d) Aliir Aliir (d) Patrick Mitchell (r), Lloyd Perris (r).
OUTS: Shane Mumford (t), Jed Lamb (del), Tony Armstrong (del), Andrejs Everitt (t), Jesse White (t), Jude Bolton (ret), Marty Mattner (ret), Mitch Morton (ret), Alex Brown (ret).
STRENGTHS: Having signed Franklin to a nine-year deal, the Swans will be able to assemble a dangerous and exciting set of tall forwards, as ‘Buddy’ will play alongside Kurt Tippett and Sam Reid. How Franklin is used remains intriguing, with the option that he could play a similar role to the one Adam Goodes perfected roaming far and wide. The club had to take Derickx as a back-up ruckman having lost Mumford and Laidler is a good defender. Its midfield will have its work cut out now however as the club looks weakened in the ruck. Zak Jones looks a Sydney Swans prototype.
WEAKNESSES: How much of a risk is signing Franklin for nine years? He keeps the club relevant but the loss of players will hurt and the impact on culture could go either way. The defence needs some run back and it wants to find a tall replacement for Ted Richards soon. Does Reid go back now that Buddy is in town? The questions around the Swans are intriguing as their champs are ageing and those who made recent times a golden era are nearing the end of their careers.


INS: Elliot Yeo (t), Xavier Ellis (f/a), Dom Sheed (d), Malcolm Karpany (d), Tom Barrass (d), Dylan Main (d), Will Maginness (r), Rowen Powell (r).
OUTS: Daniel Kerr (ret), Mark Nicoski (ret), Adam Selwood (ret), Andrew Embley (ret), Ashton Hams (ret), Brad Dick (ret), Cale Morton (del), Bradd Dalziell (del).
STRENGTHS: The Eagles get a fresh start in 2014 under new coach Adam Simpson. He has a new coaching staff in place and with six retirements and two de-listings, he gets an injection of fresh blood into a group that has become accustomed to a certain structure and style for a number of years. Elliot Yeo will add some run from defence. Xavier Ellis is a bonus if he can get fit. Sheed has already played senior WAFL football and could be ready to play in the AFL in 2014 and Karpany can add an extra element that has been missing up forward. West Coast has a lot of upside particularly if the key men can remain fit and healthy.
WEAKNESSES: They probably did not add the midfield pace that has been lacking in the team for some time. The Eagles have a solid core of inside midfielders and prossibly needed some more speed and polish to compliment that group. There were also some curious upgrades of rookies and the delisting of Bradd Dalziell was strange given he was important for them at different stages in 2013.


INS: Stewart Crameri (t), Marcus Bontempelli (d), Matt Fuller (d), Mitchell Honeychurch (d), Sam Darley (d).
OUTS: Daniel Cross (del), Dylan Addison (del), Lukas Markovic (del), Nick Lower (del), Patrick Veszpremi (del).
STRENGTHS: Crameri knows where the goals are and his recruitment is a major plus, as it will dramatically strengthen the side’s forward line. Darley will bolster the backline should he break into the team, while fellow defender Fuller is a ready-made player at 23 years old, and has plenty of experience at senior level thanks to his time playing for Norwood in the SANFL. Bontempelli and Honeychurch will add extra spice to the competition for spots.
WEAKNESSES: The Dogs will be waiting on the return of Shaun Higgins, who won’t be back to full training until late January. All things going to plan, he should be available early in the season, but the Dogs will be extra cautious. Despite the recruitment of Crameri, the Bulldogs are also still lacking some experience and class in the key forward department. Liam Jones is still yet to grab the position with both hands, while Tom Williams was injured for most of last season. Tom Campbell is another option, but it would be nice to have a true centre half-forward available. Getting games into the young midfielders is also important, with the quality of ball use questionable at times last year.

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