Dual Position Changes – Rd 12

Written by Chaos Theory on May 28 2023

Player Club Initial position New position
Chayce Jones Adelaide DEF DEF/MID
Ed Curnow Carlton MID MID/FWD
Zac Fisher Carlton FWD MID/FWD
Matthew Kennedy Carlton MID DEF/MID
Billy Frampton Collingwood DEF DEF/RUC
Ben Hobbs Essendon FWD MID/FWD
Xavier O’Halloran Greater Western Sydney MID MID/FWD
Lachlan Bramble Hawthorn DEF DEF/MID
Harrison Petty Narrm DEF DEF/FWD
Dylan Williams Yartapuulti FWD DEF/FWD
Riley Bonner Yartapuulti DEF DEF/MID
Darcy Byrne-Jones Yartapuulti DEF DEF/FWD
Ben Miller Richmond DEF DEF/RUC
Xavier O’Neill West Coast Eagles MID MID/FWD
Luke Edwards West Coast MID MID/FWD
Anthony Scott Western Bulldogs MID MID/FWD
Jack Macrae Western Bulldogs MID MID/FWD

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4 thoughts on “Dual Position Changes – Rd 12”

  1. Did consider macrae this week knowing he was likely getting DPP but his R15 bye was the issue and struggling to accommodate him that will still be the case… by round 16 he may be 650k if he holds this role, When is treloar back?

    Disappointed about gawn not getting DPP but not a huge deal he doesn’t look a top 6 forward anyway.. he will be a luxury upgrade when the times right. He and Grundy cannot play in the same side and be SC relevant


  2. Not much to mull over with these with the exception of Macrae.
    With Treloar likely back this round, the rd 15 bye and his price, not sure he is relevant either.



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