First Glance 2019 – MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 11 2019

After scrolling through the Defenders yesterday, it’s time to get initial thoughts down about the Midfielders.  At first glance, there are some great value picks that might even challenge for a Top10 MID spot……….


Tom Mitchell (HAW) $701k – Can you afford to start without him? That’s the real question with Mitch. Just keeps racking up the touches and is a reliable choice of Captain. Will he get tagged more often? Can he keep up this rate? In two minds at the moment……

Dustin Martin (RIC) $564k – Dropped to a 103.9 avg in 2018. Might’ve had his excuses with niggling injuries but disappointed after his stellar 2017 season. At his best, he’s a Top4 MID, no doubt about it. Despite a disappointing year, he still finished 6th in the Brownlow with 19 votes. Great value at $564k if you have faith that Dusty gets back to a 110+avg.

Dayne Beams (COL) $558k – Was a Top8 MID at his best with the Pies and managed to play 21 games last year. Finished 8th in the Brownlow with 18 votes and looks to have plenty to offer. Will he hit top form again back at the Pies? If he gets through the pre-season injury-free then anything is possible.

Matt Crouch (ADE) $551k – Absolute ball-magnet that is at decent value after a handful of injury-affected performances in 2018. Had a massive finish to 2017 where he scored 12 tons in the last 13 weeks.  Keep a close eye on his fitness during the pre-season………

Zach Merrett (ESS) $545k – There’s not much to add here that Thommo hasn’t already covered in his ’12 Days Of Christmas’ series. Turning 24 in March and has already been a Top10 Overall Supercoach player on two occasions. Overcame a sluggish concussion-affected start to 2018 with 12 tons in his last 14 games. Will be in many teams for Rd1………

Ollie Wines (PTA) $528k – The ultimate Supercoach tease. Has his purple patches which always attracts a lot of Coaches but has still never averaged more than 100pts for a season. Case in point, last year Wines scored 157 & 142 when his contract was up for renewal. Then scored just three tons in his last ten games after signing his latest contract. Not touching him, even at that price…….

Dylan Shiel (ESS) $487k – Gets a stack of the ball but his Disposal Efficiency lets him down. As with Wines, he’s cracked the 100 avg in just one season (2015). Might improve his scoring overall but still see Merrett as Bombers #1 MID.

Tom Rockliff (PTA) $406k – No…..just no……If he makes my team at any stage, then someone has hacked my account and stolen my identity. In which case, call the police!! 😉

George Horlin-Smith (GCS) $270k – will get his chance at the Suns and should generate some cash. Whether it’s enough to justify starting with him is another question altogether. Looks like one of the better midprice options, for mine.


Where do you stand with your initial midfield?  Anything like my first glance?


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14 thoughts on “First Glance 2019 – MIDs”

  1. Another great piece Schwarz. Thanks.

    Am really struggling with the Mitchell, Macrae, Merrett conundrum as they all have the poxy Rd12 bye! If just one of them had a different bye, I’d be starting them all, no question. But they don’t 🙁

    Would love to hear your (and everyone else’s) thoughts on this. Particularly Macrae.

    I worry about Titch’s first six games. He scored in the 70s last year against two of these, copping a heavy tag. But with his namesake Sam now coaching the Hawks’ midfield, and seeing what he did for WCE the last couple of years, is it possible he might even improve?!?

    I want to start Merrett whatever, he is definitely underpriced. So if you’re only going to start one of the other two, which one is it?!

    Thanks again Schwarz. No comment on Miles (GCS). Is that cos your neck’s still too sore?! 😉


    1. Well I believe the choice has been made pretty easy, Titch has just been rushed to hospital with a suspected broken leg 🙁


      1. Does that bring O’Meara and Shiel into the picture? Or does it actually make it worse for them – Mitchell was the feeder..


    1. Wow that’s terrible news! Hope he is ok!

      That will definitely send most people to picking Macrae in SC if they were struggling with the decision of picking him or not before.


    2. Update, he’s booked in for surgery and is looking likely to miss all of 2019. Terrible news. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.


  2. Really struggling to decide out of Titch and Macrae. Most Brownlow winners drop off the season after, and Titch will probably attract more tags this season too (which were responsible for all of his sub-ton scores in 2018).
    However, 2018 was Macrae’s first BIG year, but was it just a flash in the pan? With the Dogs getting a bunch of mids back in 2019, will he still have the same massive output?

    Every team has to have one of these two, it’s just a matter of which one.


  3. Ouch Titch out more most if not all of the year, Will be straight swapping him to big Mac. Wingard at F4 became inticing


  4. I had a plan this season. Now with Mitchell out and the extra cash afforded it’s back to the drawing board. Glad this didn’t happen round 1. There’s about 6 players I’ve got changing around on the back of it due to upgrades.



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