FPL SCT League Update GW16, 2013

Written by MJ on December 21 2013

After 16 weeks, we’re nearly at the half-way stage of the competition and as we head into the often difficult Christmas period with inclement weather playing it’s part over in England, managers will have to be on their toes over the next month. Heavy Zee continues to defy the odds in rising higher up the overall leaderboard, now sitting at a lofty 5th in the world! It could be how he plays the Aguero injury situation that could prove all important.

94 points behind on the SCT Leaderboard we have Joey Colaciello in 2nd place and 5,503 overall.

A reminder to all managers is that we are all given a complementary wildcard in January, which must be played at some stage that month, so you might want to factor that into any decisions in the coming weeks.

Good luck to all and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

# Team Manager GW TOT
1 BallWithEli Lachlan Zammit 89 1,150
2 just got my hazards Joey Colaciello 77 1,056
3 Motts is Fat Monty Doodah 87 1,024
4 Silence of the Lambs H. L. 73 1,007
5 Benteke? Weinotmann! Mark Jeffery 79 1,004
6 Backyard Bullies Tony Carda 66 1,002
7 Soup-A-Stars Liam Connop 71 996
8 GSE Ollie Herd 85 986
9 Tummy Bananas United Ryan Kringle 73 982
10 TheUsualSuspects1314 Stavro Yako 78 977
11 D367 subhash R 83 976
12 Mingla United Kit F 62 976
13 Zerv’s Malakas Michael Zervos 82 972
14 DialSquareMayblooms Moe Isidro 69 970
15 The Johnsonator Adrian Johnson 70 970
16 Harry Cool G Jepson 72 970
17 rangers varma beezer 98 965
18 VanDammes Stan Pena 67 961
19 MöörseNal Musololi Mutale 84 961
20 ARSENAL The RISING Debapriya Saha 79 957

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4 thoughts on “FPL SCT League Update GW16, 2013”

  1. hey guys,
    Im in second place atm and i just have a question…
    why is it that when i go to transfer a player, for instance suarez, i can only buy a player worth 12.0M whereas when i click “info” it says he’s worth 13.2M.

    Cheers guys!


  2. JC
    I suspect it is due to the buy in price & sell price differing. Often you have a player that you can sell & only get 5.8mil for him, yet he is immediately priced at 6mil to buy.
    Well done for 2nd spot



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