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Written by Motts on September 18 2013

Been hearing more than a few rumours lately so I thought I’d give them their own post. Here’s  what I got:

  • Eddie Betts will be playing for North next year. He’s already signed a 4 year, $2.2m deal.
  • The Hawks won’t play Buddy for the rest of the year on the basis they believe he’s already gone to GWS.
  • Clarko will be coaching the Lions next year.

What’ve you got?


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21 thoughts on “From The Street”

  1. I haven’t heard any of these, but on the second one, I don’t really see the sense in not playing him.

    If he leaves, he leaves, but the logic for not playing a particular player that you believe to be leaving your club would be to get time into youngsters that you would be forced to play in his place the next year. If they were to leave Buddy out, they would play Spangher who isn’t a youngster.

    That, and they rob themselves of one of the most dynamic players in the AFL who could win them the game by himself. Just makes no sense to me if that were to happen.

    Betts and Thomas could form an interesting partnership and leaves Carlton more money to go after Daisy so that makes sense I suppose.


  2. WADA are working on a challenge to the AFL’s decision not to serve infraction notices on 13 Essendon players for use of AOD9604 as a banned substance under the S0 category of their anti doping code.


  3. If Buddy has already made his mind up then I hope The Hawks don’t play him. Let him sit on the side line and watch his team have a shot at a premiership, playing in front of 100k people. He’ll never get that again.

    I have actually hear that the eagles are going to push hard for clarko. But could as well be Brisbane.

    Any news on Martin?

    Oh and hearing Matt Rosas name a lot regarding a trade back to Melbourne. (The city not the club)


  4. If Betts was to come to North i’d be forced to have to like the bloke. Damn it!! Personally think that if North was to pick up anyone i’d prefer it to be the Dal Santo >> Delaney trade that was originally mooted. Just don’t see Betts value adding to North that much. You’d expect that Boomer will be playing less midfield time next year as he heads towards the 400 game mark plus Garner and Harper will hopefully continue to develop and will play as a small forwards too.


  5. I have heard there is mass upheaval underway at the Pies, stemming from the players’ obvious dislike for their current coach.
    I have heard the following from a source close to Collingwood:

    Daisy gone to Carlton – free agency
    Shaw gone to Sydney in a trade for Sam Reid
    Beams gone to Brisbane at the end of next year, to play with his brother
    Swan gone end of next year (destination TBA)

    The issue regarding Harry O mid-year was punctuated by fisticuffs between Harry & Bucks in a corridor following a team meeting – and fisticuffs in the most literal sense.

    Following the loss to PA, the players were told by Bucks that only 3 players were safe during the trade period – Pendles, Cloke & Reid. All others are up for grabs.

    Ahh, gotta love this time of year!


  6. Surely you’re throwing that last one in there for fun Mottsy…

    But it would explain the Lions waiting with the coaching announcement after the grand final… Not entirely sure Clarkson would want just the 2 years only to fade off into the sunset for his top assistant though.

    But yes I think there’s an ace up the Lions’ sleeve somewhere… they can’t be doing all of this manoeuvring just to throw Neil Craig in as a lame duck coach for a couple of years.

    Not sure it’s the right forum but the wishlist for the ‘departed’ goes something like this based on some reports and my own personal preferences:

    Polec to Port for their first round pick works for me unless Adelaide throw something equally tantalising on the table in the form of a player swap.

    Longer to Hawthorn or Collingwood for the same… perhaps fight hard for the compo pick the Hawks might get for Buddy if he departs?

    Leave Dusty in Melbourne… go after Reece Conca instead! Offer Docherty if he’s definitely keen to go…

    Trade vigorously with GWS with the draft picks potentially received for Longer and Polec as well as our own top ten pick to secure pick one (among others…) and draft Tom Boyd.

    Not being a tad wishful there am I?


  7. Motts

    Point 2 will be slightly put to bed Friday, Buddy will play for sure 100%.

    Will he go is the burning question, will destroy me if he does just will not be the same watching Hawthorn and not be able to yell BUDDY.

    I think he will stay.

    Clarko, he will only go to Brissy if the Hawks do not win the Premiership I feel, they win, he will stay and want more success and the Hawks have the list to go back to back with or without Buddy.


  8. Must be time we off loaded some players and take some more Nth Melbourne players off them.

    Actually would be interesting to see who the Hawks actually go after they have had a pretty good track record.

    Guerra, Gibson, Hale, Gunston, Lake to name a few current ones. Could there be a real smokey and they get Dusty would probably suit the Hawks with Sewell, Mitchell gettting on.


  9. Cant beleive Kyle the Horse Horsley was delisted
    and Tom Couch whom Melbourne were mad not to play!

    Not the forum for it, but just had to vent



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