Game Chat – Brisbane v Carlton

Written by Motts on March 8 2024

Venue: Gabba

Time: 7:40pm AEDT

Match Preview


B: B.Starcevich 37 J.Payne 40 R.Lester 35
HB: K.Coleman 18 H.Andrews 31 D.Gardiner 27
C: J.Fletcher 28 Z.Bailey 33 J.Berry 7
HF: C.Cameron 23 E.Hipwood 30 H.McCluggage 6
F: C.Rayner 16 J.Daniher 3 D.Zorko 15
Foll: O.McInerney 46 J.Dunkley 5 L.Neale 9
I/C: K.Lohmann 1 C.Ah Chee 4 L.McCarthy 11 J.Lyons 17 D.Wilmot 44

Emerg: J.Tunstill 29 D.Fort 32 N.Answerth 43

Notable absentees: Conor McKenna, Deven Robertson, Tom Doedee, Will Ashcroft


B: B.Kemp 17 L.Young 33 A.Saad 42
HB: Z.Williams 6 M.McGovern 11 N.Newman 24
C: B.Acres 13 P.Cripps 9 M.Kennedy 7
HF: G.Hewett 29 C.Curnow 30 M.Owies 44
F: O.Fantasia 14 H.McKay 10 D.Cuningham 28
Foll: T.De Koning 12 A.Cerra 5 S.Docherty 15
I/C: J.Boyd 37 O.Hollands 4 M.Cottrell 46 J.Carroll 16 L.Fogarty 8

Emerg: J.Binns 25 A.Cincotta 39 M.Pittonet 27

New faces: Orazio Fantasia
Notable absentees: Sam Walsh, Jacob Weitering, Caleb Marchbank, Jesse Motlop, Jack Martin, Elijah Hollands, Jack Silvagni


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Carlton”

  1. This is an interesting season for my Lions. Those Pies look mighty hungry still and we still lack the most essential type of player in this era, the big bodied explosive mid in the style of Dusty, Danger,De Goey… come to think of it maybe look under D in the draft box! Rayner plays that way but is too short. I also think that we’re just a little under par in the coaches box. Also I’m still having mares about that bounce in the last of the gf.. how you let Daicos and De goey go forward unchecked and at pace like that is still beyond me. Of all the players!!!! Best of luck for the season all and may your selections serve you well.


      1. Not if the fate of mankind depended on it Wighty!! I’m happy to let him deep six the Bombers hopes. Not my sc team this year either after I followed GD in last year. The horror


      2. Don’t the Doggies need a big bodied fwd at the moment?…… Oh wait, ….nuh, don’t worry about it, ……you’ve got to keep him now…..


  2. Does somebody know the “magic number” for this year?
    It will be very handy for planning sideways trades during early byes


      1. Thanks
        is this still the formula?
        Current price (divided by 4) (multiplied by 3) Plus (3game ave multiplied by magic number) divided by 4


      1. They stated shoulder assessment, was very quick though for him to be straight back out there


  3. Carlton were pathetic and it took great skill by the Lions to keep kicking it to them, dropping the ball and refusing to kick goals to get them over the line! Same old formulae by the bookies. Upset at the start of the round to destroy all the mullties and double up !


    1. Yeah. Ash.

      Standard CBA mix for the Lyons otherwise: Neale and Dunks up top, Cluggers chopping between OB and wing, Rayner in for a bit and Lyons on what would be Ash’s 3rd load.


  4. Can’t help but think round 0 has just helped everyone out of bad picks, myself included!
    Wonder if a double game round like BBL SC would of been more interesting. but we probably would of had an extreme case of cookie cutter teams.



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