11 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v Gold Coast”

  1. How hasn’t Kayo, Foxtel or who ever managed to put the shot clock on TV yet. Talk about stone age.


  2. I’m over CD and the scoring on Witts this year – 44 HO’s, 4 tackles, 2 frees for, 13 possies and only on 68 points?? and supposedly 4 clangers and 46DE … but regardless, they are basically saying not one of his hitouts is to advantage … its a f$$#$# joke.


    1. They’ve changed something in their methods with rucks, as it’s across the board for all of them as far as I can tell.


      1. maybe – to some degree … but not with Witts and particularly when he plays at home in Qld – he is scored C R A P … by CD … they have no one watching the games live and must have some 14 yo watching it on a 5 inch screen because he gets given poor results on taps he makes to advantage – they rarely give him any.

        He totally dominated tonight, and with the score of Touk as well, you cannot say he wasn’t getting ball from Witts … it’s happened repeatedly this year when he’s played at home … when he plays in Melbourne he tends to be scored better.

        They’ll manipulate the stats on the page to get it close to working out with the scores … but watching the game live, he was completely ripped off in his scores … I’m just fed up with the whole CD scoring system now and the BS scaling and total points to a game … it’s just plain rubbish and allows them to manipulate it as they see fit.


        1. Witts average for whole 2022 year = approximately 110

          Last 4 scores at Metricon – 68 / 63 / 117 / 86 (average 83.5)

          Last 4 scores away from home- 119 /117 / 148 / 78 (average 115.5)

          So Macca might be onto something there with his comments.

          Watched the game last night, and thought that the Witts scoring did not add up – especially with him getting almost no points from hit outs to advantage from his massive 50 x winning taps (even though he was hitting it straight to his mids).

          And often appeared to get nothing from his 7 tackles

          Witts had 6 kicks & 8 handballs (14 possessions at 50% efficiency) & 8 contested possessions & 3 clearances & 7 tackles (suns only had 51 tackles) & 50 hit outs & 3 x free’s for & 0 free’s against

          For a total of just 86 points ?

          Something not right there IMO as well


  3. Great game from both teams
    Finally lions starting clicking into gear leading into the business end of the year



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