13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Geelong”

  1. have benched Cam Guthrie rather than Cripps to take Stephens score
    no Hewitt, no Kelly/Green and GWS give up big mid scores (Rrozee 150, Mcclucage 150, Pendles 130, Macrae 150)
    port generally pretty restrictive too


  2. Not happy – missed seeing that Burgoyne was in the team, thought he was dropped last week and not the medical sub so only looked for his name in the in’s. Was going to trade him in as on the bubble and need a DPP to open up my Daicos swing. Will now have to pay lots extra for him next week FFS.


  3. Of course Houston is subbed off due to a failed concussion test.
    So now I have Hewett out this week and then Houston out next week, but only 2 trades left….
    Blanck as a cover score of 37 really makes me question whether I should trade Hewett


    1. Mate… feels.
      I traded Hewett to Houston because I wasn’t going to take Parnells 26 as ‘E’.
      SC will always be cruel



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