17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v North”

  1. captain Neale or Steele? worried abt north putting in some work on Neale and feel like Steele is due for a huge one especially against the tigs mids

    TU: Neale
    TD: Steele


    1. It’s a great result Thommo. Think he put on a 40-50 odd point last quarter.
      I will take that with the low premo scores this week.
      Steele / Cripps probably looking the only dangers to go better and of course Oliver for anyone who took him VC.


      1. This may be a case of famous last words but I disagree…I put the C on Brayshaw to go massive against WC, fingers crossed!


    1. A schoolgirl could of scored 90 tonight against north Melbourne GD I wouldn’t be too concerned, in regards to Hall the ball was in there so much I think he just got dizzy, or a sore neck from watching it go overhead.


  2. Could have been worse – remember what they did to Tom Stewart at the Gabbattoir last year? Not many get out of there with a good report card, especially on a Saturday night…



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